October Numerology Horoscope: Secret Of Lucky Root Number Revealed!

October Numerology Horoscope: Lucky Root Numbers are the addition of the digits of your birth date until a single-digit number comes. According to Numerology, Number 1 affects the month of October as it is the 10th month. So, the ruling number of this month will be 1 which is governed by the Planet Sun and the Planet Sun will also impact this month. 

The ruling number for the year 2023 is 7 if you add the digits 2+2+3=7. This number is governed by the Nodal Planet Ketu. So, Planets Sun and Ketu will majorly affect this month along with the effect of Planet Saturn.

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So, let us now proceed to gain insights about the Lucky root Numbers that will shine in every aspect of life in October according to the October Numerology Horoscope.

Numbers That Will Prosper All Around In The Month Of October

Root Number 2

According to the October Numerology Horoscope, Number 2 and 1 holds a good relationship. This month is bringing favorable results for the lucky root number 2.  Matters like government administration and law will be handled by you very smoothly and in an excellent way. The natives working in the creative fields like arts, painters, writers, and designers will prosper and they will receive proper respect and recognition. Relationship with your father will become very good. Your seniors in any field whether in home or office will support you hugely and they will help you in exploring new ways to achieve happiness, success, and prosperity.

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Root Number 3

The natives of Lucky Root Number 3 will be impacted by the numbers 2,1, 7, 8, 6, and 9. As per the October Numerology Horoscope, number three holds a very good relationship with all these numbers except number 6. So, most of the numbers will be seen supporting lucky root number 3 due to which the creative attribute of root number 3 will thrive and prosper. This will help the natives of lucky root number 3 to perform & complete their tasks in a better and smoother way. This month is bringing very auspicious and good results in the matters of love relationships and married lives of the individuals belonging to number 3. If you are a youth and love someone, then by conducting good behavior and a pure heart with a sweet speech, you could win the heart of your beloved.

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Root Number 5

This month as per October Numerology Horoscope, the natives of lucky root number 5 will be influenced by numbers 4, 7, 1, 8, 6, and 9. Lucky Root Number 5 shares a good relationship with all the numbers except number 9. So, if you avoid anger and rage this month and maintain good reactions with your brothers and friends, then this month will bring great results. You will get a very big career opportunity this month. Grabbing that opportunity after proper analyzing and investigating would fetch very auspicious results.  You should stay alert for some false job offers and you should follow a practical and ascetic approach. The married life of the natives will get very good results. Those who are in love, will enjoy romance fully and will grow their relationship positively. But, the natives should avoid any kind of doubts.

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Root Number 7

According to the October Numerology Horoscope 2023, the lucky root number 7 will have the impact of numbers 6, 7, 1, 8, and 9. Most of the results will go in the favor of the number 7 natives as all the numbers except 9 share a good or average level relationship with number 7.  The natives are advised to work more practically rather than working in an enthusiastic manner and they should make all important decisions practically rather than taking any decision impulsively. The love life and married life of the Number 7 natives will get very good results and luck will favor their side. 

Root Number 9

According to the October Numerology Horoscope 2023, the natives of Lucky Root Number 9 will be impacted by the numbers 8, 7, 1, 8, 6, and 9. It is believed that numbers 8 and 9 have a good relationship. So, working with a peaceful and patient mind will bring excellent results for the natives.  Your respect will increase in society due to your positivity, good deeds, and high confidence.  The natives of Lucky Root Number 9 will receive very good results in work related to administration and command and the social aura and prestige of the natives will also increase. Maintaining a balance and coordination with your seniors in your professional and personal life will fetch favorable results and blessings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.  Is Number 5 a Lucky Number? 

Answer 1. Yes, Number 5 is ruled by Mercury. The natives of Number 5 are intelligent and good communicators.

Question 2. What are the characteristics of Number 5 natives?

Answer 2. The Number 5  natives are very compassionate, kind, and caring. Their intuitive power is very strong.

Question 3.  What are the characteristics of Root Number 8 natives?

Answer 3. The natives are very powerful and ambitious. They always follow their mentors, seniors, and Gurus with sincerity and devotion. 

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