Seventh House in Astrology: House of Marriage and Spouse

Seventh House in Astrology is also known as the “House of Marriage and Partnership”. It represents moral, immoral, legal or illegal relationships. It indicates public image of the native and foreign travels made due to his/her own profession. This house falls in the middle of the fourth and tenth house in an individual’s horoscope, hence it indicates how you are balancing your personal (family) and professional life. It also reflects on the meditation done by the native in order to achieve “Moksha”. It can be described in various ways:-

Saptama; Jamitra; Chittottha (Desire); Kama; Dvuna (Love); Madha (Passion); Gamana (Cohabitation); Astha (Setting); Advan (a way or road); Marga (Way); Loka (Public); Kalathra (Wife or Husband); Pathni; Kalathrasampat (Dowry).

Seventh house represents wife, husband, marriage, urinary organs, marital happiness, reproductive diseases, trade and speculations, desires, diplomacy and honor, travels, business tact and latent energies.

Seventh House in Astrology

Satyacharya says that this house indicates change and any opportunity of foreign travels.

According to Rishi Parashara, If the lord of first house sits in the Seventh House, it shows that the land and properties owned by the native will be far away from native’s birth place.


The Seventh House is also known as the “House of Union or Earthy Ties”. It shows the legal bond between two partners. Partnership can be stated between married or business partners. By marriage, we mean that there will be an addition in your family members. The sign which rules over the Seventh House in Kaal Purush Kundali is “Libra” and Natural ruler of this sign is “Venus”.

Seventh House denotes permanent friendship for progeny and pleasure which is influenced by the 11th house. The partner will come from respectable family, virtuous and posses good qualities etc. are seen through Seventh House of the horoscope.

Seventh House also represents the partner in trade or business. Situations like how much degree of success is achieved in partnership, with whom native enters into legal contract or agreement for business purposes, with whom native is facing quarrels and conflicts through arguments, native’s competitor in any undertakings and much more are seen through the Seventh House in Astrology.

In a brief, Seventh House indicates all those situations with whom native deals on daily basis in any manner. these can be related to professionals like engineer, contractor etc. who build native’s house or native himself being an engineer or contractor, doctor, patient, medical practitioner, one who lends money or borrows money from native etc. are denoted by the Seventh House. This house describes how easily the native mixes up with the society.

Seventh House represents break in journey. It relates to the native’s visits to various places, reputation in society or foreign places. It is also known as one of the “Maraka Sthana”. It represents unions, engagements, amorous affairs, appointment, road, path taken, course of action, people or public, flowers, sensual pleasures, number of marriages, anus, trade, foreign residence, diplomacy, gifts, destruction of power, controversies etc.

According to Uttara Kalamrita, the Seventh House represents the adopted child of the native.

In Horary Astrology, this house is related to the recovery of lost property and describes thief, pickpockets etc. First house indicates the owner of lost property whereas Seventh House indicates the thief who has stolen the property.

In Mundane Astrology, the Seventh House describes about cabinet and internal affairs, pleasure and amusement resorts, tourism, bond of relationships among masses and business establishments, foreign affairs and agreements.

This house represents public attitude towards marriage and divorce, marriage and divorce rates. It rules women or status of women in nation (Fifth house also shows the condition of women and children in the nation).

Seventh house represents Ministry of Foreign Policy-Foreign affairs and relations with other powers. war and international disputes, marriages, divorces and foreign trade.

Inter-Connectivity of Seventh House with Other Houses

The other significations of Seventh House can be correlated with the other houses of the horoscope. As Seventh House is the indicator of marriage, business, partnership, career, mass fame, enemies, sexual organ, opponents, intimacy, physical appearance of your spouse, what makes you happy and comfortable. Enemies of your families, obstacles, daily hurdles etc. are also derived through Seventh House.

seventh house in astrology

Once you get married then this house is automatically activated, so marriage may rejuvenate or destroy your spiritual life. Your life partner is your mirror image or your second half. So first house is all about yourself and Seventh House is all about others. It represents the children of your younger siblings, intelligence, creativity of your younger siblings, wealth which you keep away from your home, maternal grandmother, how you interact with women running into your life.

It represents the second child of the native, skills, communication style and ability of your first child to play any type of sports, dance, interest in travelling etc. Seventh house represents property of mother, change of residence, wealth of your enemies, victory of your enemies, gain and improvement of wealth.

It represents loss of longevity, intimacy and desire, loss of interest in occult or hidden knowledge. During the transit of any planet in the Seventh House, native may lose interest in Astrology, occult science or things which are buried under the ground. 7th house also reflects gains, desire and achievement of father, elder siblings of father and gurus.

Career and profession, rise in life can be seen through this house. Religious views, moral values etc of your elder siblings, long distance traveled by elder siblings, death or transformation of spiritual beliefs or life are seen through the Seventh House in your kundali.

Seventh House as per Lal Kitab

According to Lal Kitab, Seventh house represents your family, woman, sister-in-law (wife’s sister), nurse, your courtyard, birth place.

As per the Lal Kitab, first house planets activate the planets occupying this house. Various things about spouse are seen through this house of horoscope. The planets placed in this house will remain calm or neutral If there is no planet in first house. In general, the effects of Mars and Venus are seen in the Seventh House.

Hence in conclusion, Seventh House in Astrology becomes powerful and an important house in a horoscope as it is said to be your mirror image, which means how you see the world or represent yourself to the world.


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