Two Enemies; Saturn & Mars Creating Problems For 5 Zodiacs

In Vedic Astrology, among the nine planets, some planets including Saturn and Mars can greatly influence human life. When it comes to Saturn, people get scared even by its name, and upon seeing him, the planets start giving inauspicious results. In this series, now Lord Saturn is going to aspect Mars. This special blog is aimed at telling you about the zodiacs which will be greatly affected by Saturn’s aspect on Mars. So, without any delay, let’s move ahead and know about these zodiacs. 

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Saturn’s Aspect On Mars

As we all know, each planet moves out of a zodiac and enters another after a set period. In this series, on 1st June 2024, the planet of courage and bravery, Mars had entered Aries and will stay here till 12th July 2024. Likewise, the third aspect of Saturn will fall on Mars and as a result, in the month of June, the inauspicious effects of both the planets Mars and Saturn will be seen on the lives of the people of the five zodiacs. Let’s take a look at these zodiac signs now. 

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Saturn’s Aspect On Mars To Harm These 5 Zodiacs 


The Cancer natives will have to go through several negative impacts due to Saturn’s aspect on Mars. In this situation, the lives of the natives will be filled with uncertainty. The business persons of this zodiac are going to bear the loss. During this period, whatever efforts you will make to earn money, you may face failure due to which you can feel disappointed or disheartened.  Due to Saturn’s aspect on Mars, you are not likely to get much success in your career. Also, you may have to face problems in your job. 

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But, these people are advised to be careful regarding their financial condition. Saturn’s aspect on Mars can bring uncertainties in your relations, due to which, you may get involved in arguments or disputes with your partner. Small problems can become big during this period. In matters related to health, this duration is tough for you and you may suffer from headaches and high blood pressure during this period. The employee natives may get stuck in arguments in their workplace and that’s why, they are advised to keep control over their words. 

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The Virgo natives will also have to bear the negative impact of Saturn and Mars. This duration can be filled with several problems for these natives, that’s why they should avoid making a big decision in June. If we talk about career, then you may need to work really hard in your job and there are even chances that even after putting in a lot of effort, you may not get positive results which can upset you. 

There are chances that you may need to bear money loss in your financial life and in such a situation, some unnecessary expenses are going to trouble you. To fulfill your unnecessary expenses, you may need to take a loan or borrow money. On the other hand, the natives who are running their businesses may not get the profit that they expect. Due to arrogance or ego, the love relationship between you and your partner can be troubled. Apart from this, the natives of the Virgo zodiac may suffer from throat infections and nervous-related problems. 

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Libra natives are also amongst the zodiacs who are going to face negative results due to Saturn and Mars. The Saturn aspect on the Mars transit may not be too fruitful for you. In love life and family life, this aspect is not going to bring success. There are chances of fights to break out in the family due to property which will create the atmosphere of stress in the house. For those people who are planning to get married, it would be better to postpone the marriage for some time. 

If you want to invest your money somewhere, then you are advised to wait for now otherwise you may have to bear financial loss. Problems may also arise in the field of career and in such a situation, you are expected to suffer a financial loss. These natives may lose their favorite items or belongings. You may be forced to take a loan to fulfill your family responsibilities. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to maintain a good relationship with your partner in a love relationship. In the field of health as well, you need to be patient and pay attention to your health because the problem of leg pain can bother you and can leave you stressed. 

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The Scorpio natives will also have to go through the negative effects of Saturn’s aspect on Mars. In such a circumstance, they will have to face problems at every step of their life. If you are looking for a better job opportunity, then you may get an offer that can leave you disappointed. The Scorpio natives who are working currently may get involved in an argument with their seniors and due to the same reason, their promotion can get delayed. During this period, you will be busy with a lot of work at your workplace, also there are chances of work pressure at your job. 

The natives who are running their businesses may fall short of earning profit. In the month of June itself, there will be another transit of Mercury, the prince of planets, which will also increase your problems. As a result, you will face difficulties in earning money. Also, in the month of June, you will be very busy due to which you will not be able to give time to your family and this can create problems for you. In love life, there may be a lack of love and enthusiasm in your relationship with your life partner. Also, during this period, you may have to spend a lot of money on your mother’s health. 

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Mars and Saturn can bring inauspicious results for Capricorn natives. In such a scenario, there can be a reduction in your comfort and luxury. The pace of progress in each aspect of life is expected to get slow. If you are running your own business, you will have to proceed very carefully in business. You may see several uncertainties in your business during this period. This aspect will give average results to the employed Capricorn natives and work pressure is likely to increase on you. Due to the ongoing problems in family life, you may have disputes or differences with your life partner. The natives of this zodiac can catch several diseases due to weak immunity. The deteriorating health of a family member will increase your expenses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mars the enemy of Saturn?

According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn and Mars are considered enemies of each other. 

What will happen if Saturn aspects Mars?

When Saturn aspects Mars, it creates destruction.

In which zodiac is Mars in June 2024? 

Mars is situated in its zodiac, Aries, during June 2024. 

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