Mrityu Panchak From 18 June: 1st & Last Mrityu Panchak ‘22 Is Fatal-Avoid These Forbidden Tasks

Mrityu Panchak is a word that is not considered favorable in the world of astrology. Also, people get scared upon hearing this word. Firstly, let us tell you what Mrityu Panchak exactly is. Actually, as per astrology, there are 5 such days in a month on which it is considered forbidden to perform any auspicious activity. These 5 days are known as Panchak. Besides this, whenever a Panchak date begins on a Saturday, it is called Mrityu Panchak. Mrityu Panchak is considered an extremely inauspicious period.

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So, let us tell you through this blog the date on which Mrityu Panchak will commence, what all measures should be taken during this period, and which remedies can be performed to avoid and save yourself from the ill effects of Mrityu Panchak. In addition to this, we will also tell you about the types of Panchak in this blog.

When Does Panchak Begin?

According to astrology, it is said that when the Moon travels in the third phase of Dhanishta Nakshatra, Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Revathi Nakshatra, and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, then this period is called Panchak. This period is of 5 days.

Besides this, when the Moon transits in Pisces or Aquarius, then it marks the beginning of Panchak. If we talk about the types, then the Panchak is of 5 types:

  • Rog Panchak
  • Raj Panchak
  • Agnee Panchak
  • Mrityu Panchak
  • Chor Panchak

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When Will Mrityu Panchak Begin In June?

From 15 June, the Ashada month began. Now from 18 June, Saturday, Mrityu Panchak will start, which will remain for the next five days. It means that the duration of the Panchak period in June will be from 18 June to 23 June, 2022.

The Panchak period will start on 18 June.Saturday, at 06:43 pm, and it will end on 23 June, at 06:14 am.

During this period, it is forbidden to perform any auspicious activities. It is believed that if a person performs any auspicious task during this period, he/she doesn’t get its sacred fruits. It is why it is considered important to know about Panchak before commencement of any auspicious activity, and only after that a favorable date is finalized for it.

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Don’t Perform These Activities During Panchak Period Even By Mistake

As stated before, some activities are forbidden during the Panchak period. Like:

  • Collecting or purchasing wood is forbidden.
  • Putting a roof on the house is forbidden.
  • Cremation is forbidden.
  • Making a bed or cot in the house is forbidden.
  • Besides this, traveling towards the south direction is also prohibited. The belief behind this is that the south direction is considered to be the direction of Yama.

Do you know? It is also believed that if a person dies during the Panchak period or Mrityu Panchak, 5 more members of this family die. Even if there is no death, then the chances of some big trouble, any misery, or suffering becomes strong for the other 5 members of the family.

Due to all these reasons, Mrityu Panchak is regarded inauspicious. Also, people are fearful of it. However, there are some remedies to get rid of this Panchak in astrology. Let’s find out what these remedies are.

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If Someone Dies During Panchak, Must Perform These Remedies

  • Death is inevitable. In this context, even if someone dies during the Panchak period, it is necessary to perform the last rites and cremate the person’s body. In this regard, one must make 5 figures and while giving fire to the corpse, these figures must also be cremated. Apart from this, it is mentioned in the Garun Puran that, before performing the last rites of the dead body in Panchak, the advice of a qualified Pandit must be taken.
  • It is believed that often the Pandits recommend making five figures made of flour, gram flour, or Kush along with the dead body and placing them on the earth, and cremating them by law.
  • Along with this, it is also mentioned in the Garuda Purana that when we cremate a person after the death in Panchak, the Ahuti must be given of the Mantra of the constellation related to him. Besides this, if possible, it is considered more appropriate to perform cremation in a pilgrimage place. By doing so, the deceased gets good speed.
  • Apart from this, suppose that due to some reason you are not able to do the Panchak remedy on time, then consult a learned Pandit about it and then you can get the diagnosis of Panchak duly done on the banks of the river. By doing this, the blame of Mrityu Panchak will not fall on your family.

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Is Panchak Always Inauspicious?

To believe that Panchak is always negative or inauspicious would be a wrong notion. According to the astrologers, Panchak is not always bad. Let’s find out the astrological explanation for it.

According to the scriptures, Dhanishta and Satabhisha constellations come under the category of variable constellations, therefore, traveling in these constellations, doing entertainment-related work or shopping for clothes and jewelry can prove to be auspicious. 

Apart from this, Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra is kept in the category of hot constellation. In such a situation, this time is auspicious for court cases and debates.

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is considered favorable for any foundation stone laying, land worship, or for completing any big plans.

Besides this, if we talk about Revati Nakshatra, then this constellation is considered very calm and soft. In such a situation, this time can prove to be auspicious for music, dance, artistic things, fashion shows, etc.

Panchak Dates For The Coming Months Of 2022

MonthDate and Day
July Panchak 202215 July (Friday)- 20 July (Wednesday)
August Panchak 202212 August (Friday)-16 August (Tuesday)
September Panchak 20229 September (Friday)-13 September (Tuesday)
October Panchak 20226 October (Thursday)-10 October (Monday)
November Panchak 20222 November (Wednesday)-6 November (Sunday)
December Panchak 202226 December (Monday)-31 December (Saturday)

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