Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October: Lucky Moolanks Will Shine

Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October: Numerology is one of the prudent ways to analyze the present & future of horoscopes and natives. As per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October, luck will shine for a few natives and some need to be careful. 

In Numerology, the analysis of Moolank or the Root Number helps natives plan their future moves. The Moolank refers to the conversion of the date of birth during any month into one unit number. It is a fitting way to know the weekly horoscope using the birth date. This blog highlights the lucky Moolanks as per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October and the benefits availed by them. 

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List Of Lucky Moolanks As Per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October

Moolank 1

Moolank 1 belongs to people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of the month. As per the Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October, the natives of Moolank 1 will remain motivated the entire week for the successful completion of activities. You will remain committed to your partner and your approach will be dignified. Also, the time will be perfect for students preparing for competitive exams. There will be new opportunities for the professionals to advance their career goals. Your work will be appreciated at the workplace and the chances of rewards are high. The health of natives will remain stable and the immune levels will be high. Chant the mantra ‘Om Bhaskaraya Namah’ 19 times daily to get auspicious outcomes. 

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Moolank 3

Moolank 3 belongs to people born on the 3rd, 4th, 21st, or 30th of any month. As per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October, the natives will remain spiritual for the entire week and the chances of travel are also prominent. You might enter into a committed relationship and also easily maintain a cordial relationship. The time is also right to apply for higher education and be more clear about the educational goals. For the motivational speakers, teachers, & investment bankers, there will be good chances of promotions in the profession. The business persons will be able to expand the operations swiftly. Getting involved in meditation and Yoga will provide better outcomes. To get out of trouble, it is advised to chant ‘Om Gurave Namaha’ 21 times daily. 

Moolank 5 

Moolank 5 belongs to people born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month. As per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October, the natives will experience the rise of creativity and spirituality. The chances of travel are prominent due to professional and business needs. Spend quality time with your partner this week and resolve all your troubles. In the education field, it will be a suitable opportunity to get involved in financial accounting, and management studies. Natives can excel in both business and job through hard work and optimal effort at the workplace. Your health will remain fine throughout the week and experience higher energy levels. Feeding jaggery every day to crow can solve your troubles this week. 

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Moolank 9

Moolank 9 belongs to people born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month. As per Numerology Weekly Horoscope 15-21 October, natives will get success through hard work and effort. This week will result in better studies and the concentration power will also rise. Your income sources will also expand within the week and also expect higher income levels. There will be growth and promotion at your workplace. Natives will be in a position to transform their businesses into higher profit levels. The fitness levels of Moolank 9 will be high and the health will also remain stable for the entire week. Also, chanting ‘Om Bhaumaya Namah’ 27 times daily will provide positive outcomes. 


Q1. How will be the week for Moolank 8?

Ans. The natives of Moolank 8 might face unwanted arguments with their life partner and it might lead to troubles in the family. 

Q2. Is the week lucky for Moolank 2?

Ans. The week will provide mixed results for the natives of Moolank 2 and thus they need to be careful about their moves. 

Q3. Will the professionals of Moolank 7 face hard luck?

Ans. There can be a few roadblocks for Moolank 7 for this week which should be tackled in an appropriate way. 

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