Saturn Retrograde: Jobs at Risk!

Saturn is regarded as the deity of karma. Saturn is believed to impart lessons on living a disciplined life and rewards individuals based on their deeds. Those who are lazy and engage in wrongful actions face strict punishment from Saturn. Conversely, Saturn is lenient towards those who are diligent and honest.

Whenever Saturn transits or becomes retrograde or direct, its influence impacts all zodiac signs. However, this influence differs for each sign. For some, the transit can be beneficial, while others might encounter challenges during this period.

On June 29 at 11:40 PM, Saturn will enter a retrograde phase in Aquarius. During this retrograde, certain zodiac signs may experience setbacks in their careers. This blog offers a detailed account of the zodiac signs that will be affected.

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The Significance of Saturn For Career

In astrology, while the Sun is often seen as the key to success in career and business, it is actually Saturn that plays an essential role across all professions. There is a deep-seated connection between Saturn and professional life. When Saturn is strong and favorably positioned, it invariably brings career success. A robust placement of Saturn in the birth chart signifies that the person will undoubtedly achieve success in their career or business.

Saturn governs materials such as lead, iron, and grains. Careers like mining, coal trading, plumbing, security services, and other Saturn-influenced professions are all linked to this powerful planet.

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These Zodiac Signs Need To Beware!


For individuals with the Taurus zodiac sign, Saturn is the lord of the ninth and tenth houses in their horoscope and is now going retrograde in the tenth house. During this time, Taurus natives may experience a decline in their professional field. Those who are employed might find an increase in their workload, consuming all their energy and time to complete it.

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For individuals belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign, Saturn rules over your eighth and ninth houses. Now, Saturn is set to go retrograde in your ninth house. During this period, there may be concerns about a decrease in your self-confidence. Professionals could potentially miss out on some excellent opportunities. There might also be a decline in your reputation in the workplace. It’s possible that your hard work might go unnoticed by colleagues in your office.

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For individuals born under the Libra zodiac sign, Saturn rules over your fourth and fifth houses. Currently, Saturn is retrograde in your fifth house. During this period, Libra natives may experience concerns regarding their future. Your prudence and intelligence in the workplace might be overlooked, causing you some distress.

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For individuals born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, Saturn rules over your third and fourth houses. Currently, Saturn is about to go retrograde in your fourth house. Professionals in Scorpio may miss out on some good job opportunities during this time. There could be concerns about an increase in your responsibilities. This could potentially lead to losses in your career.

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For individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign, Saturn rules over your eleventh and twelfth houses. Currently, Saturn is retrograde in your twelfth house. During this time, you may feel somewhat dissatisfied. There could be an increase in work pressure on you. It’s possible that you may not receive appreciation for your work in the workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: Which is Saturn’s enemy sign?

Ans: Aries is Saturn’s enemy sign.

Ques2: Which is Saturn’s exalted sign?

Ans: Libra is Saturn’s exalted sign.

Ques3: Which is Saturn’s debilitated sign?

Ans: Saturn’s debilitated sign is Aries.

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