Start Your Work In This Pious Muhurat On January 01 For Dazzling Results!

The specific and phenomenal movements of planets have the power to change the course of all our lives. Their effects can be sometimes subtle, but sometimes it can be life-altering as well. Due to the movements of these celestial bodies, two highly auspicious Yogas are taking place on 1st January 2023. The divine Yogas forming are the Siddha Yoga and Shiv Yoga. It is believed that whatever work is achieved under these Yogas always receive success and prosperity from all four directions. Both these Yogas hold an exalted place in astrology. Commencing a new work will be favorable for all during such a divine period. AstroSage will tell you all about these Yogas in detail, and we’ll also discuss their significant effects and illustrious meanings, they hold!

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1st January 2023: Formation Of Siddha Yoga And Shiv Yoga

Two extremely divine Yogas are said to be created on 1st January, according to the Hindu Panchang. Shiv Yoga will last till 07:23 in the morning, at which point Siddha yoga will begin and last until 06:55 the following day, on 2nd January, 2023. Let’s read about these two Yogas now to see why they are so significant from a religious and spiritual perspective!

Siddha Yoga

Siddha Yoga, sometimes referred to as Siddhi Yoga, is regarded as a prestigious Yoga that is associated with Vedic astrology. During such a reverent time, the works that are undertaken by all natives get fulfilled, and they receive fruitful virtues of those works. It is deemed advantageous to carry out any type of auspicious task during this time. You could establish a business or engage in any novel activity, and you might benefit from the results. During this time, all types of auspicious work are also completed. If you are thinking about starting any work then doing it within this period would be highly prosperous!

Shiv Yoga

In astrology, the Shiv Yoga takes a prestigious place. All the worshipers of Lord Shiva on this day do intense devotion and engage themselves deeply in the worship of Lord Shiva. This period is extremely devotional and holy. Reciting the Mantras of Lord Shiva and doing worship with proper rituals during such a time gives the doer maximal blessings and benefits. Generally, Shiva Yoga is associated with the practice of Tantra, which isn’t right. Shiva Yoga is an auspicious and beneficial time for each and every person. It is filled with devotion and is interconnected with spirituality. During such a period, you can engage in any pious work.

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1st January 2023: Life-Altering Changes For These Zodiac Signs


The natives of Ram can expect favorable outcomes sustaining with them throughout the whole year. The areas in which they might get benefits are career, and business. The natives who are in the biz world will come across progress, and those natives who are working strategically from nine to five, might get employment offers from abroad. If any of your work is arrested due to any reason, worry not, during such a time, they will get completed with ease as well. 


The steady natives of Taurus will receive highly prosperous results, and they will be persistent throughout the year! Through these divine Yogas, the career of these natives will come across positive changes, and commendable chances will come your way. Those dedicated Bull natives who are preparing to land a government job, might also get success in their endeavors. 


The Goat natives are in for a joyous ride as they will have prosperous luck throughout this year, due to these two pious Yogas. This year you will come across prominent success in your career, and might also obtain financial gains. If anyhow your finances are stuck somewhere, there are high chances that it might get free, and you will get it back. Besides this, you might also buy a property or a new vehicle, this upcoming year!

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