Sonam Kapoor–Anand Ahuja Marriage: Know What Astrology Says

B-Town fashionista, Sonam Kapoor is all set to walk the aisle with her long time beau, Anand Ahuja. Whether it’s partying together or just cuddling in London, the duo has been giving us couple goals every now and then. Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding has been the talk of B town ever since Anushka and Virat got married in December. To take a sneak peek, we at AstroSage have gone through their horoscopes to check their post-marriage bonding.

Neerja fame, Sonam Kapoor has been linked with entrepreneur Anand Ahuja for around two years. From being the super-stylish couple to finally giving us the major fashion goals, the lovelies are expected to have a low key wedding, this year! As hyped by media, it was supposed to be a destination wedding, but the sudden demise of Sridevi brought the pall of gloom on the Kapoor family. However, fans are still expecting a lavish wedding from the ever-so-happening Kapoor family.

Star Signs Decide their Post Marriage Companionship

We at AstroSage have analysed the prediction for Sonam Anand marriage. As per Vedic Astrology, best-in-industry astrologers have forecasted their married life using their name sign. Sonam Kapoor’s name comes under Satabhisa constellation whose lord is Rahu while Anand’s name comes under Krittika constellation whose lord is Sun. Astrologically speaking, this relationship will work wonders if both are able to share a common ground.

Decoding their Zodiac Compatibility

Sonam Kapoor’s zodiac sign is Aquarius and Anand’s zodiac sign is Aries, which altogether is a suitable match as per Vedic astrology. Sonam’s Aquarius has Saturn while Aries (Anand) has  Mars as their sign lords, which make it obvious to share an easy breezy relationship. They both are romantic, ambitious, faithful, and stubborn. They have the capability to transmit energy to others. But, if they involve in fights, their differences will create too many clashes. Although, they started their relationship with magnetic charisma, but are likely to experience a rough patch (if astrological facts/planetary positions are ignored). So, they need to understand all these astrological facts in order to lead a prosperous life. All in all, they are reflective of a strongly cemented relationship.

Marriage will Bring Success & Prosperity

Talking about their Ashtkoot Gun Milan, they have scored 28 out of 36 which is really good to lead a happy married life. As per Vedic astrology, Anand Ahuja has ‘Low mangal dosha’ while Sonam Kapoor has ‘No Mangal dosha’. They are likely to cast as an ideal couple, but because of the mangal dosha, they might experience a few hiccups in their love life.

Matching between Mr. Anand Ahuja and Ms. Sonam Kapoor

Anand Ahuja

Sonam Kapoor

Nakshatra Charan Rashi Nakshatra Charan Rashi
Krittika 1 Aries Satabhisa 2 Aquarius

Guna Milan Details

Guna Boy Girl Maximum Obtained Obtained Point Area Of Life
Varna Kshatriya Sudra 1 1 Work
Vasya Chatu Manav 2 1 Dominance
Tara Pratyari Mitra 3 1.5 Destiny
Yoni Mesha Ashva 4 3 Mentality
Maitri Mars Saturn 5 0.5 Compatibility
Gana Rakshas Rakshas 6 6 Guna Level
Bhakoot Aries Aquarius 7 7 Love
Nadi Antya Adi 8 8 Health

Ashtakoot Matching between Anand and Sonam is: 28/36

Conclusion: There is substantial difference in the level of Mangal Dosha compatibility of both the horoscopes. It is advisable to consult a learned astrologer before proceeding to marriage.


The boy’s varan is Kshatriya and the girl comes under Shudhra. The boy will be very generous and earnest towards the family affairs. He has the tendency to plan and lead the happenings. While she will be very laborious and domesticated. She will have a creative instinct in dealing with everyday domestic affaris. The boy would appreciate her enthusiasm and energy, and he will be frank in suggesting his views about domesctic tasks too. It can be said a good alliance, as far as varna is concerned.


Vashya for boy is Chatushpad while the girl belongs to Manav vashya. This is a normal match and not excellent or worst. There may be some ego problem between the duo and due to some disagreement it can affect marital happiness. Both are rigid by nature and have a tendency to find weaknesses in each other’s personality. It creates problem and obstacles in the married life and some time shows break in the marriage. The girl may find it difficult to adjust herself completely with him and vice versa. However, the marriage can sustain well if other gunas are matched well.


The boy is associated with Pratyari tara while the girl belongs to Mitra tara. There will be ups and downs in romance and at many times love will be missing altogether. But sometimes the girl will be overemotional and the boy will never be able to understand the reason. The boy is advised to look after her well. If the boy gives the full support to her, the girl will turn out to be more responsible to shoulder liabilities of the family. He should not ignore her and take care of the household activities with proper attention. This is a good combination but still overall compatibility has to be there.


The boy belongs to Mesh yoni while the girl belongs to Ashwa yoni. This combination indicates that these two personalities may be compatible to a very high degree. The relationship measures the flow of the life force, or energy, between the two people extremely harmonious. The couple will have the capacity to relate in a manner that allows the love to flow and for both of them to grow in a positive way. The boy practices disciplines and may help organize the girl, while the girl encourages and give more self-confidence to the boy. Physically, both will get on very well with each other and enjoy the conjugal bliss.

Rasi Lord

The boy belongs to the rasi lord Mars and the girl belongs to the Saturn’s lordship. This is not regarded as a good planetary disposition. You will have strong attraction, but deep down there will be nothing common. Understanding each other’s perspective will be a big problem. Differences will be the part of routine life. He will lack the commitment what she will be looking for. It will require a good amount of efforts from both the parties to sustain the relationship. However, if other gunas are matched well then this alliance may be taken into consideration.


The boy and the girl both come under Rakshasa gan. This is an excellent guna match. They are co-operative, understands each other and bosoms each other’s qualities. They are in agreement on principles, ethics and philosophies and it makes the relationship durable. They both are practical and will be always available to help each other whenever needed.


Boy comes under Mesha sign, while the girl comes under Kumbha sign. This is one of the best combinations for sign compatibility. They will be very understanding and toward each other. The girl will be caring and compassionate whereas boy will be flamboyant and loving. If Saturn and Mars and badly placed in the chart, then it may lead to misery. Girl will work as his supporter and adviser. This combination show a romantic life that is full of domestic bliss.


The boy’s nadi is Antya and the girl belongs to Aadi nadi. This is very good combination from the viewpoint of match making. Natives will ignite the spark of creativity and inspire each other in life. They will get along well. Natives will make realistic goals and work with the help of each other to achieve those goals. Both will nourish the other spiritually and mentally. And share the interests, especially in the fields of intellect pursuits like social reforms or religion etc. They will develop very good understanding of one another with the time.


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