Ten Interesting & Divine Secrets About Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is omnipotent, and well-known among living creatures of all kinds. Lord Shiva’s name is the foremost among the major Gods and Goddesses of Sanatan Dharma and the month of Sawan is the dearest to Lord Shiva. During this month, nature spreads its wondrous shade and greenery all around. In the world of astrology as well, worshipping Lord Shiva helps to attain freedom from planetary defects. However, in view of the current circumstances, you can click here and know what lies for you in-store in the future from our expert astrologers NOW!

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Bhole Baba Can Be Easily Pleased

ॐ नमः शिवाय

oṃ namaḥ śivāya

This Panchakshari Mantra of Lord Shiva is very powerful. Chanting it appeases Lord Shiva easily and helps to attain his grace.

Among Akaar, Ukaar and Makar in Omkar Pranava, Lord Shiva symbolizes Makar. It means Lord Shiva was present when this world wasn’t created, and will be thereafter it will all end since he is the Adi Dev. In fact, Lord Shiva can be easily pleased with your simple prayers. For this reason, he is also called Bholenath. Now that the beloved month of Shiva i.e. Sawan is ongoing, we will tell you ten miraculous secrets about Lord Shiva which will strengthen your beliefs and reverence in him. 

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Top Ten Interesting Facts About Lord Shiva

A Monk As Well A Housemaker

Lord Bholenath is always seen meditating and hence considered the Greatest Monk. This is also the reason why all the monks can be seen revering him with dedication. The same Bholenath also lives as a householder and his family is one of the largest amongst all. 

Lord Bholenath’s wife is Mata Parvati and sons are none other than Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeya. Apart from them, Sukesh, Ayyappa Swami, Jalandhar, Andhak, Bhuma and Khuja are also considered his sons. Bhuma is also known as Bhoomi Putra Bhaum i.e. Mangal or Mars. He also has a daughter, known as Ashok Sundari. This makes up for a beautiful family.

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Shiva: The Creator Of Weapons & Armaments

Lord Shiva is known as the creator of some of the deadliest and dreaded weapons in the whole world. There are very few people who know that Sudarshan Chakra, adorned in the hands of Lord Vishnu, was created by Lord Shiva himself and assigned to Lord Vishnu. 

Apart from this, Lord Shiva is the Nath of Trishul, whose three ends symbolize Satt, Raz and Tama. Bhavarendu Chakra and Pashupatastra have been created by Lord Shankar as well. Also, it was the Bow of Lord Shiva himself on which Lord Rama mounted the thread and emerged as the most deserving amongst all in Sita’s Swayamvara. 

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Mahadev: Adorned By The Nature Itself

The great adornments worn by Lord Shiva himself are in fact completely natural. Vasuki Nag remains around his neck, and his elder brother, Sheshnag, serves as a resting place for Lord Vishnu himself. The Crescent Moon rests on Lord Shiva’s forehead and maintains the heat exhibited by the Halahal Poison stored in his throat. For this reason, Lord Shiva is also known as Chandrashekhar. Maa Ganga flows through the dreadlocks of Shiva himself.

The mount of Lord Shiva is Nandi, who is an ox. This is why the picture of Nandi remains on the flag of Shiva. The mount of Lord Shiva’s better half Maa Parvati is a Lion. Among his sons, Lord Karthikeya’s mount is a Peacock whereas Shri Ganesh’s mount is a Mouse. If we look closely, we will understand that even though all these animals are considered enemies of each other, everyone maintains friendly and cooperative conduct in the court of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva’s Ardhanarishvara form is a wonderful combination of Shiva and Shakti and represents the union of man and nature. This is why when the Man becomes selfish and hell-bent on destroying nature, Lord Shankar gets angry and punishes him. Currently, the ongoing pandemic due to Coronavirus outbreak is also a sign of selfishness, which is why Lord Shiva lays emphasis on maintaining a balance in nature. 

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Revering Lord Shiva In Different Other Religions

You must have heard about the glory of Lord Shiva in Hinduism, but his significance in other religions is also highlighted. The Shaiva, Nath, Digambar, Sufi and Siddha sects consider Lord Shiva as their ultimate Lord. Lord Shiva holds great importance in Buddhism as well and Lord Buddha is also known by different names, some of which are Shankara, Meghankar and Tanankar. 

It is believed that Lord Shiva imparted knowledge to the Saptarshi and he only later carried on those lessons and knowledge forward. Lord Shiva is known to be the creator of Yantra, Tantra and Mantra. Rudrayamal imparts teachings by Lord Shiva and contains everything preached by the Mahadev himself. 

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Beloved of both Gods & Demons

Lord Shiva is worshipped by both the Asurs or Demons and Devtas or Gods. Not only this, the Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnars, Ghosts, Humans etc. consider Lord Shiva to be the Revered One. This is one of the main reasons why he is known as Mahadev. Lord Shiva is also prominently ranked among various tribal communities and forest dwellers as well. 

At the time of the Churning of the Ocean or Samudra Manthan when the Halahal poison was retrieved, it was considered to be catastrophic and fatal for the world. It was Lord Shiva himself who consumed this poison and held it in his throat for the welfare of the whole world, thereby earning the name Neelkanth. 

The Creator Of Yoga to Drama

Lord Shiva is considered to be a pioneer source behind Ashtanga Yoga because he was the one who revealed this Yoga to this world. Lord Shiva is also known to be the creator of the Art of Drama, and his other anointed name “Natraj” is derived from it only. It is believed that words were formed by the sound emanating from the Damru of Lord Shiva.

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Symbols of Lord Shiva

First among famous symbols of Shiva is Shiv Ling. Apart from this, Rudraksha, which is believed to be derived from Shiva’s tears, is the main symbol of Shiva. Also, the Trident or Trishul is considered a significant symbol of Lord Shiva. Devotees of Lord Shiva wear Tripunda on the forehead as it is also a favourite sign of Lord Shiva. Apart from this, Bhasma is also considered to be the beloved symbol of Lord Shiva. Bilva Patra is also dear to Lord Shiva, and all of these symbols represent the Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic elements.

Prominent & Known Devotees Of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is believed to have been revered since the beginning. Therefore, the number of devotees of Lord Shiva is innumerable but some of the prominent devotees of Lord Shiva known are Dashanan Ravana. It was Ravana himself who pleased Lord Shiva with his harsh penance and made him his ultimate God. It was Lord Shiva himself who blessed him with a Khadak or Rattle named Chandrahas. Ravana himself composed Shri Shiva Tandava Stotram dedicated to Lord Shiva to overcome his problems and relieve his sufferings, which is still very popular among the devotees of Lord Shiva. 

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Lord Shri Rama is also counted as one of the main devotees of Lord Shiva, as he himself established the Shivalinga at Rameswaram after emerging victorious from the war against Ravana. Even Lord Krishna also performed his austerities on the Mount Kailash to please Lord Shiva.

Lord Shani is one of the paramount names among the list of the supreme disciples of Lord Shiva because Mahadev entitled him to be the Provider of Justice & Karma. Among the Rudra incarnations of Lord Shiva, the eleventh Rudra Avatar is Shri Hanuman, one of the Sapta Chiranjeevi. Lord Shiva ended the Three Purus, for which reason he is called Tripurari.

Kailasha Is The Shivlok, Shiva’s Humble Abode

Mount Kailash is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, where he resides with Maa Parvati. This is the reason why this mountain holds high significance in Hindu Dharma. People pay a visit to the Kailash Mansarovar every year and circumambulate around the great Kailasha. It is currently located in China.

Every year, devotees depart towards the Himalayas to pay their respects to Amarnath Barfani, another form of Lord Shiva. It is believed that in this cave, Lord Shiva himself narrated the tales of Immortality to Goddess Parvati, which was heard by two pigeons after which they became immortal. This is why coming across a pair of pigeons while worshipping the Lord in the cave is considered auspicious. You can read about this in detail by clicking here.

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Twelve Jyotirlingas Reveal Shiva’s Glory 

सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथं च श्रीशैले मल्लिकार्जुनम्।

उज्जयिन्यां महाकालम्ॐकारममलेश्वरम्॥१॥

परल्यां वैद्यनाथं च डाकिन्यां भीमाशंकरम्।

सेतुबंधे तु रामेशं नागेशं दारुकावने॥२॥

वाराणस्यां तु विश्वेशं त्र्यंबकं गौतमीतटे।

हिमालये तु केदारम् घुश्मेशं च शिवालये॥३॥

एतानि ज्योतिर्लिङ्गानि सायं प्रातः पठेन्नरः।

सप्तजन्मकृतं पापं स्मरणेन विनश्यति॥४॥

saurāṣṭre somanāthaṃ ca śrīśaile mallikārjunam।

ujjayinyāṃ mahākālamoṃkāramamaleśvaram॥1॥

paralyāṃ vaidyanāthaṃ ca ḍākinyāṃ bhīmāśaṃkaram।

setubaṃdhe tu rāmeśaṃ nāgeśaṃ dārukāvane॥2॥

vārāṇasyāṃ tu viśveśaṃ tryaṃbakaṃ gautamītaṭe।

himālaye tu kedāram ghuśmeśaṃ ca śivālaye॥3॥

etāni jyotirliṅgāni sāyaṃ prātaḥ paṭhennaraḥ।

saptajanmakṛtaṃ pāpaṃ smaraṇena vinaśyati॥4॥

The above Dwadash Jyotirlinga Stotram sheds light on the Twelve Jyotirlingams dedicated to Lord Shiva. Paying a visit to them leads to the fulfilment of wishes and desires.

Lord Shiva taught the Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya to the Demon Guru Shukracharya, which helped him put a stop on the mass-slaughter of demons. There are countless such secrets related to Lord Shiva, some of which we know, but many are yet to be revealed. We all should devote ourselves to Lord Shiva and pray to attain his blessings and grace upon us.

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