Careful, If These Yogas Form In Your Charts; Might Get Into A Big Accident!

Every person faces minor or major mishaps in life but you must have noticed that these incidents are more frequent for some people than the others. Sometimes, it happens while riding a bike or driving a car, and other times, minor accidents occur at home. These accidents become huge when they are serious, which leads to dangerous life hazards.

People often curse their fate for such accidents, but according to astrology, the reason behind such incidents is the weak or adverse placement of certain planets in the horoscope. Due to this, a person falls prey to frequent accidents and mishaps in life.

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In astrology, details of various types of planetary positions are obtained regarding accidents with a person. So when uncanny situations arise in the charts of a person, they have to face accidents in life often. In this situation, the natives can reduce and eliminate the negative impact of such planets by consulting the learned astrologers at AstroSage. In this blog, we will tell some simple remedies for the natives who get involved in accidents or mishaps more frequently in life. So, read on.

Variable Zodiac: Variable Ascendant

  • Firstly, according to the experts of AstroSage, the chances of injury to the people with variable zodiac and variable ascendant are relatively high.
  • Variable Lagna and variable signs means Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Therefore, people whose zodiac or ascendant are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, they have to face accidents frequently.

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This Special Conjunction Of Rahu-Mars

  • The natives with Rahu-Mars conjunction in the Lagna or 2nd house of the birth chart, they may also have to face accidents frequently.
  • It is observed that even if these natives don’t step out of the house, they get into accidents while at home.

Saturn & Kendra (Center) In Horoscope

  • If there is Saturn in the ascendant of the horoscope and no auspicious planet is present in the Kendra (Center), then such people are more prone to fall from a height and get serious injury.

Mars In The Ascendant Of The Horoscope 

  • People who have Mars in their ascendant are more prone to head and brain injuries.

This Position Of Moon & Mars In The Horoscope

  • If a person has Mars in the center or triangle from the Moon in the horoscope, then such a person has to face a road accident in most of the cases.
  • Therefore, these people are especially advised to be careful while walking on the road or while driving.

This Position Of Saturn, Sun, & Mars In The Horoscope

  • If there is a conjunction of Saturn-Sun or Saturn-Mars in the fifth house of a horoscope, then the incidents of scuffles, fights, quarrels, or disputes often occur with such natives.
  • These people often fall prey to the anger of others.
  • Therefore, they are advised to keep themselves away from any others’ disputes or quarrels.

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Note: Besides the above-mentioned planetary positions, there are other conditions that lead to accidents and mishaps for a person.

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Remedies To Avoid Negative Impact Of The Planets

Online Graha Shanti Puja

If any inauspicious Yoga of any planet is being formed in your horoscope, or due to any planet you are having frequent accidents, then you can do special online Graha Puja to pacify that planet and to avoid its wrath.

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Chanting Mantras

If due to the inauspicious effects of planets, you are constantly facing any accident or mishaps, then you should get the Mantras related to those planets chanted. According to astrology, by chanting the mantras of the planets, their fierceness and ill effects can be pacified. Therefore, for clear and pure pronunciation of mantras, it would be better that you get the Mantra chanted by a Brahmin only.

Wearing A Gemstone

Apart from this, wearing gemstones related to the planets whose inauspicious yoga is being formed in your horoscope will be favorable for you. However, it is worth noting that you do not wear gems by Googling it or with your own understanding. Rather, one must consult an astrologer for this and after that wear the gemstone only by following the proper methods.

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