Saturn Transit In Aquarius (17 Jan): 6 Zodiacs Will Prosper; 6 Might Suffer!

Saturn in Astrology is often referred to as the Judge, the Lord of Karma or Justice. It is a cold, barren, and dry planet. Saturn is the biggest and the slowest planet in the Solar system. It is often associated with old age. Saturn or Shani is considered a malefic planet by nature, but if it is placed positively in someone’s horoscope, it can bless the native with numerous luxuries of life. It is a well- known fact that Saturn delays but never denies. Saturn is a significator of delays, constraints, restrictions, tradition, age, grief, and misfortune. It reminds us of our boundaries, responsibilities, and commitments. It is a hard taskmaster. 

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Saturn takes about 2.5 years in a sign, and it takes Saturn almost 29.5 years to complete one revolution around the sun; meaning it takes about 29.5 years for Saturn to come back to a particular sign. Saturn rules over the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Aquarius is also its mooltrikona sign. Saturn gets exalted in Libra at 21 degrees and debilitates up to 20 degrees in Aries. The Nakshatras ruled by Saturn are Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttra Bhadrapada. Saturn or Shani Mahadasha lasts for 19 years. Saturn is friendly to Venus and Mercury. It is inimical to Mars, Sun, Moon, and neutral with Jupiter. Shani Dhaiya and Shani Sade Sati are one of the most feared time periods in the astrological sphere. Saturn attains ‘Digbala’ or Directional Strength in the seventh house and rules over the West direction and completely loses its strength in the East. 

These Fortunate Zodiacs Will Reap Benefits!


Saturn rules the tenth and the eleventh houses for Aries, and will be placed in the eleventh house. The lord of gains transiting through the same house is an extremely favorable sign. Students wishing to go abroad for studies or people waiting for their PR applications to get approved will taste success. Those who are involved in jobs will find success and get promoted, or people looking to change jobs will find good and better opportunities. People doing business will also find success in new ventures. Any pending payments will get cleared. However, you are advised to not lend money to anyone. You are also advised to exercise caution in love and relationship matters. 


The Lord of the ninth and the tenth house moves to the tenth house for Taurus natives. This is an extremely auspicious transit for these people. Saturn will bless you with success in all aspects. There are chances you may buy luxury items such as cars, etc. People in private jobs will find new career opportunities and see a steady rise in careers. For people involved in business, this will be a good time to increase your customer base. You may get new deals. For people looking for their love relationships to move forward and culminate into marriage, these people will also find success.


Now, Geminis can breathe a sigh of relief after a long time. These people are finally coming out of 2.5 years of Dhaiya. Saturn becomes the lord of the eighth and ninth houses for Gemini natives, and Saturn will finally bless them after a long turbulent Dhaiya period of rigorous testing times. Students willing to go for higher studies will now find success. If you have been facing troubles regarding business, everything will now be sorted out and you will taste success. Job- related to traveling abroad is on the cards. If you have been unemployed for some time, now is the perfect time to land a job. Your younger siblings will now support you and things related to love life also look good. Your love life will flourish during this time.


The seventh house lord transits through the seventh house, so prospects definitely look better related to marriage and personal life. There will be peace and harmony in relationships after a period of misunderstandings and fights. Students will put their best foot forward and increase their efforts. This is a fruitful time for business. You could gain property or gain through properties. If the placement of Saturn in your natal chart is supportive, then people involved in real estate would benefit a great deal from this transit.


The lord of the fourth and the fifth houses will transit through the fifth house. Saturn transiting through the 5th house may bring in new business opportunities and you may be able to crack new deals. Students will benefit and increase their efforts to study. People involved in the creative fields such as fine arts, designing, etc may see new opportunities and career growth in this period. Business partnerships may be fruitful. Your relationship with your children will improve.

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For Sagittarians, Saturn, being the lord of the second and third houses, will transit through the third house. The third house is the house of efforts, and Saturn signifies hard work. Your efforts will increase in every aspect of life and you will find success too. Long and short journeys related to work would be fruitful. Your interest in spiritual practices may increase. Good time for people involved in business. Your risk-taking ability will increase and your business will flourish in turn. Good time for people looking out for promotions in jobs.

These Zodiac Signs Might Face Dire Impacts!


Cancer natives need to exercise caution as their Saturn moves into the eighth house and with it starts their Dhaiya for the next 2.5 years. Students trying to go abroad or looking to take admissions in college may find it hard to succeed. There will be a lot of hurdles to cross. People may feel challenged at work due to an ever-increasing workload and mounting pressure. Married couples may experience an unsettled atmosphere at home resulting in frustrations and conflicts. The results may vary according to the Saturn placement in the natal chart of an individual and the Mahadasha they are running in.

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Saturn becomes the lord of the fifth and sixth houses for Virgo natives. Saturn will transit to their sixth house. Again, for Virgos too, this transit will give mixed results. Students may find it hard to concentrate on studies, though people appearing for competitive exams may find success after putting in hard work and effort. It will be a good time for people working in government sectors and for people involved in the judiciary like lawyers and judges. Virgos are, however, advised to take care of their health, especially their limbs and the lower abdominal area. People involved in the export and import business may find some success, otherwise this is not a good period for the business. Love relationships may also suffer and breakup could be on the cards for some depending upon their natal planetary placements and Mahadashas.


Scorpios like Cancer will be entering their Dhaiya for the next 2.5 years. Saturn becomes the lord of the third and the fourth houses for Scorpios. During this period you will not feel peaceful at all. You could face property-related issues. You will face troubles at the workplace and people looking to switch jobs do not switch jobs without having a prior offer in hand as you may have to sit at home unemployed for some time if this is the case. This will be a period of lessons and learning and you will be forced to move out of your comfort zones and it will not be easy. Students may find it difficult to concentrate and studies may require extra effort to be put in. This will also be a period of awakening in many aspects. People involved in business may have increased expenditure and incur losses. Any investments made will not give great returns. Your family may create problems in your relationship matters too. Caution is advised. 

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Saturn will be transiting through your second house. This period may be a troublesome period for people involved in the family business as arguments and conflicts within the family may occur for such people. Students will need to put in extra effort, and people stuck in toxic work environments may have to work at the same place and against their wishes for some time. Changing jobs may not be easy and fruitful at this time. Be careful of what you say as your words may be harsh without you realizing it, and people may misinterpret your intentions. 


The ascendant lord will be in ascendant and so starts their second phase of Sade Sati. Aquarius natives will reap benefits, but after a lot of hard work, all in all it will be a bag of mixed results for Aquarians in every field. People working in private sectors, especially the ones working in e-commerce or online-related industries, will benefit from this transit. Students can benefit too, but only after putting in a lot of hard work. Though your personal relationships and married life could be adversely affected. Be careful of what you say.


Pisces is another sign to enter into the first phase of Sade Sati. This is a difficult phase for you. Your business expenses will increase as Saturn is being the eleventh and the twelfth house lord moves to the twelfth house. Gains in business may be delayed, but you will get gains. People looking to move abroad may get a chance to move abroad but will find it difficult to settle there. You will struggle to save money and your savings may run out easily. It is not at all a good period for love relationships and breakups can occur. Do not take any decisions in a hurry as you may repent later. Not an excellent period for students either. This phase could also bring in mental illnesses and depression based on individual charts and planetary positions. 

Saturn Transit In Aquarius: Remedies

  • Do Vishnu Sahasranamam path on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Donate black gram khichdi to the poor.
  • Respect your elders and make donations to old age homes.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Worship lord Shiva daily.

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