Vastu Measures For Family Health

Vastu Shastra is a science of times immemorial based on the knowledge of directions, prepared by our ancestors and sages. As per the Vastu Shastra, the place where we live, work, or spend most of our time has both negative and positive impacts on our life. This is why in many households, some family members always remain unwell or are unable to recover from the prolonged disease. All this negativity can be a result of Vastu Dosh in the house. 

In this regard, AstroSage has brought this blog that will enable the readers to know the reasons for their ill health as per Vastu Shastra. Besides this, we will also provide you with remedies to get rid of the same, so read on!

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Vastu Dosh Affecting the Health and its Remedies

If the front of the main door of the house is always cluttered with dirt, clogged with rainwater, or has a pit, family members of such a house mostly remain sick. In this condition, one must always keep the front of the house clean and tidy, and fill the pit as soon as possible. This will improve the health of the family members.

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The health of elderly members in house remains poor where there are dried-up plants. This Vastu Dosh can be eradicated by removing those plants. Keeping a dry Tulsi plant in the house is also forbidden. If there is any dried-up Tulsi plant in your house, flow it in the water or bury it under the ground in a clean place. Apart from this, light a red coloured candle in the southeast direction of the house to reduce the Vastu Dosh.

The center of the house is known as “Brahamasthan”. It has a special significance in Vastu Shastra as the planet Jupiter resides at this point. Never keep heavy stuff in this place and try to keep it as vacant as possible. Jupiter is the benefactor of children in the horoscope, therefore, having a Vastu Dosh can result in problems related to children for the family members. 

The health of the family members of a house that doesn’t have a kitchen in the Southeast direction remains weak. If you can’t change the direction of your kitchen, you can at least keep the stove in that direction to reduce the impact of Vastu Dosh from the house.

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The presence of an electricity poll or a dense tree in front of the main door of a house affects the health of children negatively. To neutralize this Vastu Dosh, one must remove the existing poll or the tree, and if it is not possible, create a Swastika sign at the main door of the house every day and worship it. This will put the Vastu Dosh to a halt for good.

If there is a Puja Ghar right in front of the main door of the house, it will impact the health of the family members negatively. Always keep in mind that the idols or paintings of god in the Puja Ghar should be facing the South direction. 

One must never sleep facing the direction of the washroom or washing machine. This may lead to increase in mental stress.

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