Shukraditya Rajyoga In Moon Sign – Fabulous Period For 3 Lucky Zodiacs!

From the astrological point of view, July 2024 is very special as many big planets change their zodiac signs. In this sequence, the Sun & Venus transit will take place and the conjunction of the two planets will create an auspicious yoga for zodiac signs. This special AstroSage blog contains details about auspicious Shukraditya Rajyoga formed with the conjunction of the Sun and Venus. It will provide information about 3 lucky zodiacs whose natives face good times. So, let’s get started with the details. 

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Sun And Venus Conjunction Creates Shukraditya Rajyoga 

As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun and Venus play a critical role in the lives of people and they also influence different zodiac signs. In July 2024, the Sun, the king of planets, and the planet Venus, which represents love, will change its zodiac sign. 

On 07 July 2024, Venus transits into the Cancer sign. After a few days, i.e. on 16 July 2024, the Sun, the planet responsible for the soul, will transit into the Cancer sign. In such a situation, the Sun in conjunction with Venus will be present in the Cancer sign. This will result in the formation of Shukraditya Rajyoga. The combination will benefit the 3 lucky zodiac signs and this blog describes that in detail. 

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3 Zodiac Signs Benefitting From Shukraditya Rajyoga 


The formation of Shukraditya Rajyoga due to the combination of the Sun and Venus will prove very fruitful for the Cancer natives. This Rajyoga will be formed in the Lagna house of Cancer sign. In such a situation, the self-confidence of Cancer natives increases because of it. At the same time, they have an attractive personality. They will develop relationships with influential people in the society during this period. This will benefit the Cancer natives in the future. Due to the positive effects of the Sun & Venus conjunction, the intelligence of natives becomes sharp and their capabilities also increase. They will get ample opportunities to earn a good amount of money and can save too. There are chances of a relationship for unmarried people. 

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The conjunction of the Sun and Venus creating Shukraditya Rajyoga will prove an auspicious period for the Virgo natives. They will get favorable outcomes in their lives. The natives can expect earnings and profits from various deals. The conjunction of Sun and Venus is taking place in the money house and it will prove very auspicious for the Virgo natives. Their income levels rise during this period and thus can save money along with favorable earnings. Because of this, their financial condition improves significantly during this period. In the case of investments, they can move forward in the right direction. The natives interested in betting, the lottery, and the stock market can get higher profits. 

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The Shukraditya formed due to the Sun and Venus conjunction will prove very favorable for the Libra natives. It will bring auspicious outcomes in the lives of people. The conjunction is formed in the Karma house of Libra natives, and hence they can expect immense success & profits in their work and business. In the same period, the natives looking for a job can get suitable opportunities. The business persons can earn good profits at the same time, and the business persons can achieve success in their lives. There are chances of getting promotions for working professionals. The Libra natives will have strong relationships with their fathers and they will support them at every step. 

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Q1. Which yoga is formed with the conjunction of the Sun and Venus?

Ans. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus creates Shukraditya Rajyoga. 

Q2. What does the Sun and Venus represent?

Ans. Sun represents self, soul, ego, self-respect, etc. Whereas, Venus represents love, relationships, and opulence.

Q3. Which is the house of money in the horoscope?

Ans. The second house in the horoscope is considered to be the house of wealth.

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