Mercury Combust In Aries; Know Its Aftermath For All Zodiac Signs!

Mercury Combust In Aries: In the vast ocean of astrology, the movements of planets and constellations are given utmost significance, and this importance is extended to the states of planets as well. It is a stated fact that the positions and states of the planets play a direct role in directing all our lives, whether it negatively or positively affects us. So, through this blog, we are going to understand among various states, what is the state of combustion of a planet and how important it can be!

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So, in simple terminology a planet gets into the state of combustion when it goes nearer to the father planet Sun at a given degree. Due to this condition the planet which combusts loses its strength as it wanes under the powerful effects of the Sun. As the planet’s power becomes weaker, its effects also become weaker. As we know that Mercury is a planet which is nearer to the Sun and it goes into the state of combustion quite frequently. 

However, as we know that Mercury is the one who controls our intellect, speech, language, communication, and reason, and it’s going into the state of combustion tends to bring varied effects in the lives of natives. Mercury is a beneficial planet and its combustion will give both positive and negative effects as well. Natives who are into the fields of business, academics, and commerce need to be a little watchful during this period. So, any change coming in the planetary status of Mercury will have profound effects on all zodiac signs as it is a highly advantageous and a favorable planet. 

So let’s learn more about the Mercury combust in Aries, including the date, time, predictions for the 12 zodiac signs, treatments to counteract its unfavorable effects, and some noteworthy facts! 

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Mercury Combust In Aries: Date & Time

The planet that brings such vitality and vigor to our speech and intellect, Mercury will go into the state of combustion in the brave zodiac sign of Aries, on 23rd April 2023 at 11:58 pm. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: After Effects Of This Celestial Motion 

For the natives of Ram, Mercury holds the lordship of their third and sixth houses and will combust in their Lagna house i.e, first house. Progression will be there for Aries natives and their careers, business, interpersonal relationships will thrive as well. However, with this combustion of Mercury their health might take a backseat, issues like headache and hypertension might come to the fore during this period. Also, the area of communication must be given precedence as well. 

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Know What Astrology Says About The Planet of Speech

The beneficial planet Mercury is known by many names and they are Budha, Soumya, Tunga, and Rauhineya. It is a helpful and virtuous planet which controls our language, speech, agility of mind, reasoning abilities, thought processes, and has dualism in its nature. Buddha is also considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu and in Vedic astrology takes a very prominent place. The planet Mercury is worshiped on Wednesday and being a favorable planet it gives a lot of benefits to the natives. 

Mercury is friends with the Sun and Venus, and with the Moon and Mars it shares enmity. The zodiac signs which are ruled by Budha are Gemini and Virgo and out of the Nakshatras it controls Jyeshtha Nakshatra, Ashlesha Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra. 

Green is its beloved color and its ascendant zodiac sign is Virgo, and its descendant zodiac sign is Pisces. The fact that Mercury will have effects depending on the zodiac sign and house it is in is one of its most distinctive features. It is bound to radiate positive effects if placed with beneficial planets and also gives negative effects if somehow it is with negative planets. The direction dedicated to Mercury is north and it is an airy planet. 

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The Effects Of Strong Mercury In Horoscope 

The below-mentioned are some of the positive traits when this beneficial planet is in a strong position. 

Analytical Mind:

The natives with a strong Mercury have a high-level of reasoning skills. They are intelligent, and perceptive, because Mercury as we know is the harbinger of intellect. 

Robust Physical Appearance: 

People with a blessed Mercury have well-defined bodies and appear younger. Their limbs are long and their height might be average as well, usually they are tall. 

Wealth And Prosperity:

Natives with a strengthened Mercury, receive benefits of wealth and attain prosperity throughout their lives. They never have to go through financial distress. 

Progressive Relationships:

Since Mercury is the harbinger of communication, it is well known that natives with its blessings become adept at communication and in expressing their thoughts and ideas. 

Curious Nature: 

Mercury enables the natives to become quick-witted, curious, and adaptable. With these qualities one learns the conceptualizing of things and is able to make great decisions and progresses in life. 

The Effects Of A Weak Mercury In A Horoscope 

The negative traits of planet Mercury could be life-altering, so, let’s read about them as well.

Health Degradation:

When the auspicious planet gives its twisted effects to the natives, then they go through various health issues of chest, skin, gallbladder, lungs, and nerves. Besides this, their mental balance also gets disturbed as well. 

Lack Of Expression:

As Mercury enables one to have an incredible speech and its related skills, however, when an afflicted Mercury is present in a person’s horoscope, it makes them disintegrated in expressing their thoughts and ideas. 

Wealth Wanes:

The natives with a feeble Mercury come across financial difficulties and instability. As this planet also governs growth, in natives with weak positions the progress gets limited. 

Dimmed Cognition:

Since Mercury holds our mind processes and intellect, and when it gives its ill effects, natives are not able to function properly, their mind faculties lack approach and creativity. 

Slave To Moods:

The natives with an afflicted Mercury adhere more to their moods rather than presentness. They may be selfish, clever, and might inhabit deceptive and bad qualities in them.

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Potent Remedies To Attract Benefits Of Mercury

These below-mentioned remedies will definitely help you in wiping out the negative effects of Budha, so, take a good look at them!

  • The day of the week dedicated to Mercury is Wednesday so natives should observe fast on Wednesday and should also worship Lord Vishnu. 
  • One can recite the Beej Mantra of Mercury to gain its blessings: oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ ॥ oṃ saumya-rūpāya vidamahe vāṇeśāya dhīmahi tanno saumyaḥ pracodayāt ॥
  • The native can wear the gemstone, Emerald, which is the one associated with Mercury, but it is best to consult a professional astrologer before wearing any gemstones.
  • In order to bolster Mercury one could also wear a four-faced or a ten-faced Rudraksha
  • One could also donate green grass, green-colored and blue-colored clothes, and green gram whole. 

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Mercury Combust In Aries: Zodiac-Based Remedies


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