First Glance At December 2023 & Its Account Of Festivals

With the start of December 2023, the countdown towards the last phase of the year 2023 takes place and it takes us closer to the New Year celebrations. December is the last month of the year and it refers to the peak of winter month. However, it is the last month of the year, and like every person, we all have some expectations related to the month. Do you have any curiosity related to the outcomes of December month in 2023? Will your love relationship make progress? Are there chances of promotions in the job profile or need to face any kind of pressure? Will there be stability across relationships/married life or there are chances of conflicts? In case of continuous interests arising in your mind, you will get the relevant answers to these questions in this special December 2023 blog. 

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Other than that, this special AstroSage blog will provide you with details of all questions coming to your mind related to December month. Use this blog to learn about the fasts and festivals in December 2023, the eclipses, and transits. Also, know about the personality of individuals born in this month. Let us move ahead and check the details about December 2023. 

What Is Special About This December 2023 Blog?

This December 2023 blog is crucial in different ways as it provides the correct information about fasting dates, festivals, eclipses, transits, and more. Also, we will introduce you to special things about December 2023. 

  • For people whose birthdays fall in December month, this blog contains some interesting details related to the personality of individuals. 
  • What are the dates of bank holidays in this month?
  • When and which planet is going to transit in December 2023? Will there be eclipses in the month? Check here all the vital information related to it. 
  • Other than that, what are the changes in the lives of 12 zodiacs in December 2023? Get reliable answers in this blog. 

So without any further delay, let us take a look at the special blog of December 2023. 

Astrological Facts And Calculations Of Hindu Calendar For December 2023

In the year 2023, the last month of December will start on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha and under the Punarvasu Nakshatra. It will end on 31 December 2023 on the Pancham Tithi of Krishna Paksha under Magha Nakshatra. Let us now check the fasts and festival celebrations across December 2023. 

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Dates Of Fasts And Festivals Of December 2023

08 December 2023, FridayUtpana Ekadashi
10 December 2023, SundayPradosh Fast (Krishna)
11 December 2023, MondayMonthly Shivratri
12 December 2023, TuesdayMargashirsha Amavasya
16 December 2023, SaturdayDhanu Sankranti
23 December 2023, SaturdayMokshada Ekadashi
24 December 2023, SundayPradosh Fast (Shukla)
26 December 2023, TuesdayMargashirsha Purnima Fast
30 December 2023, SaturdaySankashti Chaturthi

Let us move ahead and check the personality of individuals born in the month of December 2023. 

What Is The Personality Of People Born in December 2023?

The month of December 2023 will be very special, but for individuals who have their birthday in this month, it has special meaning & importance. Check the nature of individuals born in December 2023. What are the qualities and negative points found in such people? If you don’t have answers for it, let us know the nature of such people. 

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As per astrology, people born in December month will be practical and cheerful in their nature. They don’t perform under anyone’s pressure, they work on their own will and desires to live their life on specific terms. Generally, these people have attractive personalities and are able to mix with people easily, thus they have a large number of friends. These natives have a clean & soft heat, and their minds work in a sharp way. Also, people giving birth in December 2023 have an interesting nature and are curious about stuff related to different things. There can be a bit of arrogance in their nature, but luck will be by their side at every step. 

The people born in the month of December 2023 will have a strong position of Mars and the Sun in the horoscope. This will also help them achieve higher and more powerful positions in their life. They are also honest in nature and perform different activities with utmost sincerity. Other than that, they move forward in encouraging others and they don’t let the persons working with them feel disappointed in life. 

As per astrology, natives born in December 2023 will have rich luck and won’t face a lack of wealth & comfort levels. They have good self-confidence in themselves that will lead to success in their life. Discussing the qualities & negative points found in the personality of people born in December 2023, they will be at the forefront of studies and are the favorites of their teachers. 

The people born between 15 December 2023 and 31 December 2023 have philosophical and artistic natures. They have the demerit of laziness in their personality and they keep postponing their tasks. In case of work in your hands, you need to finish in a hurried way. Talking about the health point of view, there can be ups and downs in health issues. Even a slight level of alteration in weather can affect such people. 

Lucky number for persons born in December 2023: 1, 3, 8

Lucky colors of persons born in December 2023: Purple, Brown, Yellow, and Red 

Auspicious days for people born in December 2023: Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday 

Lucky Gemstones for people born in December 2023: Pearl and Emerald 

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List Of Bank Holidays In December 2023

DayBank HolidaysValid In State
01 December 2023, FridaySwadeshi Astha DivasArunachal Pradesh
03 December 2023, SundayFestival of St. Francis XavierGoa
05 December 2023, TuesdaySheikh Muhammad Abdullah JayantiJammu and Kashmir
12 December 2023, TuesdayPa Togan Nengminza SangmaMeghalaya
17 December 2023, SundayMartyrdom of Shri Guru Tej BahadurPunjab
18 December 2023, MondayU Soso Tham’s Death AnniversaryMeghalaya
18 December 2023, MondayGuru Ghasidas JayantiChattisgarh
19 December 2023, TuesdayMukti DivasGoa, Daman and Diu
24 December 2023, SundayChristmas HolidayMeghalaya, Mizoram, and Telangana
25 December 2023, MondayChristmasNational Holiday
26 December 2023, TuesdayShaheed Udham Singh JayantiHaryana
26 December 2023, TuesdayChristmas HolidayMeghalaya, Mizoram, Telangana
30 December 2023, SaturdayYu Kiang NangbahMeghalaya
30 December 2023, SaturdayTamu LosarSikkim
31 December 2023, SundayNew Year’s EveManipur and Mizoram

In December 2023, after the bank holiday dates, fasts, and festivals, we will discuss the religious significance of this month. 

Religious Importance Of December 2023

Discussing the religious significance of December 2023, it is considered one of the vital months in the Sanatan Dharma. There are different kinds of fasts and festivals observed in this month that can liberate humans from the sins committed in their lives. As per the December 2023 calendar, the last month of the year starts under the month of Margashirsha and it ends on 31 December under the Pausha month. 

In the Hindu year, Margashirsha is the ninth month out of twelve months, which are known by names like Agrahayana, Magasar, Mangasir, Agahan, etc. Margashirsha is the month considered the sacred and auspicious month in the Sanatan Dharma. In this year, Margashirsha starts on 28 November 2023 and ends on 26 December 2023. 

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In the scriptures, regarding Margashirsha, it is said that “Masonam Margashirshoham” means that in front of Margashirsha, there is no other auspicious month. In the religious text Gita, Lord Krishna himself said while describing the glory of Margashirsha – “In months, I am Margashirsha and in seasons, I am spring”. The auspiciousness of the month can be analyzed from the facts as per the beliefs. The Margashirsha month marks the start of Satyug and in this specific month, Kashyap Rishi created Kashmir. This is why the month of Margashirsha is considered best for chanting, taap, meditation, and other activities. 

In the month of Margashirsha, worshiping of Lord Krishna will be very fruitful. People can destroy all their sins by observing fast on Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Purnima. Other than that, bathing in a holy river and the right kind of charity will prove very auspicious. It is also the desirable way to get blessings related to children and obtain Amrit Tatva from the Moon. After getting details of Margashirsha, we will know about the Pausha month. 

The end of December falls under the Pausha month. This tenth month of Hinduism starts on 27 December 2023 and also ends on the new year i.e. 25 January 2024. As per the Gregorian calendar, the Pausha month normally falls in January or December. 

As per the Panchang, each month has its specific significance and similarly, the Pausha month has its importance. In Hindu religion, the name of each month is based on constellations, and thus on the Pausha Purnima day, the moon is in Paush Nakshatra, thus it is referred to as Pausha month. 

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From the religious point of view, worshiping the Sun God in the Pausha month is very advantageous, thus worshiping the Sun God with a good heart and devotion during the period will provide auspicious outcomes. For Shraddha rituals and Pind Daan, the Pausha month is a suitable timeline. As per the mythological texts, the worshiping of the Sun God in Bhag’s name in this specific month will deliver durable outcomes. To attain the blessings, one should offer Arghya and also keep fast during the Pausha month. 

Religious Importance Of Fasts And Festivals Celebrated In December

Utpana Ekadashi (08 December 2023, Friday): In the Sanatan Dharma, Utpana Ekadashi is considered very important. As per the mythological beliefs, on the Utpana Ekadashi, Mother Ekadashi was incarnated on this specific day and thus referred as the Utpana Ekadashi. Devi Ekadashi is considered one of the powerful forms of Shri Hari Vishnu and fasting on this day is considered very auspicious. The sins of the person’s previous births can be destroyed through observing fasts. 

Pradosh Fast (Krishna) (10 December 2023, Sunday): In the Hindu religion, every month different types of fasts are observed with good heart & intention and it is one of the Pradosh fasts. As per the Panchang, Pradosh Fast is observed on the Trayodashi date of Shukla and Krishna Paksha every month. The fast is dedicated to Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva. It is also mentioned in the religious text that fasting will deliver longer life & good health. The devotees observing Pradosh Fast with a good heart will ensure the achieving of desired outcomes in life. 

Monthly Shivratri (11 December 2023, Monday): The Monthly Shivratri and Mahashivratri are dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu Calendar, the monthly Shivratri fast is observed on the Krishna Paksha date of every month and the belief associated with it is that the Monthly Shivratri will get you freedom from big calamities. This also results in the fulfillment of different wishes of worshipers. 

Margashirsha Amavasya (12 December 2023, Tuesday): Every year, the Margashirsha Amavasya falls on the Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month, which is also referred to as Agahan. On this Amavasya Tithi, taking a bath in holy rivers and donating the right products will bring auspicious results in the lives of devotees. Also, getting the blessing of ancestors this month and offering prayers to ancestors & performing Shraddha will help persons attain salvation. There won’t be any lack of wealth & prosperity in the family life. 

Sagittarius Sankranti (16 December 2023, Saturday): In the Hindu religion, Sankranti has a special place that comes every month. The Sankranti is celebrated in the name of the zodiac in which the Sun enters each month. This way, when the Sun, the king of Navagrahas Sun leaves the Scorpio sign and enters Sagittarius then Sagittarius Sankranti is celebrated. The Sagittarius Sankranti is considered very Kharmas starting with the Sun transit in Sagittarius. This will result in banning the performance of auspicious tasks like marriage, housewarming, Janeu ceremony, mundan, etc. 

Mokshada Ekadashi (23 December 2023, Saturday): In December 2023, there are two special Ekadashis. The first one is Utpana Ekadashi and the other one is Mokshada Ekadashi. As per the mythological beliefs, Mokshada Ekadashi is known to provide salvation and is known by the name Maun Ekadashi. Also, according to the Hindu Calendar, Mokshada Ekadashi falls in the Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month and is considered auspicious for different activities. In scripture, it is mentioned that fasting on the Mokdasha Ekadashi will free the ancestors of people from this world and reach the Vaikuntha Dham. 

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Margashirsha Purnima Fast (26 December 2023, Tuesday): As per the Hindu calendar, a full moon in the Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month is referred to as Margashirsha Purnima. Also, it is known by the same name as Battisi Purnima or Coral Purnima. From a religious point of view, Margashirsha is considered very auspicious for performing puja rituals and charity on this date and it will provide fruitful results. It is also believed that young girls taking a holy bath in the Yamuna river on Margashirsha Purnima will help them get the desired groom. In Sanatan Dharma, the Margashirsha month is considered very auspicious for different tasks. 

Sankashti Chaturthi (30 December 2023, Saturday): The festival of Sankashti Chaturthi is celebrated to take the blessing of Vighnaharta Ganesha, which is a popular festival in the Hindu religion. The Sankashti Chaturthi resolves all the troubles of devotees and fasting on Sankashti Chaturthi will ensure the resolution of sorrows on this special day. On this special day, devotees need to observe fast from sunrise to the moonrise. 

Eclipses And Transits Falling In December 2023

After providing you the details of fasting dates and bank holidays celebrated in December 2023, let us get into finite details about eclipses and transits occurring in December month. 4 different planets are changing their zodiac sign this month, and the two planets are altering their movements. Now without any delays, let us know when & which planets are going to change their position and make transit in December 2023. 

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (13 December 2023): In the astrology world, Mercury’s planet is the factor of intelligence, speech, and communication. The planet is going to retrograde in Sagittarius sign on 13 December 2023 at 12:01 pm. 

Sun transit in Sagittarius (16 December 2023): In the solar system, the Sun is the largest planet that is providing life to this world. Also, as per the astrological details, it is the factor of higher position in life, government, respect, etc. that is going to enter the Sagittarius sign on 16 December 2023 at 03:47 pm. 

Venus transit in Scorpio (25 December 2023): In the astrological world, Venus is considered the planet known for love, enjoyment, luxury, etc. and the transit of Scorpio will occur on 25 December 2023 at 06:33 am. In such conditions, the transit will affect the lives of all the 12 zodiac signs. 

Mars transit in Sagittarius (27 December 2023): Mars has the status of a warrior planet in the astrology world and is also considered the commander of planets. The Mars planet is going to transit in Sagittarius sign on 27 December 2023 at 11:40 pm. It is also considered a fiery planet that has its effects on all the 12 zodiacs. 

Mercury transit in Scorpio (28 December 2023): On 28 December 2023, Mercury is going to leave Libra and transit into the Scorpio sign in the retrograde state. The planet is considered the factor of intelligence & communication skills and the retrograde state will leave on the lives of different zodiacs. 

Jupiter direct in Aries (31 December 2023): Jupiter Maharaj who is referred to as the Guru of Gods is going to direct on the last day of the year 2023. The Jupiter direct in Aries will happen on 31 December 2023 at 07:08 am. 

Note: There will be no eclipse in the last month of the year 2023, that is in the December month. 

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Horoscopic Details Of All 12 Zodiac Signs For December 2023


  • Mar’s presence in the eighth house will turn out to be favorable for the Aries natives. 
  • In December, the natives can face financial troubles and they might also face money-related troubles. 
  • The Aries natives involved in business roles will be able to start new activities and during this time, the overall financial condition will remain strong. 
  • As per as education is concerned, the month will be favorable for the students to study abroad to avail the right opportunities. 
  • For Aries people, the month will be favorable for your love affair and thus will be able to maintain a cordial relationship with your partner. 
  • The influence of Rahu-Ketu will assist natives in overcoming their health troubles. 

Remedy: On Saturday, perform Yagya and Havan for Hanumanji for the best outcomes in their lives. 


  • The Taurus natives might face troubles or challenges in their careers. There are clear chances of getting promotions in their job profile. 
  • From the economic point of view, the December month will remain normal. During this period, there can be a rise in expenses and the income level also rises. 
  • At the same time, the natives doing business will be able to earn profits from the right investments. 
  • In terms of health, the Taurus natives will have mixed results. Some minor diseases can trouble people. 
  • For students, the month will be very normal for the Taurus sign, but they need to study diligently. 

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Durgaya Namah’ 108 times on a daily basis. 


  • In their careers, Gemini natives will get auspicious outcomes in December 2023. But they need to work hard for it. 
  • The auspicious influence of Mercury will result in favorable outcomes in the lives of natives and also will be able to earn good profit levels from it. 
  • These people will have their financial conditions in their hands and the money will be spent across family needs. 
  • The students of the Gemini zodiac will be able to achieve success in the education sector and there will be ample opportunity to travel abroad for studying. 
  • Talking about the love life, there will be a higher level of coordination and understanding with the partner. This will result in happier relationships. 
  • From a health point of view, the natives will have a good life, but there can be complaints of back pain. 

Remedy: On a daily basis, chant Vishnu Sahastranam. 

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  • Talking about the career of Cancer natives, they might face troubles in the job across the December month and thus be patient about it. 
  • The Cancer natives involved in business roles might face tough competition from their competitors and thus lag behind in earning the right profits. 
  • In love life, there can be troubles in love and marital life. There are also chances of falling into a new love relationship. 
  • In December, avoid lending money to other people, or else there will be a rise of financial troubles in your life. 
  • The position of Saturn or Shani Dev will result in difficulties in studies as there can be disturbances in your concentration levels. 
  • The comfort levels of natives will decrease in December 2023. There can also be ups and downs in the health condition. 

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Chandraya Namah’ 20 times on a daily basis. 


  • The presence of Jupiter planet and the vision of the Moon God will result in favorable outcomes in the lives of Leo natives. There will be good chances of salary rise and promotions. 
  • For business people, the month of December will yield top outcomes and this will be the suitable timeline to start a new business partnership. 
  • Students will get favorable results during this period, but they can also face negative situations in life. 
  • The Aries natives will get success in their relationships and there are also chances of marriage in this month. 
  • The Leo natives will get the best chance to earn good money and in such a situation, you’ll be able to accumulate wealth through earning of right amount of money. 
  • In December, your health condition will remain stable and natives will be surrounded by digestion & eye troubles. 

Remedy: On Sunday, use flowers in worshiping Sun God. 

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  • The Virgo natives can experience the rise of work pressure and can also face different troubles in life. 
  • Your financial condition can worsen due to the rise of expenses of Virgo natives. 
  • For the business people, the month of December will provide average results. During this period, there are chances of failing the business plans. 
  • For students of Virgo natives, the month can prove to be both good and bad for them. Their minds can get diverted from studies. 
  • The December month will be moderately fruitful for natives involved in a relationship. There are chances of arguments with your partner. 
  • Talking about your health, this month can bring a lot of health troubles and can result in headaches & digestive diseases. 

Remedy: On a daily basis, chant the mantra ‘Om Kalikayai Namah’ 41 times. 


  • The Libra zodiac will get excellent results in their current job and will get new desired opportunities. 
  • The business persons will achieve success at every step and the natives will be better placed to make necessary profits. 
  • The performance of students in the education field will improve and they can acquire the right knowledge. 
  • The love life of the Libra zodiac will enjoy happiness in life and married people will experience happiness & peace in their relationship. 
  • There can be ups and downs in the money-related affairs for the December month. The natives will get the right opportunities to earn good money. 
  • The Libra natives will get mixed health results. In such conditions, it is vital to take care of your health. 

Remedy: On Tuesday, perform Yagya and Havan for Rahu-Ketu.


  • In December, the Scorpio natives will get mixed results. In such conditions, people need to complete their activities will full attention & concentration. 
  • The December month won’t be special for business people and the profit levels will be down. 
  • The students of the Scorpio zodiac can get distracted from their studies. In such conditions, students can expect mixed outcomes in the education field. 
  • The month is also not suitable for a love life. Thus, natives need to be careful during this period. 
  • The natives need to spend time in a thoughtful way or else they might face different types of losses. 
  • The health condition of the natives will be stable and they might need to spend a good amount of money on the mother’s health. 

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Shanaishvarya Namah’ 41 times on a daily basis. 


  • The December month will provide auspicious results for Sagittarius natives. The presence of the Saturn planet will ensure slow progress in the career. 
  • The month will be fruitful for natives looking to expand their business and thus get crucial benefits for suitable operations. 
  • The students of the zodiac will perform greatly in their studies and also can get opportunities to pursue higher education abroad. 
  • In the case of love and married life, the Sagittarius natives will get suitable results in life. 
  • From the financial point of view, the natives will be earning the right amount of profit and thus experience a rise in wealth. 
  •  The Sagittarius people will be energetic and determined to achieve new targets. You will feel excited in different areas of life. 

Remedy: On Thursday, donate the right food items to the poor people. 

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  • In their career, Capricorn natives will get mixed results and they can get new job opportunities. 
  • With hard work, students can get the desired results. Also, at the same time, they will be able to study abroad for higher education. 
  • There can be a dispute with your partner and this might lead to separation between the two. 
  • For financial matters, you might get mixed results. There is the possibility of gaining money with their hard work. 
  • The Capricorn natives may face major health troubles and they might face concerns related to toothache. 

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ 21 times on a daily basis. 


  • At the workplace, the Aquarius natives can face different troubles. In such conditions, you might be dissatisfied with their current job role. 
  • As per the financial conditions of natives, the month might be filled with a lot of difficulties. 
  • The business persons can acquire profit this month and there can be a situation of no profit or no loss. 
  • For students preparing for competitive exams, there are chances of lagging in acquiring good marks. 
  • In the love life, there can be ups and downs and there are chances of marriage getting delayed due to some reason. 
  • From a health point of view, the December month will be favorable for them. Also, yoga and meditation can yield the best outcomes. 

Remedy: On Tuesday, worship Lord Hanuman with red flowers. 


  • From a career point of view, December will be challenging for the natives and there will be troubles with superiors & colleagues. 
  • The business persons might suffer losses and they need to remain patient for it. 
  • The students can expect mixed results in their studies. Also, the overall performance can go down due to different obstacles. 
  • For love & married life, December month will provide positive outcomes. 
  • The Pisces natives might face different troubles in earning money due to which natives might feel worried. 
  • The immunity levels of natives will remain weak during this period and people can suffer different types of diseases. 

Remedy: Also, chant the mantra ‘Om Han Hanumate Namah’ 108 times on a daily basis. 

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