3 Divine Yogas On Dussehra, Know Zodiacwise Remedies

This year, the festival of Dussehra holds special importance from many angles as 3 special conjunctions are going to be formed on this very day. Therefore, worshipping Mahishasura Mardini Maa Bhagwati Durga, and Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram will prove highly fruitful for the natives. As per beliefs, performing worship on this very day pacifies the planets and eradicates hurdles coming in the way of one’s life. There is a belief that a little journey of this worship can prove to be a boon for future perspectives.  

India is a country of traditions and festivals and therefore, the people of this country have a deep devotion for all the festivals irrespective of area and province they belong to and this is the best example of unity in diversity. The celebration of the Dussehra festival holds a special place for the followers of Sanatan Dharma. In many places, it is also known as Vijaya Dashami. This festival is celebrated on the tenth day of Ashwin month in Shukla Paksha, which falls on Friday, Oct 15, this year and is going to be celebrated with great pomp and show. This festival depicts the victory of truth over evil. 

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The presence of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram is felt all over the country and therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Ram is present in every particle of Indian soil. Ramayana is not a simple legend but it is considered to be a tradition. It is the replica of a tradition in which an ideal son of a king renounced the crown to uphold the verdict of his father and the father could not bear his separation and left for heavenly abode. An ideal husband did his best using divine powers to uphold the dignity of his wife and an ideal lady became a living example of saving the honour of her husband. The ideal brothers gave heavy weightage to the words of their elder brother and a true friend did not fear his life while a devotee drenched himself into Sindoor. Over and above, this festival is the example of deep-rooted faith, sacrifice, etc. depicted by “Sangeet & Natya Kala”.      

Special Conjunctions on Dussehra 

This year, the festival of Dussehra is very special as 3 divine Yogas i.e. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Ravi Yoga, and Kumar Yoga are going to be formed on this very day.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga and Kumar Yoga will occur at Sunrise and stay till 09:16 AM while the Ravi Yoga will remain till night.  

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Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga – This Yoga holds immeasurable significance in the domain of astrology and is formed on a fixed day and in a particular Nakashtra with the conjunctions of planets. This year, it is going to occur on Friday. This Yoga always remains auspicious irrespective of any date. It is so divine that there is no need for the natives to know about Shukra Astha, Panchak, and Bhadra. It is believed that the beginning of any work during this Yoga proves extremely beneficial and a person is blessed with desired results. Therefore, if you wish to start any new work, you can go ahead without any hesitation.      

Ravi Yoga –  This Yoga is also very auspicious and as per the Panchang, it will remain throughout the day. When it is formed, the worship of Lord Sun is extremely helpful to the natives as it bestows favourable results. This Yoga is highly powerful and fulfills the wishes of the natives. People having weak Sun in their Kundli should offer water to the Sun on this very day as it will play an important role in diminishing the ill effects inflicted by it. This Yoga is considered to be the best for starting any project.     

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Kumar Yoga: As per the Panchang, this Yoga is not a Shashtriya Yoga and is formed with the conjunction of Shravan Nakshatra and a Vaar (day). It is formed either on any of the Tithis (days) i.e.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, etc. and on any of the dates i.e. Pratipada, Panchami, Shasthi, Dashami, Ekadashi, along with any of the Nakshatras such as Ashwani, Rohini, Punarvasu, Hasta, Vishakha, Mool, Shravan, and Poorvabhadrapada, etc. This year, it is going to occur on the day of Dussehra. This Yoga is considered to be the best for making friendship and partnership, looking for a life partner, imparting and getting education, performing religious activities and observing fast, etc. It is considered particularly auspicious for students as it improves their concentration. If any student confronts challenges to grasp a particular topic or they are preparing for the competitive examination, the labour put in on this day will bring desired results.      

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Shubh Muhurat on Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Muhurat: From 14:01:53 till 14:47:55
Duration: 0 Hours 46 Minutes
Aparahan Muhurat : From 13:15:51 upto 15:33:57
Abhijit Muhurat:  From 11:43:47 upto 12:29:49

Significance of the Day of Vijaya Dashami

The day of Vijaya Dashami depicts the triumph of good over evil as Lord Rama killed Ravana and destroyed his empire with the assistance of Lord Hanuman and his Vanar Sena. Also, Maa Durga beheaded Mahisasura, the demon who created ruckus in all three worlds i.e. heaven, earth, and hell, and thus, she removed evil spirits from society. 

The celebration of this festival commences 9 days prior to its actual day and this period is known as Navaratri. Each day of the week is dedicated to a particular Devi and the devotees worship different incarnations of Maa with great devotion and pious heart to have their blessings. After this, on the tenth day, the devotees burn the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Meghnad.  

This day is the most important one for getting rid of all Doshas and negativities. In Sanatan Dharma, this day is considered absolutely approving for arranging marriages and there is no need for any Muhurat Calculation as well.  

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Rituals to Perform on Dussehra to Attain Prosperity 

  • Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and create an idol of Dussehra using wheat and lime. 
  • After that, make two cakes of cow dung. Keep a coin on the one and Roli, Akshat, barley, and fruits on the other. 
  • Keep all your account books at the place of worship and perform Puja. 
  • After Puja, donate money to Brahmins and the poor. 
  • After burning the effigies of Ravana, seek the blessings of the elders. 
  • Worshipping Shami trees on this day is also beneficial. If at all, your efforts are not paying you off, you must perform Puja of Shami trees and keep some of their leaves with you.  
  • Feeding ants with jaggery or sugar on this day helps a person lead a tension-free life. 
  • On this day, if a person worships Maa Kali, they can get rid of nightmares and remain undisturbed by their opponents. 
  • Offer the red handkerchief to the feet of Devi Durga and then, keep the same in your wallet. This is helpful in getting rid of financial troubles.    

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Zodiacwise Astrological Measures to Earn the Blessings of Lord Ram & Maa Durga

Divine Yogas forming on this very day will bring peace, prosperity, and tranquillity to the lives of the natives, and therefore, the following remedial solutions can prove to be extraordinary for you. 

Aries – Reciting the Path of Ram Stuti and Sundarkand will help in getting rid of sins and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the family. 

Taurus – Worshipping Devi Durga is considered to be fruitful. Reciting the Path of Durga Ashtapati will bestow desired results by removing all sorrows.  

Gemini – Worship of Maa Saraswati will bring divine grace. 

Cancer – Offering Durva to Lord Ganesha can be extraordinarily special. He is fond of Modak and Boondi Ladoos and therefore, offering the same items to him will bring auspicious results.  

Leo – Donate gram lentils as per the capacity. Apply Kesar Tilak on the forehead.  

Virgo – Offer red flowers to Maa Durga and worship to attain her blessings. 

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Libra – Offer Kheer to Maa Durga and distribute the same among others as Prasad. By doing so, mutual understanding among the family members will strengthen and a harmonious atmosphere will prevail in the family.  

Scorpio – Offer coconut in the running stream to have the grace of Lord Rama. 

Sagittarius: Recite Hanuman Chalisa 5 times to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the family. Also, it will be helpful with the fulfillment of all desires.

Capricorn – Perform Rudrabhishek of Shiv Ji with water or milk and then, recite Shiv Chalisa and wish for prosperity. 

Aquarius – Offer red scarf and makeup items to Devi Bhagwati. This can fulfill all your wishes and make your life joyous. 

Pisces – Offer a copper coin in the running stream to attain the blessing of Lord Ram. 

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