2 Big Planetary Transits Ahead, Promises Vast Happiness For These Zodiacs!

According to Vedic Astrology, each planet moves out of one zodiac and enters another within a set time period. The zodiac change of the planet often brings changes in the lives of the natives. Whenever a planet transits from one zodiac to another, it is known as a planetary transit, which is the fundamental aspect of Vedic Astrology

Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about the very important zodiac change or the planetary transits of Mercury and Sun that are going to happen in the upcoming days. As mentioned above, these transits bring changes into the lives of the zodiacs, so we are also going to find out what positive impacts the zodiac change of Mercury and Sun has on the zodiacs.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the articles and find out everything related to Mercury and Sun’s zodiac change. 

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Mercury Zodiac Change 

We are going to begin with discovering the Mercury zodiac change first. In this, we will first begin with understanding the importance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology,  the date and time of the zodiac change, and at last, the zodiacs who are blessed by this zodiac change. 

Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

Mercury is the planet that rules over one’s rationality, perception, and opinions. It is the planet of intelligence, communication, negotiation, logic, understanding, and coordination. Mercury is considered the “Prince” of all planets and that’s why, it also represents youthfulness, curiosity, and adaptability. 

The natives who are honored with the strong position of Mercury in their birth chart are likely to be good communicators, have persuasion skills, and are extremely logical. They have great intelligence and rationality in each situation of their life. On the other hand, the negative impacts of this planet can cause issues related to communication, misunderstanding, and lack of clarity in thoughts. They can also cause health problems related to nervous disorders, anxiety, and insomnia. 

One can chant the Buddha mantra, observe fast on Wednesday, wear green clothes, and perform donations to strengthen the position of Mercury in your birth chart. 

Mercury Transit: Timing And Impacts 

On 14th June, at 10:55 in the night, Mercury will move to Gemini and later, will enter Cancer on 29th June at 12:13 in the noon. 

So, the Mercury zodiac change will positively impact the natives of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius. These natives are going to make extreme progress during Mercury transit. They are likely to get several opportunities to start something new in their lives. Big projects await them in their professional careers. Along with this, new income sources will be unlocked for the natives of these many zodiacs. Besides, the unmarried natives can receive good marriage proposals in this duration as well.

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Sun Zodiac Change 

Now that we are done discussing the Mercury zodiac change, we will move ahead with the Sun zodiac change. Come, let us first begin with understanding the importance of the Sun in Vedic Astrology and our lives. 

Importance Of The Sun In Vedic Astrology 

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is considered to represent the soul, ego, self-esteem, father, government, authority, leadership, power, and vitality. The spiritual meanings behind this planet are divine consciousness, inner light, wisdom, unity, self-realization, and fulfillment.

If the position of the Sun is strong in one’s birth chart, it provides good results in a task and fills the natives with strong willpower. They have a cheerful attitude towards life and enjoy good fortune throughout. Apart from this, it offers ambition, and brilliance to the people. 

While, if the Sun is afflicted, the natives become arrogant, over-ambitious, egoistic, faithless, insulting, and jealous. They also suffer from anger and temperament issues. 

If a person is suffering from a weak position of the Sun in their birth chart, they can follow several remedies such as chanting Aditya Hridayam Stotram and Gayatri Mantra or performing Surya Namaskar. They can also wear gemstones like Surya Ratna or Manikya to increase the benefits of the Sun. One can also start with charity and donations as well. 

Sun Transit: Timing And Impacts

The Sun will move to Gemini on 15th June at 12:16 am and then, will transit in Cancer on 16th July at 11:08 in the morning. 

The positive impact of the Sun’s zodiac change will be seen on Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Their luck will accompany them in the best possible way. Their respect and honor will increase in society. Natives preparing for the competitive exams will bring good news to their families. Whatever tasks these natives will pick, success will be waiting for them. Also, the employed natives looking to get a promotion or increment in their job will get to hear good news during the Sun transit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sun and Mercury friends?

Yes, the Sun is friendly with Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. 

In which house is the Sun transit good?

The Sun is extremely favorable in the 11th house because it brings wealth and happiness to the natives. 

What happens when Mercury is in Gemini?

The intelligence of the natives multiplies and their wit and communication skills strengthens. 

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