Ranveer-Deepika Marriage: Find Out What Stars Hold For Them

After the power-couple wedding of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli seems like Bollywood is blessed with another dreamy wedding. The cupid ball of courtship has been passed to Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Every third person in the town is enthralled to get the news of them getting married. With #DeepVeer finally becoming one, we at AstroSage have gone through their birth-chart details to check their marriage compatibility meter.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are really involved in each others’ families from years and finally we witnessed their marriage conducted in a private ceremony. Deepika and Ranveer are one of the B-Town couples who have always shared their fondness and love for each other, but never publicly announced their relationship status. So, let’s read the detailed prediction on Ranveer-Deepika marriage, and read more about their compatibility status and future married life.

Power of Constellation on Ranveer Deepika Marriage

We at AstroSage have analysed the prediction for Ranveer Deepika marriage. As per Vedic Astrology, our far-famed astrologers have forecasted their married life using their name sign. Ranveer Singh’s name comes under Satabhisa constellation whose birth lord is Rahu while Deepika comes under Swati constellation whose birth lord is Rahu too.

Planets Decide their Post Marriage Relationship

Ranveer Singh’s zodiac sign is Aquarius and Deepika’s zodiac sign is Libra, which altogether is a suitable match as per Vedic astrology. Ranveer’s Aquarius has Saturn while Libra (Deepika) has Venus as their sign lords, which make it obvious to share an intimate relationship with each other. They both share a strong understanding due to their shared element of Air. But, still, it can be difficult for their troubled stars to get along and will face difficulty adjusting to each other character and sharing deep respect for each other. Although, they started their relationship with a strong feeling of comfort, but are likely to face rough patch in future. So, they need to understand all these astrological facts in order to share a healthy relationship.

Marriage Will Bring Good Luck

Talking about their Ashtkoot Gun Milan, they have scored 20 out of 36 which is good to lead a happy married life. They need to have a very good understanding of each other to keep their marriage successful.

Matching between Mr. Ranveer Singh and Ms. Deepika Padukone

Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone

Nakshatra Charan Rashi Nakshatra Charan Rashi
Shatabhisha 1 Aquarius Swati 1 Libra

Guna Milan Details

Guna Boy Girl Maximum Obtained Obtained Point Area Of Life
Varna Sudra Sudra 1 1 Work
Vasya Manav Manav 2 2 Dominance
Tara Sampat Sampat 3 3 Destiny
Yoni Ashva Mahis 4 0 Mentality
Maitri Saturn Venus 5 5 Compatibility
Gana Rakshas Devta 6 1 Guna Level
Bhakoot Aquarius Libra 7 0 Love
Nadi Adi Antya 8 8 Health

Ashtakoot Matching between Ranveer and Deepika is: 20/36

Conlcusion: There is a bit difference in the level of Mangal Dosha compatibility of both the horoscopes. However, rest of the things seem good. Hence, their marriage seems to be promising.

Interpretation of Guna Milan


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone both belong to Shudra varan. As far as varana is concerned this is an extremely pleasant merge and the natives will encourage each other towards expansion and progress in ventures, family etc. The match is favorable and will have no ill effect as both are very attractive to each other. Good harmony in marriage life is concerned. As far as physical and mental stamina is concerned, the girl is as energetic as the boy. Since, both are hard working individual and appreciate each other’s work quite often. The boy will be very helping in nature and he will cooperate in domestic affairs whereas the girl will be more homely and keep every thing in tact. So, good luck for you.


The boy and the girl both belong to Manav vashya. The natives will stimulate each others self-expression towards creativity. They will also have a fine attuning of each other’s subconscious mind and will respond positively. The charts indicate that the couple will have a long and healthy life together and will support each other. This is a suitable match. They encourage each other and mutual responsibility makes them loyal and attractive for each other. Their match is perfect to promote family status. This is a good alliance, so go for it.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone both belong to Sampat tara. As far as tara compatibility is concerned, this is so far the best compatible match. Both people are willing to work to make the relationship successful and also their relationship experience honesty and encouragement from each other and this is the reason they are able to put their best in their respective carriers. Since both share and communicate their desire and needs, both share an excellent bonding. The couple will enjoy good health and sound physique. Favorable results in married life are assured.


The boy belongs to Ashwa yoni while the girl comes under Mahish yoni. As the compatibility chart shows, it is a less compatible match. Since the energy level of both does not match, the incompatibility ratio is high. The girl is likely to regards boy as selfish, materialistic and worldly status while the boy is likely to regard girl as lacking in ambition, practicality and common sense. There will also be fundamental difference in nature and both will be the creature of altogether different mental and emotional plane. They repel each other; however, if other gunas are matched well then this is a fairly nice combination. Not very good prospects for physical relationship.

Rasi Lord

Ranveer Singh comes under Saturn lordship and Deepika Padukone belongs to Venus lordship. As far as grah maitry is concerned, it is a very favorable association. He will be conservative and practical as a matter of fact. She will be progressive and ideological about life. She will be social and will be interested in politics and diplomacy whereas he will be more interested in keep it simple approach. They will be loyal, honest and sincere and will find joy in their relationship. They will have good rapport and realistic in their relationship.


The boy belongs to Rakshasha gan and the girl belongs to Dev gan. As the name suggests, this combination is not regarded good by sages. This relationship characterize by aggression and lack of understanding. Generally such relationships are insincere and lacks the trust and confidence required. Their nature and philosophy will contradict each other. The boy will think that the girl is greedy, demanding and sometimes unethical. The girl will think that the boy is lazy and lacks the practical know-how required to deal worldly matters. There will be a lack of understaning which will lead to domestic disputes. This combination produces clashesand quarrels over family and financial matters.


Ranveer Singh’s Zodiac sign is Kumbha and Deepika Padukone comes under Tula sign. This combination can cause difficulties in communicating emotional issues, especially in romantic and marital relationships. There will be a general lack of domestic harmony and many emotional misunderstandings may occur. The girl regards the boy as rude, overbearing, impatient and undeveloped in social manners and domestic behavior.


The boy comes under Aadi nadi and girl belongs to Antya nadi. This is a preferable combination. The natives will develop the understanding for each other pretty soon. They will share good rapport and gel nicely with each other. They will prove to the encouraging factor in their respective careers. They will be ethical, understanding and credit-worthy towards each other. They will have good effect on each other’s social and spiritual life too.


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