First Sawan Somwar: Special Blessings Of Mahadev On 4 Zodiacs

First Sawan Somwar: Sawan is an auspicious month in the Hindu religion and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The first Sawan Somwar fast will fulfill the desires of a few lucky zodiacs and idle time for the Bholenath worshippers. Fasting is common in Hinduism and the Sawan month has specific significance. Fasting on Mondays in the Sawan month will deliver fruitful results and will be the best way to detox the digestive system of individuals. The special AstroSage blog contains details of the first Sawan Somwar, its significance, and the lucky zodiacs in the period. 

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Sawan Somwar 2023: Date 

As per Hindu panchang, the first Sawan Somwar will be observed during the Krishna Paksha on 10 July 2023. The Sawan month started on the 4th of July and will end on the 31st of August. The last Somwar of Sawan month will be on 28th August 2023. 

The Significance of the First Sawan Somwar 

Sawan month or season has already begun and there is special importance of the month in Hinduism. Fasting on First Sawan Somwar in the season will deliver specific religious outcomes and also supports the rejuvenation of the body. The month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and delivers fruitful results to the devotees. The word Somwar connects to the Moon and the female devotees of Lord Shiva start Solah Somwar from the first Somwar of Sawan month and continue till the completion of 16 Somwars. 

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The Sawan month is considered auspicious for devotees looking to find a marriage partner. It is believed that individuals worshiping the lord during the Sawan month and with full devotion will lead to finding suitable life partners in life. Lord Shiva is also called ‘Bholenath’ and fulfills the wishes of devotees following the rituals in the period. 

As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva visits the home of in-laws during the Sawan month and spends quality time with Parvati Ma. Offer prayers to Lord Shiva during the Shravana month if you want to fulfill your wishes early in life. Get rid of all the lethargic feelings & laziness in life with regular fasting in the Sawan Month Somwar. 

The List of Lucky Zodiacs in the First Sawan Somwar 


The influence of the Moon and Mars in the tenth house will result in suitable outcomes in personal & professional life. You’ll get all the appreciation in life from friends and family during this period. The overall productivity of individuals will rise and take the right steps cautiously for optimal outcomes. Taking the right steps in business will help to earn the right finances. The actions in life will be driven by love & passion and not by greed. Use your free time effectively to get the best results in the period. The lucky number of Gemini people is seven and the lucky colors are cream & white. 

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The time of Scorpio individuals will improve during the period of fasting on the first sawan somwar. Your health will remain intact and the mental pressure will be reduced significantly. Make the right investments in your business and get the top outcomes in life during that period. You’ll get all the support from friends in the month and the understanding with your partner will improve. The love relation with your partner will remain intact and the romance in the relationship increases. The lucky number of the zodiac in the period is three (3) and the colors are saffron & yellow.


The Sagittarius natives will be able to fix their physical ailments during the period and the sawan somwar fasting will assist in moving ahead in life in an uninterrupted way. Buying things during the period will provide critical results in life and people can take part in their sports events for specific outcomes. The attention level of individuals rises with fasting in the Sawan month and the productivity of individuals rises. Find flexible solutions for your life troubles in the Sawan month and fix different life concerns easily. The lucky number is nine (9) and the lucky colors are red & maroon. 

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The time is suitable for creative work and attaining peace in your life with favorable activities. It will be a fantastic time for businesses and eliminate all kinds of problems occurring in human lives. Your reputation will rise in the social circle due to your work effort and build new connections with influential people. The love in your life will increase and build on your relationship with your partner. The lucky number is seven (7) and the lucky colors are cream & white. 


What is the usefulness of Sawan Somwar?

Ans. Get the blessing of Lord Shiva by fasting in Sawan Somwar and experience a rise in prosperity, wealth, & happiness. 

How to end the Sawan Somwar fast?

Ans. The fast should end by offering aarti to Lord Shiva.

Can we drink water at fast?

Ans. Yes, individuals can drink water, milk, and juice to stay hydrated. 

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