Kharmas Begins (16 Dec): Note Do’s & Don’ts During This Period!

As per Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. The period when the Sun transits into these zodiacs is called Kharmas. It is also known as Malmas or Adhik Mas. The word Kharmas is made up of two words ‘Khar’ which means evil and ‘Mas’ means month, hence, Kharmas is the month of evil. This month is considered to be very inauspicious in the Sanatan Dharma and Vedic Astrology. No devotional or auspicious deeds like wedding rituals are performed during this month. Kharmas is often observed between the months of Margashirsha and Paush.

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Recently, the four months of Chaturmas ended with the Devuthan Ekadashi, marking a start to auspicious programs like weddings. However, with Kharmas coming into effect, all auspicious deeds will again come to a complete halt. It is believed that the brightness of the Sun decreases and the temperature decreases with it, and stays like that for around a month during the Kharmas.

Confused about the month, its bad effects, what to do, and what not to do during Kharmas? Do not worry, we are here to clear every doubt that may arise with this article, regarding the date, significance, and all the important details related to the month of Kharmas. So without having to wait any further, let us start!

When Does Kharmas 2022 Start?

According to the Hindu Panchang, Kharmas will start from Friday, December 16, 2022, and stretch for a month. It will end next year on Makar Sankranti, on January 14th, 2023. 

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The Sun Will Transit Into Sagittarius

The king of all planets, the Sun, will transit into Sagittarius on Friday, December 16, at 9:38 am. This day is also known as Dhanu Sankranti since the Sun will transit in the ascendant house of Sagittarius and stay for around a month. During Kharmas, the Sun transits into Jupiter’s signs– Sagittarius and Pisces, thus, reducing the impact of Jupiter. 

Jupiter is said to be the benefactor of all auspicious tasks. It is necessary for both Venus and Jupiter to rise for a wedding to take place. If either one of them does not rise, no auspicious or Mangalik tasks are to be performed in that month. The transit of the Sun into Capricorn from Sagittarius on January 14th, 2023, will mark the end of Kharmas and will be celebrated as Makar Sankranti.

The Story of Kharmas

As the legend goes and the mythological stories state, the horses that pulled the chariot of Surya Dev were tired of constant running. Seeing the tired horses, Surya Dev felt pity and decided to stop his chariot at a river bank and let the horses drink water from the river. But since Surya Dev couldn’t stop at one spot for a long while, he started to get worried. Coincidentally, there were two donkeys (Khar or Gadarbh) nearby. Surya Dev decided to tie his chariot to the two donkeys and continued his journey with them. Due to their slower pace, Surya Dev’s speed slowed down consequently during this time. It is believed that Surya Dev rode the chariot pulled by the donkeys for around a month, known as the month of Kharmas. This became a loop for every year and hence every solar year has a month of Kharmas. 

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Perform These Tasks During Kharmas

  • According to the scriptures, you should worship Surya Dev during Kharmas.
  • During Kharmas, bathing in pilgrimages, and donating lamps and useful things to the needy are considered auspicious and every task is accomplished.
  • You can wear new clothes or gemstones, Upanayana Sanskar, Namkaran, and Karnavedh Sanskar can be performed smoothly during Kharmas as well.
  • You can travel if the date of the journey was fixed already during Kharmas.
  • There is probation on worshiping, performing a Puja or Katha, or observing fasts during Kharmas.
  • It is believed to be auspicious to offer water to the Sun from a copper vessel during the entire month of Kharmas.
  • Apart from this, one should chant Surya Path and Surya mantras during this month.

What Not To Do During Kharmas

  • According to the scriptures, one should not consume items like onion, garlic, non-veg, alcohol, etc., during Kharmas.
  • It is considered inauspicious to drink milk and water in copper vessels during Kharmas.
  • Some food items like radish, carrot, rice, black sesame, Bathua, Moong, dry ginger and Amla, etc., should not be consumed during Kharmas.
  • One should not buy a new vehicle during Kharmas.
  • No new business should be started during this period.
  • Do not perform housewarmings or wedding rituals during Kharmas.

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Perform These Remedies During Kharmas To Get Rid Of All Your Problems

The results of prayers and charity during the month of Kharmas are received for several lives. However, by performing some special remedies during this month, you can get innumerable times of virtue and your wishes will be fulfilled soon. So let us learn what remedies you should perform during the month of Kharmas:

  • Kharmas will begin on December 16. There is a special significance in worshiping Lord Vishnu during this time. It is believed that reciting the Satyanarayan Katha and Sahasranama of Shri Hari this month pleases Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Lakshmi Stotra can be recited daily with complete devotion during this month to avoid the shortage of money, grains, wealth, etc.
  • To bring good luck and fortune to your household, offer Kheer and Tulsi to Lord Vishnu.
  • Tulsi is considered the most sacred in Hinduism., which is also very dear to Lord Vishnu. Worshiping Goddess Tulsi, lighting a lamp of Ghee, and chanting the Vishnu Mantra (“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah”), during Kharmas will bring you good prosperity.
  • Peepal tree must be worshiped during Kharmas since it is believed that all the Gods reside in the tree. Offer water while worshiping the Peepal tree and light a lamp under the tree in the evening.
  • One can offer Arghya to the Sun during the month of Kharmas, along with adding some red flowers to the water. Surya Dev is pleased by this and blesses them to have all their wishes fulfilled, along with getting rid of all the diseases.
  • It is also believed that providing aid to cows or Gau Seva during Kharmas pleases Lord Krishna and results in lots of constant blessings from him.
  • According to the scriptures, donation and charity have great importance during Kharmas, if performed with pure intentions. By doing this you will never lack anything.

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We hope this article will prove helpful to you in making better decisions for your life and bring you success!


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