Power Of Shree Yantra For Material And Spiritual Gains

Shree Yantra has been used for centuries to bring wealth, good fortune, health, and as an aid for meditation. It is a dynamic source of supreme energy and magnetic powers. The term “Shree Yantra” is a Sanskrit name, where Shree translates to “wealth” and “Yantra” refers to “instrument”. It is an ancient tool that holds cosmic powers, and people who worship this instrument attain all their desires, both spiritual and material. In this blog, we will enlighten you with the procedure of installing this magnificent tool and its correct installation placement.

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How to install/ energize Shree Yantra?

To install/ energize the Shree Yantra, one must wake up early and take a bath and then only follow the below-mentioned points. Remember, a Shree Yantra Sthapana in your office, home, or vehicle can only be conducted on Friday.

  • To remove all the negativity from the instrument, one must soak it in saline water overnight (Thursday night).
  • Take it out the following day (Friday) and wash it with water. Keep it under the sunlight for a few hours on the moist ground for the purification with the Sun rays.
  • Keep the Shree Yantra on a plate and wash it with a mixture of water, milk, and saffron.
  • Wash it with water again.

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  • Then light incense sticks and sprinkle Gangajal at the place where the Yantra is to be installed. While doing so, keep chanting the Mantra-ऐम् ह्रेएम् नमह्” / “aim hreem namah”
  • Place a Yellow cloth with a sheet of silver or gold, and keep the Yantra on it.
  • Apply sandal paste/ kumkum on the instrument and put a Coral gem bead garland on it. While energizing the Yantra or during the Pran Pratishtha, place a Shivling near it as per the rituals.
  • Offer yellow flowers, raw turmeric, jaggery, and incense sticks to the instrument.
  • Chant the following Mantra 108 times on a Lotus Seed Rosary-

“ओम्, स्ह्रेएम् ह्रेएम् स्ह्रेएम् कम्ले कमललये प्रसेएद्, प्रसेएद्.

स्ह्रेएम्, ह्रेएम् स्ह्रेएम् ओम् महलक्स्ह्मये नमह्

“om, shreem hreem shreem kamle kamalalaye praseed, praseed.

shreem, hreem shreem om mahalakshmaye namah”

  • Cover the Shree Yantra with a red cloth and put it away. 

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Where should we place the Shree Yantra?

The face of the Shree Yantra must face the West direction. You can also install the instrument in the East portion of your residence. Make sure you place the Yantra in a place where it is visible from all sides as its positive results are only achieved by the areas from where it is visible. The back of Shree Yantra doesn’t possess any energy so, it is best to place it against the wall. The ideal height for the Yantra is up to the level of your heart.

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