KKR vs CSK (14th April): IPL 2019 Today Match Prediction

The next match of the series will take place in Eden Gardens, Kolkata, at 4:00 PM IST between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings, the top two teams, so far. With 6 wins for CSK & 4 wins for KKR, this game will definitely be a fascinating one, as the viewers remain high-strung throughout. On the one hand is KKR, under the captaincy of Dinesh Karthik, whose players like Nitish Rana, Andre Russell, and Robin Uthappa are in terrific form, while on the flip side is Captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s CSK, the defending champions. Who will take the title home today? Let us see what our predictions have to say, for that.


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Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings Match Prediction

The prediction of today’s match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings is based on Horary Kundali. However, viewers should keep in mind that, this prediction based on Horary Kundali will be effective for Kolkata Knight Riders only. In the field of astrology, the first house, its ruling lord and the sixth  house along with its ruling lord is are taken into consideration. For this particular prediction, we have assessed the rotated version of Horary Kundali so that it becomes Virgo ascendant. It is done so because the name sign of KKR is also Virgo.


Ascendant House- According to Horary Kundali, the ascendant house is not under the infliction of any planet. However, its ruling lord, Mercury is aspecting it from the seventh house. Mercury’s aspect is making the ascendant house strong. However, Saturn is aspecting the same from the fourth house. Saturn’s infliction is making the ascendant house’ s state weak.

Ascendant Lord– Ascendant lord Mercury is present in the seventh house of the Kundali in a debilitated state. Despite being in a debilitated state, it is in the centre along with Jupiter (who is the ruling lord of debilitated sign Pisces), which is forming a Raj Yoga in the Kundali. The combination of Sun and Mercury is also creating a Budhaditya Yoga in the Kundali. These two positions state that the ascendant lord’s position is quite strong in the Kundali.

Sixth House- Venus is posited in the sixth house. Venus is a nurturing planet but this house is also being inflicted by Saturn. In such a situation, this house will remain in its normal state and its strength and weakness depends on its ruling lord.

Ruling Lord of Sixth House- The ruling lord of sixth house is Saturn which is residing in the fourth house. Rahu and Ketu have already taken residency in this house. On the other hand, this house is also being aspected by Saturn from the ninth house. Jupiter is in its initial degree which is disadvantageous for Saturn. Taking note of all the circumstances, it can be said that the ruling lord of sixth house, Saturn’s position is not strong enough.

On the basis of astrological calculations, it can be stated that KKr will not have to stand the test of time in today’s match and the team has possible chances to win today’s match.

Winner: KKR may overpower CSK in today’s match.

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