Importance of Shami Leaves in Sawan

The significance of the Shami tree is cited in religious texts of Hinduism, including the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Puranas. By worshipping this sacred tree, one can get rid of the negative effects of the planet Saturn (Shani), but did you know that the leaves of this tree are also offered to Lord Shiva? If this information is new to you then this blog will help you to know the importance of offering Shami leaves to Lord Shiva during the month of Sawan.

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Sawan has already set in and people are well aware of different things offered to Lord Shiva during this month, like the bel leaves, fruits, flowers, etc., but if you add Shami leaves too along with these items, your worship and prayers will become more effective. Shami is an auspicious tree, and according to the legends, Lord Ram performed prayer in the presence of this tree before he declared war against Lanka. Similarly, in Mahabharata, when Arjun was in exile and had assumed the form of Brihannala, he hid his Gandiva bow on a Shami tree. Therefore, different parts of the Shami tree are included while worshipping the deities. 

Rituals To Worship Lord Shiva With Shami Leaves

  • Wake up early in the morning every day during the Sawan month and visit Shiva temple.
  • Add Gangajal to rice and white sandalwood, and offer it to the Shivling while chanting the Mantra- ओम् नमह् स्हिवय्” / om namah shivay”
  • Offer water, rice, bel leaves, white clothes, Janeu, and sweets to Lord Shiva, followed by Shami leaves.
  • While offering the Shami leaves, recite the Mantra-

“अमंगलानां च शमनीं शमनीं दुष्कृतस्य च।

दु:स्वप्रनाशिनीं धन्यां प्रपद्येहं शमीं शुभाम्।।“

“amaṃgalānāṃ ca śamanīṃ śamanīṃ duṣkṛtasya ca।

du:svapranāśinīṃ dhanyāṃ prapadyehaṃ śamīṃ śubhām।।“

  • Perform Lord Shiva’s Aarti with incense sticks, camphor, and Diya/lamp.
  • Complete the puja by taking Prasad.

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Besides Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh is also worshipped with Shami leaves. While offering these leaves to Lord Ganesh, recite the Mantra- 

“त्वत्प्रियाणि सुपुष्पाणि कोमलानि शुभानि वै।

शमी दलानि हेरम्ब गृहाण गणनायक।।“

“tvatpriyāṇi supuṣpāṇi komalāni śubhāni vai।

śamī dalāni heramba gṛhāṇa gaṇanāyaka।।“

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