Sun-Rahu Conjunction In Pisces: These 3 Zodiacs Should Must Beware

Sun-Rahu Conjunction In Pisces: According to Vedic Astrology, whenever two or planets are in the same zodiac sign, they form conjunction. And, these conjunctions are considered extremely important as they are bound to bring changes in human lives and the entire world. Today, we are going to talk about another conjunction that is going to happen soon. Sun-Rahu conjunction in Pisces. 

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The Sun represents your father, authority, aggression, and the inner soul whereas Rahu showcases material happiness and prosperity, and power but also deception. The two are natural enemies as they represent completely opposite or contradictory nature from each other.  Both the planets when conjunct may not create the best of the best results and that’s why, we are present here today. 

There are 3 zodiac signs that may have to witness the negative impact of the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Pisces and we are here to alert them and walk them through the chaos. So, without further ado, let’s get into the business and check if you are one of them or not? 

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Sun-Rahu Conjunction In Pisces: Date And Time 

The Sun, the lord of all planets and Rahu, a shadow planet, whenever they conjunct, its bad effect can be seen all over the world and on the natives. So, on 30th October, 2023, Rahu moved to Pisces from Aries and now Sun will transit in Pisces on 14th March, 2024, forming the Sun-Rahu conjunction in Pisces on 14th March itself. The union of the two is called Grahan Yoga. This yoga may bring negative outcomes for certain zodiacs and that’s why they need to be more aware of the outcomes. 

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Sun-Rahu Conjunction In Pisces: These 3 Zodiacs Should Get Prepared! 


For the Taurus natives, the Sun-Rahu conjunction may not be favorable and it is going to be formed in the sixth house of the zodiac. In such circumstances, this duration may not be a fruitful time in terms of health. There are chances of obstacles, and hindrances. The Grahan yoga may also cause financial loss and there can be disputes and arguments. You may get involved in a legal matter and even the chances of mental stress. 

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The Grahan yoga forming in Pisces may bring unfavorable results for Leo natives, and this conjunction is being formed in the eighth house. This may harm your health, and there may be hindrances in the work. There are even chances of uncertainties in your financial condition and you may even get involved in a dispute with a co-worker at your workplace. You may even be disappointed with the arguments between you and your partner.

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The Aquarius natives need to stay alert from the Sun-Rahu Conjunction in Pisces as it may be very difficult for you. There can be chances of loss in business and problems at your workplace. The Grahan yoga will be formed in the 12th house which may give rise to the unnecessary expenses. Also, the natives may get involved in legal matters relating to their property or land. Overall, the Grahan yoga may become the reason for getting your honor and respect hurt. 

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