Root Number 3: Know Personality, Career, & Remedies For These Jupiter Ruled Moolank Natives

Root Numbers play an important role in our life. To what extent these Root numbers affect our life, let’s understand some special, unique, and interesting things related to the natives of Root number 3. Also through this blog, we will explain to you the astrological remedies that will help the natives to achieve happiness and prosperity in their life.

What is special about this blog? If we talk about the information provided in this blog then, here you will get the details about Root Number 3 natives, their personality traits, career, education, married life, the favorable numbers for the natives of Root Number 3, and some important facts related to them and the complete detail of their married life. Also, we will get to know the famous natives belonging to Root Number 3.

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Root Number 3: First of all, let’s understand which natives belong to Root Number 3. In simpler terms, those natives who have birthdays on 3, 12, 21, and 30 in any month, have Root Number 3.

The Personality Traits Of Root Number 3

First of all, if we talk about the personality traits of Root Number 3 natives, then these people have the qualities of Jupiter. That means, the people of this Root Number are intelligent, respect elders and are always ready to fight and stand for truth and justice. The natives of Root Number 3 get success in life based on their intellectual ability.

They are very polite and they show benevolence and kindness towards others. Apart from this, because these people understand others very well and are full of optimism, that’s why they are also known for their counseling skills.

After good traits, if we talk about their negative traits, then these natives are very money minded. Their negative traits are also their qualities in a way because these people want to give all the happiness of life to their family and their loved ones, for which they try to earn money. However, sometimes the urge of earning money takes them on the wrong path, which becomes a demerit for them.

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If we talk about the career of Root Number 3 natives, then these natives are very workaholics and focus on completing their work before anything else, so they have a great career. In their career, they keep all their focus on their work, and due to this reason, they have many competitors and enemies too.

However, they keep all such things aside and focus on their career and become famous in whatever they choose. Staying away from controversies is one of their specialties. Talking about the suitable career for the natives of Root Number, teachers, investigation advocates, journalists, counselors, and administrative positions are the most appropriate for them. 


Talking about education, the natives of Root Number 3 are always engaged in new quests. They are very much interested in studies. In such a situation, many times, they isolate themselves from the world and focus on their studies. Based on their hard work and dedication, the people of Root Number 3 get higher education, and if they wish they can get fame in the field of medical, and engineering, including other higher degrees. However, many times there might be some obstacles in their education during 16 years, 19 years, 22 years, and 25 years. 

Ruling planet

Root Number 3 is the number of Jupiter, as a result of this the effect of the planet Jupiter is seen on the people of this number. Apart from this, since the ruling planet is Jupiter, gold will be the auspicious planet for you. 

Favorable Numbers For Root Number 3

The auspicious colors for Root number 3 natives are Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Red, on the other hand, if we talk about the favorable or auspicious numbers then 3,6 and 9 numbers are very much suitable for Root Number 3. In this situation, the friendship of these numbers with Root Number 3 natives is very good, and talking about their married life or the love life then they share a very strong bond that is appreciated.

Some Important Facts, Significance, And Meanings Related To Root Number 3 Natives

Due to the influence of the planet Jupiter, there is religiosity in the thoughts of the Root Number 3 natives. Apart from this, they get achievements and fame in the field related to religious work. Their ability to understand someone mentally or to get a clear picture of a subject is excellent. Apart from this, these people have clarity in thoughts and speech and their nature is very much liked and appreciated by the people.

If we talk about the significance of Root Number 3 is considered a number with divine qualities as it is full of spirituality, quality, and attractive nature. The natives of this Root Number keep themselves happy in every circumstance. No matter how many obstacles and troubles there may be there in their life, they never get upset or distracted. Apart from this, the people of Root Number 3 tend to rule and due to this many times people consider them to have dictatorial tendencies and they become their enemies. This is the reason they might have secret enemies in life. 

Married Life

Talking about the married life of the natives of Root Number 3 then the married life of these natives is often wonderful. However, many times, there can be issues in the relationship due to past love life. Although, if these people explain all these matters to their partners beforehand then they can avoid the rifts in the relationship.

Some Famous Natives Of Root Number 3 

Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Swami Vivekanand, Kareena Kapoor, Govinda, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

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Get Success With These Remedies

  • Try to start any important work or make a decision on Thursday.
  • Including more Yellow color in life, doing this will help in strengthening Jupiter.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and recite Vishnu Sahastranama.

Why Do We Use Numerology? 

Numerology is used to get the details on the past, future, and present with the help of numbers. The future is predicted based on its combination with all 9 planets. From 1 to 9, all the numbers are ruled by different planets and based on this information, the future predictions are done.

According to astrology, with the birth of every person, there is an impact of one primary and one secondary planet on his life and that’s why after their birth the impact of the number is seen on the native and this number is said to be the owner or ruler of the person. 

The impact of the numbers is so much that all the qualities, defects, power of thinking, education, health, and career of the person are seen to be influenced by the numbers of Numerology and its ruling planet. In such a situation, it is usually believed that when the Root Number of two persons is the same then the synergy between the two is quite spectacular.

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