Things To Be Done After Solar Eclipse Occurring On June 10, 2021

Solar Eclipse is an astronomical event and its impact is observed on all living beings. After the Annular Solar Eclipse taking place on June 10, we may be eager to know what we can do to evade the after-effects of Solar Eclipse. To this, there are some simple remedies through which one can ward off the malefic effects of Solar Eclipse to a great extent. Usually, it is believed that the Solar Eclipse’s impact stays for 6 months, and therefore, some important remedies have to be performed immediately after Eclipse. In this blog, we are throwing light on certain remedies and Mantras to fend off the ill effects of Solar Eclipse for the natives of all zodiac signs. 

The occurrence of Solar Eclipse on the day of Shani Amavasya, which is the birth anniversary of Shani Dev, the son of Lord Sun, is not an ordinary event, and therefore, it can have multiple effects. We have already given you the complete information regarding the occurrence of Solar Eclipse in our previous blogs and its effects. Now, let’s know what should be done after Solar Eclipse.     

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Solar Eclipse (June 10, 2021): Global Impact & Zodiac-Wise Mantras

Things to be done after Solar Eclipse 

  • Take a bath immediately after Solar Eclipse. If possible, have a dip in a holy river.  
  • After this, donate items that you had resolved during the occurrence of the Solar Eclipse. 
  • Then, sprinkle Gangajal in the entire house and clean it with ordinary water.  
  • Now, prepare food afresh and eat it. Those eatables that had been prepared before the occurrence of the eclipse should not be consumed. 
  • If possible, the first loaf should be kept aside for the mother cow. 
  • If there is any worship place in your house, then change the clothes of the idols of deities and worship them with due rituals. 
  • Reciting the Mantras of Surya Dev can also be very auspicious.
  • Those who are already under the influence of Mahadasha or Antardasha or Pratyantar Dasha should perform Surya Shanti Puja to appease Lord Sun. 
  • Besides this, if the Sun is stationed in a weak position in one’s horoscope, they should perform some special rituals to have the grace of Lord Sun and perform certain remedies to eliminate its malefic effects. 
  • Since it has taken place in the Taurus zodiac sign, these natives should make special arrangements for the performance of Surya Shanti Puja. 
  • The natives of all other zodiac signs should perform Puja as per their sweet submission and situations. 

Simple Remedies after Solar Eclipse  

We have already made you understand Solar Eclipse’s impact on different zodiac signs through our previous blogs. The thing to be kept in mind is that Solar Eclipse may not have immediate effects but its impact can be observed within the span of six months, and therefore, it becomes extremely important to know certain remedies which can be performed immediately after Solar Eclipse to save ourselves from the ill effects of Solar Eclipse and march ahead toward progress.  

The Sun is just like a soul in our body and therefore, the occurrence of Solar Eclipse is inauspicious for us. There is a need to enhance positive energy to protect ourselves from the malicious effects of Solar Eclipse because the entire atmosphere gets polluted which indirectly starts affecting us.  

Although the Sun is the ruling lord of Leo, its impact is felt by the natives of all other zodiac signs. Now, let’s know some special zodiac-wise remedies to get rid of the bad effects of Solar Eclipse.  

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Special Remedies To Ward Away The Ill Effects Of Solar Eclipse

Taking a bath, giving donations, and performing meditation hold immeasurable significance during the eclipse. In this very context, we are suggesting some simple zodiac-wise remedies and Mantras to eliminate the malefic effects of Solar Eclipse.     


  • The natives of this zodiac sign should recite Aditya Hridiya Stotra atleast 7 times after Solar Eclipse and offer jaggery and wheat to Shivlinga on Sunday.  


  • People of this zodiac sign should donate items made up of copper on Sunday and offer wheat as per your weight exactly after Solar Eclipse.  


  • Exactly after Solar Eclipse, Geminians must take a bath and worship Lord Vishnu.

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  • Those bearing this zodiac sign should recite the Surya Beej Mantra atleast 108 times and wear white clothes post Solar Eclipse.


  • These natives are advised to wear orange coloured clothes after Solar Eclipse and perform Shri Rudrabhishek.  


  • The natives with this zodiac sign should offer clothes to their father and seek their blessings while touching feet. 

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  • People with the Libra zodiac sign must chant Surya Beej Mantra atleast 108 times – ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः / oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ – immediately after the Solar Eclipse and feed bull with jaggery.  


  • Scorpions should light Dhuni of Guggal and Loban in their house and perform Havan while reciting Surya Mantra. 


  • Sagittarians should wear a gold pendant depicting the Sun and recite Sahastranaam Stotra, the Path of Lord Vishnu, immediately after Solar Eclipse.    


  • Post Solar Eclipse, these natives are suggested to donate wheat and jaggery and recite Shani Chalisa.


  • Those who are born under this zodiac sign have to offer water to the Sun with due respect to get rid of its malefic effects and recite the Path of Surya Stotra.  


  • After the Solar Eclipse, the natives of Pisces should donate wheat, jaggery, and electrical items and chant the Beej Mantra of Surya Dev. 

Over and above, donating things associated with Surya Dev and reciting Surya Mantra will prove to be highly beneficial. If the Sun is stationed in a debilitated position in your horoscope, then make arrangements for Surya Shanti Puja by a learned Brahmin. On the other hand, if the Sun is positioned in an exalted state in your horoscope, you should recite Surya Gayatri Mantra on the evening of Solar Eclipse day.   

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We hope you may be successful in evading the ill effects of Solar Eclipse by performing the above-mentioned remedies and can achieve splendid success. You will also get rid of health-related ailments and earn due respect.     

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