Sui Dhaaga Review: Varun Anushka to Play Desi Entrepreneur

After the filmmakers revealed the first look of the multi-starrer movie, Sui Dhaaga, everybody was eagerly waiting for the teaser to lift up the curtain. Now when we can finally see the trailer, we are elated with happiness. Every highlight of the movie suggest that the trailer of Sui Dhaaga supports the swadeshi movement, Made in India. The trailer speaks for itself and gives us major hints of an extraordinary theme-based movie! You won’t be able to control your amazement once you get to watch the teaser and the songs of the movie. Though there is much more to see that will make you fall in love with the efforts that the entire team puts in the movie.

Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma have mastered their roles as Mauji and Mamta. In fact, both the actors have galloped the role and tried every possible way to get into the skin of the role but in the trailer of Sui Dhaaga movie, the two amazing stars of Bollywood cinema have gone completely magnum and nailed it to the core. Varun Dhawan is completely looking like a rural man as Mauji and Anushka Sharma as a dotted housewife, Mamta. From their costumes to language, everything seems completely on point.

Sui Dhaaga 2018: Movie Star Cast, Genre, Production, Budget, Prediction, Trailer & Release

Genre Comedy/Drama
Director Sharat Katariya
Producer Aditya Chopra, Maneesh Sharma
Music Anu Malik
Budget 40 Crores (approx)

Varun, Anushka Starrer ‘Sui Dhaaga’ Review

Varun and Anushka playing the role of Mauji and Mamta are a complete delight to watch in the Sui Dhaaga – Made in India poster. The little moments between the couple will remind you of rural town tale that you’ve heard in stories. As Mauji’s wife, Mamta not only takes care of him, but also inspires him. We are totally in awe of how adorable Varun and Anushka look together. Can’t wait to watch the new pair on screen!

The movie Sui Dhaaga makes us remember the magic, Dum Laga Ke Haisha created on the movie screen.  The screenwriter and director, Sharat Kataria created using his extraordinary skills released in the year 2015. Undoubtedly, he is one of the talented directors that we usually admire in Indian cinema. We can appreciate such unusual talent.

The Tragic Phase of Mauji

How do you feel when your dream take a fight? The movie, Sui Dhaaga shows a motivational  story of how Mauji defied all geographical, social and physical boundaries. An unemployed small-town man defied all odds and starts his own garment business to touch down the sky of his successful career.

Chaav Laaga Wins the Game of Love

Chaav Laga is one the love-flickering song that shows the cute chemistry between Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. The song reminds us of cute 90s love story. The presence of heartthrob actor Varun Dhawan has made the song worth appealing.

Written by veteran Varun Grover, the song Chaav Laaga song describes a cute love story between Mauji and Mamta. The song is composed by Anu Malik and beautifully sung by Papon and Ronkini Gupta. The song shows the chemistry and grace of the rural couple, Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma). And it is the freshness of the characters and the lyrics of the song that will surely make your heart pump. Though this is a love song, we can also feel the love of people in 90s and how Mauji express his love to his wife Mamta by making her feel special even in difficult situation of life.

Sui Dhaaga Movie Box Office Collection Prediction, the Astrological Way

Astrology has given mixed approval for the film. Let’s see the Sui Dhaaga movie review astrologically and discuss movie box office collection.

The Effect of Tithi

Generally the first show of the film begins not before 9 am so, we have considered the Tithi parameters after 9 am. Tithi on 28-09-2018, after 9 am, is Chaturthi. The lord of Chaturthi tithi is Yama. It is a Rikta tithi means empty. It is considered inauspicious for initiating fresh projects. This is a negative point as far as astrological parameters are considered.

The Magic of Constellation or Nakshatra

The day 28-09-2018 belongs to Bharani Nakshatra. This nakshatra is suitable for actions related to fighting, fire and agriculture activities. This Nakshatra has a fierce and cruel nature. It is considered not suitable for soft activities. This is not in tune with the film’s theme. This is yet another negative point as far as astrological parameters are concerned.

The Power of Yoga

The name of the yoga on the day of release of the film is Harshana. It is an auspicious yoga and helps in achieving the desired goals. This is an auspicious yoga, suitable for the beginning of new ventures. Only one out of three important astrological parameters have given a thumbs up to the movie’s commercial success.

What Numerology Says for Sui Dhaaga

The numerological value of the film’s name Sui Dhaaga: Made in India  is 57. This number is neither fortunate not unfortunate. It is not even an auspicious number from financial success point of view. This number symbolises mental superiority, so definitely it will be acclaimed by the intellectuals.

The release date is 28-09-2018. The date 28 is ruled by Sun. The date 28 is in harmony with the date of birth of Anushka Sharma. The destiny number of 28-09-2018   is 3. The number is in perfect harmony with the birth number of Varun Dhawan.

Astro-Numero Verdict – The movie may not prove to be commercial blockbuster but the theme of the film will be appreciated by the critics and the viewers will appreciate acting of Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan

Good luck to the movie Sui Dhaaga!

Star Rating – 3.5/5

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