KXIP vs DC (1st April): IPL 2019 Today Match Prediction

Today’s match is scheduled to take place around 8 PM IST and will be hosted by the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, situated in Mohali. The two teams who will be seen competing against each other are Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Capitals. In the ongoing season of IPL, both of these teams have managed to win one match respectively. This season is quite crucial for the two teams as their concerned performances in the previous season were not praiseworthy. Delhi Capitals are trying their best to impress their fans with their newly obtained identity and zeal. Of late, Shikhar Dhawan’s addition has been favourable for the team. But KXIP will also push their edges and try as much as much as they can to overpower them, since they also have the privilege to play on their home ground in this match. Considering the respective situations, it can be concluded that today’s match will be an interesting one and spectators will get to witness some serious form of entertainment.

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Nevertheless, let us have a look at the predictions of today’s match.

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The prediction of today’s match between KXIP and DC is based on Horary Kundali. It should be kept in mind that all the predictions based on Horary kundali will be applicable on Delhi Capitals. According to astrology, the lagna house, its ruling lord, sixth house and its ruling lord are taken into account for predictions like this.

it is clearly noticeable in the kundali chart mentioned above that Lagna house is not under the influence of any destructive or auspicious planet, which is why the lagna house is in its normal state. Its ruling lord, Venus will determine whether it will remain in an exalted or  debilitated state.


The ruling lord of the lagna house, Venus is placed in the fifth house which is quite auspicious for it but its rival planet Moon is making it weak. Meanwhile Mercury, the ruling lord of the twelfth house, which represents loss, is also placed with Venus in the fifth house. Saturn, who is placed in the eighth house, is afflicting Venus. The various placements in the kundali state that the ruling lord of the lagna house is in a weak position because of which lagna house also remains weak.

if we take a look at the sixth house, the zodiac sign Pisces is placed here and it is not inflicted, which is why this house will act according to its ruling lord. Jupiter is in the third house of the kundali. This house represents one’s ability to deal with challenges, but this position is not at all favourable for Jupiter even if it is situated in its own sign (Sagittarius). The conjunction of Ketu and Saturn is causing further hindrances for Jupiter and making it weak. Also, Mars, placed in the eighth house, is inflicting Jupiter. The overall astrological calculations suggest the stars of Delhi Capitals will not favour the team and it may lose the match against KXIP.

Winner: KXIP is the probable winner of today’s match.

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DISCLAIMER: We would like to add that the IPL Team names, logos, IPL Marks and texts used are the sole property of IPL. These cricket information and predictions are provided for astrological, academic and research purposes only and doesn’t support any kind of illegal or immoral activities such as betting. Kindly do not carry out such activities and stay true to law.


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