Mercury Transit In Its Own Zodiac – A Boon For Business Of 6 Zodiacs!

On 14th June at 10:55 in the night, Mercury will enter Gemini. Mercury is known to be the planet of intelligence and the transit of this planet affects the world along with the lives of several zodiacs. Its impact is also visible on the business of the natives and in this blog, we are going to be telling you about the zodiacs whose business will flourish and shine brighter than before due to this transit. 

So, let’s move ahead and find out the zodiacs who will get success in business when Mercury transits in Gemini. 

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Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

Mercury is the planet of satisfaction, the best health, and a strong mind. If the placement of Mercury is strong in a birth chart, the native gain the highest level of knowledge in their life. They make good decisions in their business. Along with this, they also showcase good abilities in the share market and business. They are adept in astrology, mysticism, and occult sciences. 

When Mercury is positioned in Aquarius along with the malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu, then the native may have to face some skin-related diseases. Their immunity weakens. On the other hand, if Mercury is placed with an auspicious planet like Jupiter, then the natives get good results in business and share market, also double their profits. 

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The Business Of These Natives Is Going To Get Successful 


For the Taurus zodiac, Mercury is the ruling planet for the second and fifth house, and at the moment, it will move to the second house. You will earn a lot of money in this period and will be able to save your money as well. Your prestige and honor will increase at your workplace. There are high chances of getting profit for the business natives. Also, you will give tough competition to your opponents. 

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Mercury rules over the first and fourth house of Gemini native and during this transit, it will position itself in your first house. During this period, prosperity and abundance will increase and happiness will knock at your doors. Your interest will increase in business. Also, you will take advantage of your skills in the field of business and will be successful in earning good profits. In this way, your financial condition will also improve. 

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The second and eleventh houses of the Leo zodiac are ruled by Mercury and now, it will move to the eleventh house. You will get financial benefits in this period. The business persons will use a better technique to earn great profits. You can earn profit in the field of business. Also, the business activities will maximize the profit at the end. 

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For the Virgo zodiac, Mercury rules over the first and then the tenth house, and during this transit, it will move to the tenth house. You will succeed in your business. There are chances that you may have to go on some trips regarding your business. Your self-confidence will be boosted in this period. The business person will be able to reach their goals and earn profit. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of the ninth and the twelfth house of the Libra zodiac. At present, it will be positioned in your ninth house. The business persons can start an onsite business which will give them immense opportunities to earn great profits. 

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The seventh and tenth house of Sagittarius zodiac is ruled by Mercury and during this transit, it will move to your seventh house. You will make new friends and supporters. You will be successful in your business and will achieve in setting appropriate standards for good business. The business natives will get the chance to earn money and will also be able to save it as well. Also, the natives will be able to give strong competition to their opponents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will Mercury transit in Gemini?

Mercury will transit in Gemini on 14th June at 10:55 pm.

Which Rudraksha is for Mercury? 

4 Mukhi Rudraksha is dedicated to Mercury. 

How to pacify Mercury? 

You can wear green clothes, wear an emerald stone, and chant the Mercury mantra to pacify Mercury.

What is the dark side of Mercury in Gemini? 

The placement of Mercury in Gemini can make the native unstable and extremely inconsistent sometimes. 

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