Vastu Tips for New Year 2019 Can Fulfill Your Dreams!

New Year 2019 is knocking on the door…!

With New Year comes new dreams, ambitions and opportunities. We hope a lot of positive beginnings from a new start. Will our dreams be fulfilled this new year? Will we able to gain happiness? We believe that those who try do not get defeated. Every human is born to carry out good and bad karma, and relying on destiny has never been a good idea for success.

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Let’s talk about modern vastu techniques which can make your new year full of opportunities. Here are some vastu tips you can put to use to make your new year a raging success.

Vastu Tips for A Successful New Year

  • Regarding the main door, draw the Swastika symbol on both its sides. It helps to purify the main entrance. The Swastika symbol made from turmeric, Kumkum or Roli or ochre proves to be beneficial. Pyramid swastika sign is also available in the market, which can be placed at the main gate.
  • Try and add a bit of green at the both sides of the main entrance. Placing the heart-leaved moonseed plant or Giloy vine at the entrance eliminates the negative effects of Mars and works as an antiseptic. This plant is medicinal in nature that makes the atmosphere free from any allergies or infection.
  • Let’s talk now of the drawing room. Place Laughing Buddha facing the main entrance in the reception area or drawing room. You can also establish a Crystal Tortoise facing and coming inside. Turtle symbolizes health and prosperity. It is available in the market in different materials. Based on the materials as per directions, establishing it offers favorable results.
  • Place a Christmas trees in the north east direction of the reception area or drawing room. Auspicious and positive energy flows with this placement.
  • Arrange the furniture so that the head of the house faces the north or east direction. This makes his personality influential and impressive in front of any visitor.
  • Changing some of your habits this new year 2019 can bring positive results for you. It is very common for people to eat in their bedrooms. Get rid of this habit. Astrology says that by eating in the bedroom, one suffers from malefic effects of Rahu. this can become the cause of anger, aggression, fights or accident in one’s life. In order to avoid such case, prepare food in the kitchen and eat your food in the dining room.

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  • At the beginning of the new year, new calendars are hanged in the house or office. Place the calendar on the north or east wall of the house. Pay attention to the pictures on the calendar. Use the calendar that contains motivational thoughts. If there is a picture of a god or goddess in the calendar, then avoid hanging it in the south direction.
  • On the first day of 2019, clean the area where altar or temple is placed. Firstly light an incense stick and then a diya with camphor and purified ghee. This will eliminate any negative energy and there will be a free flow of positivity.
  • Place the Money Plant vine in the purple-colored pot in the Southwest direction of the house. By planting the money plant upwards, prosperity and splendor is achieved. New sources of income are created. In this direction, a pair of golden fishes can also be kept.
  • Five-layered wind chimes can be hanged in the west direction of the house. By doing this, malefic effects of Ketu planet can be eliminated. Concentration strengthens and one overcomes mental anxiety. The native will get rid of wrong advisors.
  • Oil all the doors of the house. Any voice or creek coming from the door indicates bad luck.
  • Get rid of any item spoiled or broken around the house.
  • In order to deepen the relationship, keep an aroma dispenser with a rose fragrance in the bedroom. A sense of love, cooperation and balance will develop. Happiness in life along with peace and prosperity will increase.

Putting some of these tips to use can help us make our life happy and prosperous. These measures open up the way for big opportunities.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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