Sawan Somwar Fast Special: Know the Significance, Rituals & Legends!

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As per the beliefs, the month of Sawan is loved by Lord Shiva. Also, there is a special way to worship Lord Shiva. In this blog, we are going to enlighten you with the detailed description and importance of Monday fasts in th

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Mondays Falling in the Month of Sawan 

Sawan, the most auspicious month for the followers of Sanatan Dharma, is going to commence from July 25, 2021 and will end on August 22, 2021. During this time, there will be 4 Mondays.

First Monday fast: July 26, 2021

Second Monday fast: August 02, 2021

Third Monday fast: August 09, 2021

Fourth Monday fast: August 16, 2021

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Importance of Sawan

The month of Sawan is considered to be most pious in Sanatan Dharma. This month is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva. May we tell you that Sawan is the first month of Chaturmas. During this period, the administration of the universe is in the hands of Lord Shiva. It is this very reason that donations and good deeds of this month give manifold benefits as Lord Shiva is very simple-hearted and can be easily pleased. As per the legends, Maa Parvati was absolutely absorbed in meditation during this month to win over Lord Shiva as her husband.     

Throughout this month, Kanwariyas carry Kanwar and offer Gangajal to Lord Shiva. Roads across the country are drenched in saffron colour this month. This entire month is the heart and soul of Lord Shiva, and he fulfills all the wishes of his devotees. During this month, women offer sixteen make up items to Maa Parvati and observe fast for the long life and prosperous life of their husbands.

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Rituals to Worship Lord Shiva during Sawan

As per the beliefs, it is said that it is very easy to please Lord Shiva among all Gods and Goddesses. To attain his grace, perform the rituals as mentioned:

  • Wake up early in the morning and take a bath on every Monday morning.
  • After this, you must visit Shiv temple and perform the Rudrabhishek. However, due to the current situation and ongoing pandemic, it is advisable to perform the ceremony by taking due precautions. Also, you can perform the Rudrabhishek at the worship place of your house.
  • Include Bel Leaves, Datura, Gangajal, and milk as Puja items on this day.
  • Offer Panchamrit and Bel Leaves on the Shivling.
  • Apart from this, offer Datura, Bhang, Chandan or sandalwood, rice etc. and apply Tilak on the forehead of people present in the ceremony.
  • Offer Ghee-Shakkar to Lord Shiva.
  • After this, perform the Aarti.
  • After concluding the Puja, distribute the Prasad among others.

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Things to be kept in Mind while Fasting on Sawan Somwar

  • Many people use Ketaki flowers while worshipping Lord Shiva. But you should keep in mind that offering Ketaki flowers angers Lord Shiva and may displease him. So, avoid using Ketaki flowers in worship.
  • Apart from this, another mistake that people make when worshipping Lord Shiva is to offer Tulsi to him. Lord Shiva should not be offered Tulsi leaves either.
  • Adding to this, if you offer Coconut water to Lord Shiva, then it may earn his wrath. Hence, you are advised to avoid it.
  • Whenever you offer water to Lord Shiva, offer it from a bronze or brass vessel.

In the Sawan Monday worship, recite the Mantra ओम् नमः शिवाय” / “om namaḥ śivāya” 

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Different items of Rudrabhishek & their Benefits

Rudrabhishek is very dear to Lord Shiva. In Sanatan Dharma, Rudrabhishek is performed with different items. In this regard, let’s us apprise of the items with which to perform Abhishek and their relative benefits.  

Milk: Those who desire for a child should perform Abhishek of Lord Shiva with cow milk on Sawan Mondays. 

Curd: It is believed that if Abhishek is performed with curd, all the hindrances in work go away and the natives become mature.   

Honey: If Abhishek is performed with honey, the natives are blessed with traits like reputation, humility, compassion, etc. and they concentrate on good deeds leaving behind the bad ones.   

Perfume: The natives who suffer from insomnia, mental stress, etc. and wish for a peaceful life should perform Abhishek with perfumes. 

Ghee: Another item for Abhishek is Ghee which grants the natives with good health. If a native is suffering from any disease for a long time, they should also perform Abhishek with Ghee.

Gangajal: If a native performs Abhishek with Gangajal, they emancipate from the cycle of birth and death. 

Panchamrit: If Abhishek is performed with Panchamri, the natives are blessed with fulfillment of all wishes.  

Sugarcane Juice: Financial problems run away if Abhishek is performed with sugarcane juice. 

Pure Water: If Rudrabhishek is performed with pure water, the natives are bestowed with positive results. They also get rid of fever.   

Mustard Oil: Yet another item of Abhishek is mustard oil but it should be performed with the concurrence of a learned astrologer, otherwise, the natives may become a victim of negativity.   

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Significance of Sawan Somwar As Per Mythology 

This legend is mentioned in the Skanda Purana, according to which, once Sanat Kumar asks Lord Shiva, “O Lord, tell me why, of all the months, the month of Sawan is dear to you?” At this, Lord Shiva answered, “In order to marry me and stay by my side, Maa Sati took a drastic decision to go against her father. She married me, but also gave up her life when she saw me, her husband, getting insulted at her father’s place. Subsequently, she was reborn to Parvat Raj Himalaya and Naina as Maa Parvati. In this birth itself, she performed harsh penance (Tapasya) throughout this month of Shravan to win me as her better-half. As a result, she succeeded to get me as her husband.” 

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Legend Related To Sawan

In ancient times, there used to be a rich and wealthy person. He was deprived of no comfort and had access to every luxury but wasn’t blessed with a child of his own, due to which he and his wife were unhappy. Both of them were devout devotees of Lord Shiva and used to observe a fast on Monday with full devotion. 

Seeing their true dedication, Lord Shiva blessed them with a child, but soon after the child was born, his death at the age of 12 was predicted by an oracle. Although hearing this brought quite a shock to them, they still named their child “Amar”, that means immortal.

As Amar grew up, his parents decided to send him to Kashi for further education. Amar left for Kashi with his maternal uncle. On their way, they offered donations to Brahmins at every stop they chose to rest.

Moving ahead, they reached a town where a princess was getting married. However, the man whom the princess was about to marry was blind, and this fact was hidden by his family. In such a situation, they requested Amar to act as a groom falsely, to which Amar too agreed. However, Amar did not find it right to deceive the princess, so he wrote all the truth on the princess’s chunari, a piece of cloth used to cover the head.

When the princess found out the truth, she accepted Amar as her husband. After this, Amar returned to Kashi with his maternal uncle, and the time flew by. However, as soon as Amar became twelve years old, Lord Yamraj appeared in front of him with a motive of taking his life when he was offering Bel Leaves to Lord Shiva at a temple.

However, before Yamraj could take Amar with him, Lord Shiva had already blessed Amar with the boon of longevity since he was pleased with his devotion. As a result, Yamraj had to return empty-handed. Amar later returned home with his wife (the princess) after attaining the desired education from Kashi.

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