This Planetary Position In Horoscope Reveals Chances Of Extra Marital Affairs!

According to Vedic astrology, marriage is a crucial phase that can impact one’s destiny, represented by the seventh house but with other houses also analyzed to determine the timing. The planetary positions, their strengths, and the aspects between them are analyzed to determine the timing of marriage and the nature of the spouse. 

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In this special blog, AstroSage’s expert astrologer Pandit Shivnand Tripathi will provide accurate insights on reasons for early or delayed marriage, including the Vivah Yoga, after a thorough analysis. Additionally, he will identify the planets responsible for extramarital affairs. 

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How Is Vivah Yoga Formed In A Horoscope?

  1. To determine if the marriage is going to take place soon or if it will be postponed, it is important to examine the 7th house and its ruler’s position. If the ruler of the 7th house is in conjunction with malefic planets or adversely affected by their influence, then the marriage will be delayed.
  2. In order to determine when the marriage will take place, it’s important to analyze the movement of the Ascendant ruler and the ruler of the 7th house in the native’s horoscope. The chance of marriage occurring is only there when both these rulers transit through the house associated with marriage or related houses. If all the planets are located in either the Ascendant or the 7th house or if they are mutually connected or gazing at each other, then the marriage cannot happen until all their positions become favorable.

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  1. Individuals with Mars and Venus together or in a mutual aspect in their birth chart tend to engage in extramarital affairs. If the two planets are in conjunction or mutual aspect, then such individuals may become involved in extramarital relationships, and they may get trapped in such relationships even if they do not intend to. If Mercury is also present with Mars and Venus, then such relationships are formed with intelligence. The presence of Saturn and Rahu or Ketu increases the likelihood of such relationships being formed strongly. If Jupiter is with Mars and Venus or in any significant position in the horoscope, then marital relationships are formed between the man and woman as a result of mutual admiration and praise.

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Perform These Remedies To Get Married Soon

  • For 43 consecutive days, donating nail polish to unmarried girls creates the possibility of marriage in your horoscopes.
  • If a person has a Mangal dosha in their horoscope, then they should worship Lord Hanuman and observe a fast for him on Tuesdays.
  • Mix a pinch of turmeric in the water and take a bath with it regularly.
  • To remove obstacles in the path of marriage, one should pour water in the roots of a peepal tree continuously for 13 days if there are problems in the marriage.

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