Sun Transit In Sagittarius (16 Dec): Impact On Nation-World & Individuals

There will be a total of 6 transits in December 2022 and Sun transit will be one of the most significant among them. This transit is taking place in Sagittarius, and is believed to bring many changes in the lives of all individuals, and in nation and world. If you are curious to know more about the effects of Sun transit in Sagittarius, keep reading further.

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Sun Impact On The Horoscope

Sun or Surya is the king of our zodiac system and also have warriors names like  Aditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitr, Pushan, Ravi, Martanda, Mitra, Bhaskara, Prabhakara, Kathiravan, and Vivasvan. In vedic astrology, it is the natural Atma Karak that represents your soul. It is the planet that signifies your dignity, self respect and ego. It controls your dedication, your stamina, vitality, will power and leadership quality. It is the benefactor of your father, the government, king and your higher authorities. If you talk about body parts it signifies your heart and bones. 

Now let’s move on to the date and timing of this transit.

Sun Transit in Sagittarius : Timing

Sun, the king of the Navagraha Mandala is transiting in Sagittarius sign on 16 December, 2022 (Friday) at 09:38 AM. Sagittarius is a friendly sign with the Sun. Sagittarius sign, known as Dhanu Rashi in Vedic Astrology, is the ninth Sign of the zodiac circle. It is a fiery sign, dual and masculine in nature. This sign signifies Dharma, higher knowledge, faith, vedas, truthfulness, destiny, wealth, motivation, intelligence and good luck. So we can say that this transit of the Sun in Sagittarius sign will bring a light of knowledge in everyone’s life.

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Impact Of Sun Transit

Good Time For Teachers & Mentors

The king of the zodiac is moving in the sign of Guru and Dharma, so this transit of Sun in Sagittarius will bring auspicious results for teachers, mentors, motivational speakers and Dharma Gurus. They will get name and fame in society and also be praised by their followers. There will also be monetary benefit for them during this transit.

Good Time For Politicians & Government

This is also a good time for the government, people working for governments and politicians. Their policies and work will be praised by the public. Relationships and communication between central and state governments will improve. If there has been some conflict going on, that will come to a solution. New politicians will also get the recognition and popularity among a huge number of voters. 

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People Will Be More Inclined Towards Religiousness

Due to Sun Transit In Sagittarius sign of dharma and religion, we can see that a large number of people will be inclined towards their religiousness and try to seek knowledge from a religious text and Dharma Guru. But still it is advised to keep in mind that this religious inclination is for our own spiritual growth. Don’t let it boost your ego or negativity towards other people’s religious beliefs and practices. 

Good Time For Tour & Travel Industry

During this transit of the Sun in the natural ninth house of Kaal Purush chart, we will see a significant rise in the number of people traveling. They will be going on holidays with family, due to work, or might be going on pilgrimage. And because of all these reasons, we will be able to see a boom in the tour and travel industry.

Positive Effect On Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Sun, being a Karka for leader, is transiting in Sagittarius sign of wisdom and knowledge. So we can expect a positive effect of this transit on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It can work towards finding the solution by the genuine efforts of the world leader for the betterment of the world. 

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Easy-To-Follow Remedies

  • Offer Arghya to the Sun every Morning with red rose petals in it.
  • Recite the Aditya Hridayam Stotram daily.
  • Consume ginger and jaggery regularly for good health.
  • Worship Lord Sun and perform Surya namaskar every day.
  • Meditate while reciting Gayatri Mantra.
  • Respect your father and take his blessings before leaving home.
  • Wear good quality Ruby crafted in gold in your right hand’s ring finger to gain auspicious results of planet Sun, but only after consulting a learned astrologer.

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