Mercury Transit In Aquarius Brings Career Growth For A Few Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit In Aquarius: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury Transits in the sign of Aquarius on 20th February, 2024 at 5:48 am. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Transit In Aquarius will have on the zodiac signs. 


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Mercury is the ‘Prince’ amongst the planets and is often called the messenger of the gods. It is a planet associated with logic and intelligence. Mercury also governs our speech. It makes an individual a strong orator if placed positively in the horoscope. If Mercury is negative or weak in a horoscope then it has the power to render a person insane or mentally retarded, even dumb sometimes. 

Mercury Transit In Aquarius: These Zodiacs Would Benefit


For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the 2nd and the 5th house and occupies the 10th house. This is an excellent transit for these individuals. During this transit, you may be keen on enhancing and building your income sources and also concentrate more on accumulating assets and would be able to do the same with ease. You will earn money through your own efforts. You may be lucky to acquire a good position in your career and earn money. Further you may be going in for more travel during this transit and even foreign journeys.

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On the career front, you will receive good prospects . You may get a chance to travel abroad as part of your job. You may be receiving promotions and special incentives which may bring praises and accolades to you. If you are in business, you may be more calculative in carrying out your operations in order to earn good profits. You may emerge as a fierce competitor to your competitors. Your ideas may be received well by your business partners.


For Gemini natives, Mercury rules the 1st and the 4th house lord and will now transit to the 9th house of luck, religion, spirituality, father, dharam, etc. Due to the above placement, you may be lucky and gain a lot monetarily, or personally too. during this transit. You may be having long distance travel which may be giving you all round success. You may get the support of your father or mentors at work, also you’d be able to impress your superiors during this transit. You may be adding more assets and comforts in your kitty. You may be developing more spiritual feelings and add more power to your prayers.

On the professional front, you may feel highly satisfied with respect to your work and further you may be on the edge of securing new on site job chances which may be providing you with amicable returns during this transit. You may be lucky enough to receive promotion or other professional benefits which may be adding more pleasure on the job front.


Mercury becomes the 2nd house lord and the 11th house lord. It will now transit to your 7th house of marriage, partnership and business. Due to the above, you may be in a position to develop good friends and associates during this course of time. You may also be in a position to gain wise support from your friends and business partners if you are pursuing business.

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On the career front, you may be in a position to achieve outstanding success with the efforts that you are imparting with respect to your work during this time. You may be receiving good support from your colleagues and superiors during this course of time. Gaining good recognition from your superiors may be possible for you during this time.


For Libra natives, Mercury is the 9th and 12th house lord and occupies the 5th house. Due to the above, you may be developing more interest with respect to spiritual matters and also travel for spiritual purposes during this course of transit. You may be on the career front and go on traveling during this transit for job related purposes and these journeys would benefit you and your career a lot, even in the long run.

On the career front, you may be getting promotions and other incentives during this transit and this may be possible due to your dedication and focus on your work. You may be gaining the due recognition for your hard work from your superiors. If you are engaged in business then it will definitely benefit you. If you are a creative person, and engaged in interior designing, etc then you will definitely benefit more. 

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For Sagittarius natives, Mercury is the 7th and 10th house lord and occupies the 3rd house. Due to the above facts, you may be facing good progress if you are doing business, you may be gaining benefits if you are going abroad. Chances for traveling abroad with respect to your business may be possible during this transit.

On the career front, you may be gaining good benefits and returns with respect to the work that you are putting in your job. All the benefits that you are securing may be possible due to the hard efforts that you are imparting. Your superiors may be impressed with your hard work and dedication. You will upskill yourself and get better opportunities to grow at work.

On the business front, if you are doing business-then you may be gaining good profits with all the efforts that you are putting in. You may emerge as a strong contender in your business and show your full efficiency which may help you gain more profits during this transit. You will also emerge as a strong competitor in your area of business.

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For the Aries natives, Mercury is the 3rd and 6th house lord and occupies the 11th house during this transit. Due to the above, the gains may not be as much as you had expected them to be. The promotion you had been expecting may not come to you, making you extremely disappointed. Even though it may be a dull period for you professionally, this is a good time to upskill yourself for you to be able to receive benefits in the long run.

If you are pursuing business, then you may be in a position to gain medium profits by putting in a lot of effort and not expect much support from business partners. You may be in a position to introduce new innovative methodologies in business and thereby you may be able to gain high profits with these innovative methods.

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For Pisces natives, Mercury is the 4th and 7th house lord and occupies the 12th house.Due to the above, natives may be dealing with a lot of stress at work and pressure related to your job. Your expenses may rise too. The job opportunities will also not be satisfactory.

On the professional front, you may not receive the recognition and the value you actually deserve during this period. You may be subjected to dealing with non cooperation from colleagues and superiors. You may lack the motivation to work more. If you’re engaged in business then you may not be able to achieve the sales targets you may have set for this month but things will become better in the future. 

Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Impactful Remedies

  • One of the best ways to worship Mercury is to chant the Mantras for Jaap of Lord Buddha ‘Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Buddhaya Namah
  • To calm Mercury, one should also feed parrots, pigeons, other birds, etc.
  • Feeding cows at least once a day before you eat is one of the best treatments for mercury imbalance. 
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach and other leafy greens, should be donated or fed to poor children in particular.
  • Giving soaked green gram to birds also strengthens the weakened Mercury in the horoscope.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is a therapy in and of itself to decrease Mercury’s harmful effects.

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