Financial Turbulence: Astro Insights On Sun Transit’s Impact Across Zodiacs!

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun has the title of king of planets. It represents administration & principles. The persons with a strong position of the Sun in the horoscope will have an angry or fiery nature. As the Sun transits, the country & the world, along with natives of different zodiac signs will be impacted adversely. 

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The Sun Transit taking place in June 2024 will have a deep impact on the lives of people. As per Vedic astrology, as the Sun changes its zodiac signs, it will hurt some zodiac signs. This AstroSage blog discusses the zodiac signs whose natives can face financial difficulties due to Sun transit in the Gemini sign. 

Let us inform the readers that the Sun transits in the Gemini zodiac on 15 June 2024 at 12:16 pm. It will remain in the position till 16 July 2024 and then transits into the Cancer sign. Let us now dive into the details of zodiac signs that will face financial troubles due to the Sun’s transit. 

Sun Transit In Gemini – List Of Zodiacs Facing Financial Troubles 


Sun is the lord of the second house and will be situated in the twelfth house of the Cancer natives. In this period, they will be surrounded by different worries. The expenses of Cancer natives will increase incredibly and thus they need to control unnecessary expenses. Their carelessness will cost them a lot of financial losses. 

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Sun is the lord of the twelfth house and it will transit in the tenth house of the Virgo natives. There are signs of financial losses in this period. This will be due to a lack of concentration in their activities. 


Sun is the lord of the tenth house and will be situated in the eighth house for Scorpio natives. During this transit period, there are chances of job loss and financial crunches. The business persons will face tough competition from their rivals. They might end up losing money for not following the rules accurately. In terms of money, the natives need to stay a little more concentrated. 


Sun is the lord of the eighth house and will be located in the sixth house of the Capricorn natives. For business persons, there are chances of great losses. There can be a lot of expenses due to the family’s needs and they might even take a loan. 


Sun is the lord of the sixth house and will be positioned in the fourth house of the Pisces natives. There will be a rise in your expenses and can even take a loan. There are chances of financial losses for business persons too. They will fail to save money. They are advised to stay cautious with their money transactions. 

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Importance Of The Sun In Astrology 

Sun represents administration and principles. It is referred to as a fiery planet and results in aggressiveness in the person’s nature. The person with an inauspicious position of Sun in the horoscope, results in troubles or difficulties in achieving success across various fields. They will be unable to earn good money. 


Q1. Why add turmeric in water & offer it to the Sun?

Ans. The offering of water to the Sun god with turmeric will result in higher chances of marriage. 

Q2. Which flower should be offered to the Sun God?

Ans. Flowers like Hibiscus, Red Lotus, Red Caner, and Marigold should be offered to the Sun God. 

Q3. When should we offer water to the Sun?

Ans. Water should be offered to the Sun God within one hour of the Sunrise.

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