Mars Transit In Virgo – Good Days Will Start For These Zodiacs

Mars Transit In Virgo: In astrology, the planet Mars, the factor of energy and courage is going to transit in Virgo on 18 August 2023. This transit will have some effect or the other on all the zodiacs and the blog contains information on measures to be taken as per the zodiac signs.

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As we talk about Mars, the name of the planet itself means ‘auspicious’. In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be a very fierce planet and is also known as the son of the earth or Bhumiputra. The planet is also considered related to varied deities in different countries in the Sanatan Dharma. In South India, it is associated with Lord Kartikeya, while in North India, it is linked to Lord Hanuman. Other than that, Mars is considered to be the planet related to Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra.

Talking about the Mars transit, the natives become very critical, impulsive, and more due to the transit of Mars. However, if we talk about the positive effects of transit, then a person experiences positive energy & motivation, better physical health, increased enthusiasm, romance, increased leadership, and problem-solving skills. If we talk about the negative effects, Mars transit often results in increased levels of aggression and passion, tension, higher chances of accidents, and the possibility of enthusiasm within the natives.

It is highly important that Mars is positioned in a strong and auspicious position because the people with effective Mars will result in courage in life of people and they also like to move forward. Along with it, the physical condition of natives remains intact. To know the positioning of Mars in the horoscope, get connected with learned astrologers for accurate details. Apart from that, it is important to know about the signs of Mars in the auspicious position in the horoscope. Read the article to get the right details as mentioned above and check the measures to avoid the situation.

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The Effect Of Mars On Virgo

If Mars is positioned in Virgo, then such natives feel self-confident, encouraging, generous, charismatic, and determined. While Mars planet is referred to as the fiery planet, it is also known for vigor and enthusiasm. The Virgo is referred to as the best sign for patience, peace, and nurturing. In such conditions, the presence of these two planets in the zodiac will provide mixed results to the natives.

The transit of Mars in Virgo will provide intellectual power to the natives. At the same time, these people are ready to do all the tasks in life with full enthusiasm. The Virgo zodiac is considered to be the sign that pays attention to minute things and in such a situation, the transit of Mars in the zodiac, provides security in the lives of people. Also, such people become very popular in the community and their generosity increases with time.

As a result of Mars Transit in Virgo, the natives experience humility and patience. They also become sweeter in communication and also avoid any acts in haste. Such people are hardworking in nature and also sure about their desires. They also take decisions carefully.

The Signs Of Weak Signs And The Remedies

As per astrology, as Mars sits in the weak or afflicted position in the person’s birth chart, then these people face different kinds of troubles in their married life. Also, the marriage of these people stops, breaks, or gets stuck due to some reason or the other. Overall, they also face delays in their marriage. They get defeated by the enemies and also the chances of land disputes are high. Many of them also face health-related troubles in their life.

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In such a situation, if you also see such signs in life then it is possible that Mars is in a weak or inauspicious position in the horoscope. So, let’s also know the vital details about the measures to avoid it.

Remedies To Prevent Adverse Effects Of Mars

  • On Tuesday, offer water to the Neem tree.
  • Get rid of the Mangal Dosh with the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Other than that, offer Sindoor Ka Chola to Hanuman Ji two-three times a month.
  • Avoid eating any kind of non-vegetarian food.
  • Donate things to needy people on Tuesday like red lentils, red fruits, and red sweets.
  • If possible, start fasting on Tuesday.

With the use of specific measures, you’ll start getting auspicious results related to Mars. Now let’s go ahead and know about the effects of Mars transit in Virgo on different zodiac signs. It also includes the right measures to be taken to avoid the negative effects.

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