Mercury Rise In Aries: Worldwide Impacts- Here’s What To Expect!

Mercury Rise In Aries: AstroSage endeavors and strives hard to produce better content every day so that our readers are updated with every small and big change in the astrological movements of planets, their transits and their impacts on the world, the nation, the zodiac signs and even on individuals. Like every other blog in this blog too we would like to present you with crisp and informative content. Scientifically Mercury is a small and fast moving planet and is also the closest to the Sun even in distance. 

Likewise, even in Astrology Mercury is considered the smallest planet and the quickest to transit. Mercury is intelligent and curious in nature, with excellent reasoning ability and interpersonal communication skills.  If negatively placed in someone’s horoscope it can make you indecisive, give anxiety and clouded thoughts and health or speech related problems such as a malfunctioning nervous system, stammering, dumbness. 

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Mercury is rising in Aries on 31st March and this blog by AstroSage is dedicated to the worldwide impacts it would have on different events. We will also see what impacts it would have on our country and the effective remedies of Mercury for a positive overall impact.

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Mercury In Astrology

As per the celestial sphere or our zodiac system Mercury has the rulership of two zodiacs namely Gemini and Virgo. It controls our intelligence, memory, learning ability, speech, communication and nervous system. Mercury is a Karaka or significator of commerce, banking, education, writing, books, media, journalism, counseling, business, transport, etc. The stone worn to strengthen Mercury is emerald. The color dedicated to Budh is green and in general it is termed as a benefic planet. It has the power to completely strip someone off analytical or reasoning ability or communicative ability if negatively placed in anyone’s horoscope. 

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Mercury Rise In Aries

Mercury, like all other planets in astrology, takes approximately 28 days to transit from one sign to another. On 31st March, 2023, at 14:44 Mercury will rise in Aries. Aries in astrology stands for initiation, courage, boldness, etc. This transit will be a fruitful time for professional dancers, singers, music directors, counselors, stock market brokers, writers, journalists, software engineers, etc. Let us read further to know what impacts would Mercury rise in Aries have on the world, our nation and also shed light on some easy to follow remedies. Let’s get going.

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Mercury Rise In Aries: Worldwide Impacts

  • Software companies worldwide may see a rise again and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as the Information Technology sector faces recession in almost all major parts of the world. 
  • The stock market and the speculative markets may show a positive rise all around India and the world.
  • The Music industry and the companies involved in the manufacturing and production of musical instruments in India and worldwide will thrive during this time.
  • People involved in creative arts like acting, directing, drama, etc may thrive and excel during this period. 
  • Mercury is the karaka of business and in Aries sign it will definitely boost the businesses around the world. 
  • India may witness some multinational companies and some big names in business cracking great deals which will boost employment opportunities for the youth.
  • Many startups may turn out to be profitable to sustain in the market and make profits. We may see a lot of startups closing down due to business not running well.
  • Banking and financial sectors will experience stability and rise during this time.
  • Various arts and artists like dancers, singers in India and around the world may find recognition.
  • Media persons, journalists, and writers will flourish during this period. 

Mercury Rise In Aries: Remedies For A Beneficial Effect Of Mercury

  • Worship and install the Budh Yantra.
  • Seek blessings of young girls and present them with gifts.
  • Perform havan for Mercury (Budh).
  • Feed green fodder to cows.
  • Recite the Beej Mantra of Budh ‘Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namah’.

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