Vastu 2023: Enjoy Immense Prosperity With These 6 Vastu Principles!

As the year 2023 has come to our doorstep, everybody once again is excitedly preparing themselves. People alter both their internal and outward habits and lives to better themselves all over the world. People work very hard to attract prosperity, but when they work hard and don’t get the desired results (which frequently happens because it is a normal part of life!), they become despondent. That dejected energy travels far and radiates to other areas of their lives, making their daily hustle even more challenging and difficult. You shouldn’t worry, though, as AstroSage is returning to help you by using the age-old science of Vastu Shastra to protect you from all these drained energies! In this blog, we will explore some of the key advice everyone should know and learn more about one of the most remarkable practices in our land, and also make sure you check out your Yearly Horoscope 2023!

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Vastu Shastra: The Ancient Study

In literal terms, the word Vastu Shastra denotes ‘the science of architecture’. Vastu Shastra comes as a part of Vastu Vidya, which is one of the most ancient texts based on the theories of architecture, geometry, designs, and construction. The study coming from the Vedic Era, gives a unique perspective to the relationship between architecture and humans. Vastu Shatra is used in the construction of the intricately designed temples, institutions, and religious abodes that so enchant and bewitch us. So let’s look at these suggestions to make sure we get the most out of nature and this illuminating practice as we know that harmony and success begin in our homes!

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Vastu Points: The Blueprint Of Success & Harmony

  1. Regular cleaning of your abode:

As we know, one of the most basic and often overlooked statements is keep your home clean. This habit is essential to maintain as we know that all that riffraff stuff not only attracts rodents but negative energy as well! In order to let the positive energy flow, one must first make sure that the place they reside in is clean and pristine. The useless junk also has a detrimental effect on both our mental and physical health as well. The doors, windows, sills, and rooms must be cleaned and organized regularly!

  1. Leakage issue is a big ‘No’:

In Vastu Shastra it is stated that any type of leakage in the house is a harbinger of financial loss. The leakages happening in restrooms, kitchen, walls or any other place denotes negativity and no sooner the members of that home will come to face monetary losses and health issues. So, remember to make good use of that tool kit!

  1. Installing Kuber yantra: 

The direction which is ruled by the god of wealth and fortune, Kuber, is the North-East direction. In your humble abode make sure that this direction remains free of any object, and dirt. If there are anything situated in these directions, resituate them in some other direction as these directions attract fortune and high positive energy when kept clean and empty. The Kuber yantra can be installed in North directions or a north wall. 

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  1. Proper ventilation:

Every organism requires oxygen for all of its essential processes, as we are all aware. In our houses and other places, adequate oxygen must be regularly consumed. One of the most important pieces of advice is to design our spaces so that oxygen may flow freely through them. Not only will this benefit our physical health, but also our mental wellbeing.

  1. Correct placement of vaults and safes:

Vastu Shastra states that one of the most prosperous directions to keep your safe and vaults is in the South-West direction. Make sure that the opening of these lockers are towards North or North-East directions. Keeping everything pertaining to finances and money in the south-west direction will give the doer unrestricted access to wealth and financial rewards.

  1. Beautify the main door:

According to Vastu Shastra principles, your home’s front entryway should be gleaming and inviting. Make sure the entrance is free of damages because that is where the energies enter and exit your home. You can add plants and other décor items to the entrance to make it more appealing. 

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