Root Number 2: These Natives Are Blessed With These Qualities!

Moolank or Root Number holds a special place in our lives and we all are well familiar with it now. In a person’s life, Numerology plays just as vital a role as Astrology. In Numerology, everything is based on the numbers. It is important to note that in Numerology, we make calculations based on the numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The number zero (0) is not considered as a Root Number.

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In this special blog, we will give you some interesting and exciting information about the Root Number 2 natives. Also, we will know which natives come under the Root Number 2 category, and how is the career, education, health, love life, and family life of the Root Number 2 natives? We will also provide you with some remedies by performing which you can make your life more happy and prosperous.

Root Number 2: First of all, let’s know who all come under the category of Root Number 2. In simple words, the natives whose birthdays fall on the 2, 11, 20, or 29 of any month are Root Number 2 natives.

Personality of Root Number 2 Natives

If we talk about the personality of Root Number 2 natives then it is believed that these people are rich in soul and succeed in intellectual pursuits. They are polite, have imaginative thinking, and are calm and gentle. Besides this, they are empathetic and know how to respect the emotions of people around them. Due to these qualities, they become popular among people instantly. Root Number 2 natives are rich in thoughts and principles, and they become a source of motivation for others.

However, every person has good and bad qualities. If we talk about the negative traits of Root Number 2 natives then they are suspicious in nature and they fail to truth others easily. Also, they have a poor will power due to which they give up easily.

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From a career point of view, it is seen that the Root Number 2 natives like working in an open and independent environment, and they also flourish in such an atmosphere. If they start a job, it also gives them favorable outcomes, and they perform well working on other people’s strategies.

Besides this, Root Number 2 natives can also become businessmen. Talking about suitable areas for this, they can get immense benefits in areas related to agriculture, related to milk and water, or related to medicine.

Also, since the people of Root Number 2 are inclined towards creativity, they also perform well in creative fields like music, singing, writing, etc.


Root Number 2 natives attain success in education based on their hard work and dedication. However, since they are fearful and have a low will power, they sometimes also have to face hindrance and problems in education.

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Ruling Planet

According to astrology, Root Number 2 is ruled by the Moon. So, the Moon is the ruling planet of the Root Number 2 natives. The nature of the Moon is cool, calm and that of giving moonlight. In this regard, these natives’ nature is also seen to be calm. The God of these natives is Lord Shiva. Among the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, he is given the status of Mahadev and he has placed the Moon on his head.

In such a situation, the people of Root Number 2 are advised to worship Lord Shiva for life happiness, prosperity, financial prosperity and all the bliss. Along with this, if possible, offer water to Shivling daily.

Most Favorable Numbers For The Root Number 2 Natives

The days Sunday, Monday, and Friday, are the most favorable days for the Root Number 2 natives. Likewise, the dates 2, 11, 20, 29, 7, 16, 25 are auspicious for these natives.

Root Number 2 Natives- Meaning, Facts, Importance

As Root Number 2 is governed by the Moon, these natives are peaceful, calm, and composed. Besides their calm demeanor, they are extremely beautiful and they themselves are attracted towards beauty very quickly. The Root Number 2 natives are attractive as well as have amazing leadership abilities and this is the reason why they remain popular and discussed among others.

Also, they have good relationships with foreign lands, due to which they travel a lot internationally, have business abroad, and might even go abroad for higher education.

Since the Moon is the lord of the natives of Root Number 2, the planet Venus of such people is also very spectacular. Apart from this, the number 2 holds special importance in Numerology and it has been observed that the people under the influence of this number have a very clean heart and are also very emotional in nature. In such a situation, people sometimes get cheated due to this nature, although if they find the right path, they also get great heights in the field of work.

Marital Life

The marital life of Root Number  natives is either too good, or too bad. Such natives normally fail to share their emotions due to which they have to face challenges in marital life frequently. Besides this, these natives don’t like sharing details about their love life with others.

In such a situation, some problems are seen in their married life. Talking about the ideal couple for them, 1, 3, and 6 are such numbers, with which the pair of the Root Number 2 natives are wonderfully compatible. On the contrary, they do not get along with the people of 5 and 8 numbers at all.

Some Prominent Personalities of Root Number 2

Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Dilip Kumar, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, Thomas Alva Edison, John F. Kennedy

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These Remedies Will Help You Succeed

  • If the natives of Root Number 2 are thinking of taking any important decision, then it is advised to take a decision only after 8 o’clock in the night. By doing this, you can succeed in life.
  • Apart from this, do not take any important decision on the day and night of Amavasya.
  • Drink water in a silver glass. This will strengthen your moon.
  • Perform Abhishek of Shivling with raw milk on Monday. By doing this, you can appease the Moon.

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History Of Numerology

Talking about the history of numerology, it is said that it has been used in Egypt since about 10,000 years ago. The famous mathematician Pythagoras had made the world aware of the importance of numbers many years ago. He said that “numbers rule the universe.”

In this regard, the numbers hold great importance in human life. Apart from this, special use of numerology has also been mentioned in the ancient text “Swarodaya Shastra” in India. Also, speaking on the basis of facts, the Gypsy tribe of Egypt is considered to be the most important contribution in developing numerology all over the world.

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