Khappar Yoga in Mal Maas: Danger for 3 Zodiacs Till 16 August!

Khappar Yoga in Mal Maas: The Venus and Saturn Retrograde in Mal Maas forms dangerous Khappar Yoga creating trouble for a few zodiacs. There will be the rise of difficulties during the period and the natives need to be careful in it. The reverse movement of the planets in the Mal Maas brings troubles in the life of a few zodiacs. This special AstroSage blog highlights the zodiacs that need to be careful in the period and the description of troubles faced by them.  

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Mal Maas or Adhikamas has already started from 18 July 2023 and will last till 16 August 2023. The period will have different kinds of auspicious yogas like Budhaditya Raja and Lakshmi Yoga. But, there is also the formation of inauspicious yoga like Khappar Yoga that will hamper the lives of individuals. The period of 30 days needs to be carefully managed by the natives and we’re here to provide correct information about troubles faced by zodiacs due to the inauspicious yoga.

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List of Zodiacs That Need To Be Careful in Khappar Yoga


There will be trouble like a failure in careers and loss of money for the Cancer natives. People need to be careful about investments in their business or avoid any kind of unwanted purchases. The chances of disputes are high in the period and stay aware of it. Try keeping a cool mind & attitude in your daily activities to get the right results and also reduce the effects of Khappar Yoga. Don’t be surprised if there’re fights with your partner in the family or other members. Avoid starting a new work or joining a new company in the period as it can lead to negative outcomes.

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The Virgo natives will face different kinds of troubles in life during the period. It will result in monetary losses and also damage to the business partnership. Avoid extra expenses and try to be within the set budget. The chances of fighting with your partner are very prominent in Khappar Yoga. Try to talk with others in a low-pitch voice so that chances of fighting with others are minimal. There can be different disputes related to land or property due to the inauspicious period. There can also be arguments in your office that can lead to a loss of overall reputation.


The Khappar Yoga also brings hard times for the Pisces natives. One should avoid any kind of new engagements in the period and also start new work. The natives can experience monetary losses and thus need to be aware of the present situation. There are also chances of accidents and thus drive vehicles safely. It will also lead to health troubles due to Shani Sade Sati on the zodiac sign. Do not try to reach for new deals in the Mal Maas and prevent the amount of losses.

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Q1. Is Khappar Yoga inauspicious?

Ans. Yes, the formation of Khappar Yoga due to Venus and Saturn retrograde in the Mal Maas is inauspicious for different zodiacs.

Q2. Is it right to marry in Mal Maas?

Ans. The month of Mal Maas is considered inauspicious and thus marriage is not advisable during the period.

Q3. What to donate at the Malmas?

Ans. Donations like white cloth, cooking oil, milk, rice, sugar, and others are best suited for the Mal Maas.

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