Sixth Sawan Somwar: Lord Shiva’s Graces Brings Prosperity To These Zodiacs

Sixth Sawan Somwar: In the Hindu religion, there is special importance to Sawan month and the Sawan Somwar are meant for fasting & offering prayers to lord Bholenath. In 2023, the Sawan month extended to a duration of two months and thus also referred to as ‘Malamas’. The Mondays of the month are special and meant to devote prayers to lord Shiva for fruitful outcomes in life. It is the auspicious time for a few zodiacs and the blog highlights the lucky ones. Fasting with the right steps will shower the blessing of Lord Shiva on the devotees with wealth and prosperity. 

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Dates of Sixth Sawan Somwar & Related Occasions 

As per the Hindu Panchang, the sixth Sawan Somwar falls on 14 August 2023 and it is also the Sawan Shivratri date. The Brahma Muhurta begins at 04.50 am and lasts till 05.34 am. Godhuli Kaal is between 07.07 pm to 07.29 pm. Amrit Kaal starts at 08.27 am and ends at 10.14 am. 

Lucky Zodiacs in the Sixth Sawan Somwar 


The time is suitable for Aries people to get out of troubled situations and get the desired success in life. They will all succeed at their workplace and the people adjust to the latest requirements easily. For students, it will be a fruitful time to take part in competitive exams and achieve the desired level of success. It will be a happy time for the married couple and your effort will be always appreciated. Feel strong economically and also the expenses will go down. The occasion also fits the spending of quality time with the family and the respect levels in society will also rise. 


For Taurus natives, it will be the ideal occasion for a vacation or trip with your family or dear ones. Make the right business deals in the period and also come out of troubled situations swiftly. Expand your business to the extent that guarantees the right level of success and also increases profit levels. There are chances of progress in your business & work life and time will prove to be a boon for creating successful deals. The health of the family remains intact and there will be minimal chances of any health concern for the older members. 

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Earn the right amount of profits from efficient deals in this period and the Gemini people will be able to strengthen their economic needs. It is also the best time to change or alter your job profile as per specifications. There will be a rise in respect at the workplace and it will result in the creation of salary increment opportunities. The relationship with your wife or lover will remain stable and it will be an occasion to spend quality time with your kids. 


The period is filled with peace & happiness for the Leo natives. It is also the auspicious time for people looking for government jobs and they’ll settle down in different profiles easily. Get appreciation for your work and stay prepared to make the most of the occasion. Married life will be settled and avail the best opportunities occurring in life to achieve success. The natives will also remain calm during the period to complete other activities successfully. 

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For Sagittarius people, it will be the best occasion to move forward in your career and achieve the desired goals in your personal & professional life. Work hard to get success in varied fields and it will be the opportunity to participate in religious activities. For students, it will be the best time to take part in competitive exams and get suitable outcomes. The family life of the natives will be happy and the right occasion to spend quality time with their spouse. 


Q1. How to acquire the blessing of Lord Shiva in Sawan?

Ans. It will be the time for devotees to wake up early in the morning, visit the temple, and perform Jalabhishek to the Shivling. 

Q2. Which are mantras to be chanted on the day?

Ans. The Rundra mantra – ‘Om Bhagavate Rudraye’ is a suitable mantra to impress Lord Bholenath.

Q3. What is the significance of Sawan month for unmarried people?

Ans. It will be the top occasion to please Lord Shiva for the unmarried girls to get a suitable match for them. 

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