Mercury Transit In Aquarius: These 3 Zodiacs Are Extremely Fortunate!

Mercury Transit In Aquarius 2024: Mercury is one of the most important planets in the Vedic astrology. It is the ruling lord of the Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign and the epitome of good communication skills. creativity, wisdom, and knowledge.  Anyone relating to the Mercury zodiac sign is intelligent, artistic, wise, and good in academics.  

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So, Mercury is all set to transit in Aquarius and leave Capricorn on 20th February, at 05:48 p.m. The Mercury Transit In Aquarius 2024 is going to bless certain zodiac signs and fill their life with happiness. So stick with us till the end to find out who are the lucky people and to know if you are one of them or not!

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Mercury Transit In Aquarius 2024: These 3 Zodiacs Who Are Extremely Fortunate 


The Mercury transit in Aquarius 2024 will most likely be the best time for the Aries natives. You will find yourself financially stable or more likely; strong. You will leave an impact at your job and workplace and may even get an addition to your roles and responsibilities. Now, Mercury is going to be present in the 11th house of the birth chart which means that your finances are going to be strong. There will be an increase in your income from old and newfound sources. You may even benefit from investments in the share market and betting market. 

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Gemini natives are going to witness favorable results during the Mercury transit in Aquarius. They will have the full support of luck on their side as the planet Mercury is going to be situated in the 9th house of their zodiac sign. If any one of the natives is looking to switch their jobs, then they will be successful in the same or if anyone’s promotion is under process then that can escalate during this period. Also, the strategies made by you will be successful and you will get the deserved respect and recognition. There are even chances of traveling in the country and outside, which will be fruitful for you. 

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The Mercury Transit in Aquarius is going to be proven as a benefit for the Capricorn natives. You are fortunate in each aspect of your life, be it health, finances, or your professional life. Mercury is going to be situated in your house of Speech and finances which means that your communication skills will be good and there will be no boundation on financial gains. You will be able to make brave decisions in your professional life and will strengthen your financial condition. All the natives will experience a great professional life but the ones related to the field of Marketing, Communication, Media, or anything else that is associated with speaking skills will benefit the most during the Mercury transit in Aquarius 2024. 

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