Astrological Significance Of Colours & Their Planetary Impact

Colour is the perception to a naked eye and the world to a blind. Colour has a strong influence on the physical, mental and emotions of a person. In many societies, colours are also the mark of rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations.

The Indians consider red and its hues to be auspicious for the bride, which is connected to the belief that the daughter of the house is starting a new life with full energy, love, and charisma. The white in the Indian society is considered to be the colour of moaning as they feel life is colourless when their dear one passes away. On the contrary, Christians consider white to be the colour for a bride, since they believe that the start of a new chapter of life should be with clean energy and purity of heart. They consider black to be their colour for funerals, since they feel that life is too dark and fragmented without their loved ones. Similarly, there are other religions that follow specific colours for particular occasions. 

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The importance of colours is read by psychologists in order to understand the impact of a colour on human behaviour. It is also a vital part of the Vastu since most of the remedies are based on the colour therapies. Astrology also deals with the energies of colours since there is a particular colour that corresponds to the energy of the planet and using them correctly truly benefits. Every day of the week is dedicated to one of the seven planets and wearing a specific colour on each day of the planet brings blessings to that particular planet. The colour white is dedicated for Monday, Red for Tuesday, Green for Wednesday, Yellow for Thursday, Pink for Friday, Black for Saturday, and Cream or lemon for Sunday. 

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Colours Associated With Each Planet 


The Sun is the king, therefore, the bright and energetic colours resonate to the authoritative planet. Gold, mustard, bright yellow and tints and shades of yellow resemble this ball of fire. The vibration of these colours is sparkling, shiny, and warm like fire. 


The Sun is fire while the Moon is water, peace, and serenity is the true nature of this planet. The colours which are associated with this planet are the colours of peace i.e. white, silver, transparent and crystalline, etc. The energy and aura of this colour bring relaxation, movement, and harmony.


Mars is dynamic energy, it is also the planet of blood and passion. The most closely connected colour with this planet is Red since this is the colour of passion, romance, and blood. The other colours which resonate to Mars are orange and tints and shades falling between the colour range Red and Orange.


Mercury is more connected to nature. It represents the youth and the younger-looking things like the fresh new grass or a new growing plant. The best colour that connects this planet is all shades and hues of Green. This shows vitality and the beginning of things.

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Jupiter is known as the planet of Grace and optimism. It is also known as the Guru energy which brings auspiciousness in life. It defines tradition and religious works. Yellow is the colour that clearly matches the bright energy of Jupiter. 


Venus is a feminine planet and it defines refined tastes and energy. The most closely connected colour to this planet of delicacy is soft pink. The other colours which are associated with this planet are off-white, translucent like the diamonds and shades of pink, etc.


Saturn is considered to be a cold and dark planet. It is the planet of Karma and Justice. The colours of Saturn are black, deep blue, Indigo and purple. All the light shades and hues are covered under a dark colour like black. This is why this colour symbolizes Saturn as whatever a native does is covered under the shadow of karma and results will befall in accordance to the same.

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Rahu & Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are illusionary planets, it does not have a complete body and hence, it is just a node of Moon as per the astrology. The colour of smoke is associated with Rahu. The best colours which define Rahu are charcoal, metallic and smoky colours, brown, and shades of brown and grey. Where the greys are more connected to Rahu and dusky colours, brown are more connected to the energy of Ketu.

Which Colour Is Highly Suitable For Me?

As per the planetary positions in the natal horoscope, there are few colours which should be avoided which may bring the negative impact on the natives. Further, there are also some colours which bring wonders in the life of individuals. The colours connected to the planets which are placed well in a natal chart and cast beneficial effects are positive for the native. They will enhance that particular sphere of life where they cast an influence. On the contrary, the colours connected to planets which are not favourable for a native as per the planetary positions of the horoscope should be avoided. The colour therapy is also used to improve the impact of planets or reduce the intensity of the malefic impacts. There are some primary, secondary and neutral colours which are generally suitable for particular Moon signs. These colours are as follows:

Red– Aries & Scorpio

Yellow– Leo, Sagittarius & Pisces

Blue– Capricorn & Aquarius

Green- Gemini & Virgo

White– Taurus, Libra, and Cancer

Black- Capricorn & Aquarius

General Tips For Consideration Of Colours On Daily Basis

  1. If you are feeling low in energy and vitality, you should consider wearing red dresses, applying red nail paints, etc.
  2. If you are feeling depressed and aloof, you should avoid wearing a blue or black around your neck or on your head.
  3. If you are feeling high in temperament, are anxious or suffering from high BP issues, wear something white around your neck or on your head. It can be clothes or a piece of accessories to keep things calm for you.
  4. The days you are feeling nervous or having tremors about something, consider wearing green around your waist.
  5. If you are facing troubles while going off to bed or sleeping, put a purple pillowcase underneath your head.
  6. If you are quarrelsome and angry then avoid wearing reds around your neckline or on your head.
  7. If you are feeling too lazy and lethargic then avoid wearing black or blue on the upper part of your body.
  8. If you are facing loads of misunderstandings then avoid wearing greens, instead wear yellow coloured things more often.
  9. If you want to attract attention then try wearing pinks or cream coloured things around your neckline.
  10. Avoid wearing browns or greys if you feel confused or lost.

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