Mercury Transit In Gemini – Troubles & Losses For Businesses Of These Zodiacs!

On 14 June 2024, Mercury transits in its zodiac sign Gemini at 10:55 pm. The planet Mercury has a deep impact on the businesses of people. It is also the factor of intelligence and good speech of natives. Both these qualities result in success for the businesses of natives. 

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Now, in June 2024, Mercury transit will result in higher chances of business profits for the natives of lucky zodiacs. But, there are also some zodiac signs that can face a decline in their business profiles. This AstroSage blog describes details of Mercury transit in the Gemini sign and the zodiacs whose natives may face different business troubles. 

Mercury Transit In Gemini – List Of Zodiacs Whose Natives Can Face Business Issues


Mercury transit will happen in the third house of the Aries natives. Due to this, the natives can face different financial troubles. The traders need to keep a close eye on their business profiles or else they can lose the profit margins. In such a situation, there are chances of various losses in this period. Other than that, Aries natives may face tough competition in their businesses. 

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The Mercury transit will take place in the eighth house of Scorpio natives. In this period, there are chances of a decrease in the self-confidence of Scorpio natives. You can become selfish about yourself and the level of enthusiasm also decreases greatly. In this period, the work pressure also increases. The business people won’t be able to make profits despite their hard efforts. 

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The Mercury transit will take place in the sixth house of Capricorn natives. In this period, the expenses of Capricorn people can increase greatly, and thus they need to stay careful in making new deals. They need to rely on loans in this period. The business persons can face tough competition. The transit won’t feel any less than a danger to the Capricorn natives. 

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The Mercury transit will happen in the fifth house of the Aquarius natives. In this period, there can be a decrease in the development & progress of natives. This is because Mercury, the lord of the eighth house, will sit in the fifth house. There can be ups and downs across the businesses of natives. The traders need to satisfy themselves with little profit. They might face tough challenges from competitors. In the stock market, there are chances of making profits for businesses. 

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The Mercury transit will happen in the fourth house of the Pisces natives. The business persons can earn a lot of profits. Due to this, the natives can feel worried about their work life. Other than that, rivals can create trouble for the Pisces natives. It would be better to take care of the business profiles in this period. 

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Effects Of Planet Mercury On Businesses

Mercury is one of the major planets that influence the business of lucky zodiac signs. The planet is responsible for good communication. The strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in success for the businesses of lucky natives. Planets like Saturn, Mars, and the Sun in the seventh house ensure business success for the natives of lucky zodiac signs. 

However, natives with a weaker seventh house in the horoscope or a bad position of Mercury should avoid trying luck for their businesses. They should get involved in jobs. 

Talking about the areas related to Mercury, telecom, and print media are the top options. Other than that, Mercury provides bad results across businesses related to marketing, book publishing, advertising, or stock commodities. The natives can also start a call center due to it. 

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List Of Zodiac Signs Whose Natives Are Experts In Doing Businesses 

As per Vedic Astrology, these are zodiac signs whose natives are experts in doing business:

Capricorn Sign – The natives of the zodiac sign are very punctual and thus get success in their businesses. They don’t wait for the right time to start any task. 

Gemini Sign – The natives of the zodiac sign are experts in bargaining. Other than that, they know how to make deals smartly. 

Libra Sign – The natives of the zodiac sign look at things from a positive perspective. They understand their mistakes across businesses and thus focus all their attention on it. 

Leo Sign – The natives of Leo zodiac sign are honest and trustworthy. Their understanding of doing business is very good. 

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Q1. What is the time of the Mercury transit?

Ans. Mercury transits in the Gemini zodiac on 14 June 2024. 

Q2. How long does Mercury stay in the Gemini sign?

Ans. Till 29 June 2024, Mercury stays in the Gemini zodiac. 

Q3. When does planet Mercury become weaker?

Ans. Mercury is weaker during the debilitated position in the Pisces sign.


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