Do Not Wear Rudraksha In These Situations; Consequences Can Be Dire!

We frequently read or hear about which planet is good for wearing certain Rudraksha and what advantages come from wearing which Rudraksha. However, are you aware of the people or situations in which wearing a Rudraksha is prohibited? We will provide you with answers to these questions in this blog today.

Significance Of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a seed that is collected from the Rudraksha tree and is revered in Sanatan Dharma. The Sanskrit term “Rudra” + “Aksha” combine to form the English word “rudraksh.” In these pairs of phrases, “Aksha” denotes the tears (tears) of Lord Shiva, whilst “Rudra” denotes Lord Shiva. For this reason, Rudraksha is regarded as a component of Lord Mahadev. It is sacred as a result of this.

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According to astrology, Rudraksha not only helps a person to calm their mind but also to control their temper. Do you realize that wearing a rudraksha is subject to a number of rules and regulations. If this is not done, the opposite outcomes also begin to happen. Let’s now talk about who and when to wear rudraksha as well as when not to. 

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Wearing Rudraksha In Such Situations Is Prohibited

  1. While smoking cigarettes and consuming non-vegetarian food 

Always remember to avoid wearing a Rudraksha when eating meat, smoking, or using alcohol. Not only does this violate the Rudraksha’s sacredness, but it can also have a negative impact on the native’s way of life.    

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  1. Avoid wearing it during sleep 

Some people believe that the body becomes impure after sleeping. Rudraksha’s purity is also impacted. As a result, you must take the Rudraksha off before going to bed. According to Jyotishcharyas, terrible, frightful dreams can be prevented if a Rudraksha is placed beneath the pillow while sleeping. 

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  1. Don’t wear it in a funeral procession

It is common to observe people wearing Rudrakshas as they approach the funeral pyre of a deceased person in the cremation area. But per the regulation, you must absolutely refrain from doing so. Because your Rudraksha gets impure by attending the funeral procession. It starts to negatively impact your life.

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  1. On the day when a child is born

We believe that for a few days following the birth of the kid, the mother and the infant are regarded as impure. In such a case, visit any new infant or refrain from wearing a rudraksha in a room with a mother and child present.

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