Adhik Maas 2023 Brings Khapar Yoga: A Month Of Anticipated Events!

Adhik Maas 2023: During the month of Sawan, there is an extra month called Adhik Maas 2023, which falls between July 17th and August 18th this year. According to astrology, when there is an Adhik Maas 2023 during the month of Sawan, there is usually more rainfall than usual. Let’s find out what astrological predictions have to say about Adhik Maas 2023.

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What is Adhik Maas 2023?

The moon takes about 273 days to complete its orbit around the Earth, resulting in a lunar year of 354 days. On the other hand, the Earth completes one revolution around the Sun in approximately 365 days and 6 hours. Due to the difference in the duration of the lunar and solar years, there is an extra period of 11 days, 1 hour, and 31 minutes in each year. To synchronize these two periods, an additional lunar month, known as the ‘Adhik Maas 2023’ or ‘Purushottam Maas,’ is added after every two and a half years. 

This year, we have the Adhik Maas 2023 from July 17th to August 18th in the month of Shravan. According to the astrological predictions, if there is an extra month in the month of Shravan, it can cause agricultural damage due to unusual rainfall. Currently, there is a situation of floods in the northern and western parts of India, but Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, and Tamil Nadu have experienced less rainfall than normal. The drought crisis has also begun to affect a significant part of Bihar.

Now, on July 17th, when the Sun entered the zodiac sign of Cancer at 5:10 AM, the formation of the ‘Khapar Yoga’ is formed as per the predictions. This yoga indicates the loss of wealth due to a natural disaster.

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The Government’s Challenges Will Increase with Supreme Court’s Decisions

Saturn, the planet representing justice, is retrograde in the ninth house of the Cancer zodiac. It receives influences from Mars and Venus. This suggests that in the coming month, the Supreme Court’s important decisions may create challenges for government investigation agencies. During the Sankranti, the Sun and Mercury are present in the wealth house, while Jupiter resides in the gain house. This planetary alignment indicates a rise in revenue for the central government.

However, the aspect of Mars on Saturn during the Sankranti indicates an increase in inflation, which will affect the public. The dangerous conjunction of Saturn and Mars and the formation of the ‘Khapar Yoga’ due to the change of the Sun’s zodiac sign on the day of Amavasya indicate the possibility of earthquakes and cloud bursts, causing harm to the public. The region of the Himalayas may experience earthquakes, and there could be some damage to life and property in the northern regions of Pakistan and India.

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Political Chaos Likely on the Issue of Uniform Civil Code

The Surya Sankranti horoscope indicates that Saturn’s placement in the ninth house suggests the likelihood of significant discussions on a major law in Parliament. Meanwhile, Jupiter’s presence in the eleventh house will facilitate the government’s successful passage of important bills during the upcoming monsoon session. Although there will be disagreements between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the Uniform Civil Code, the BJP-led central government can swiftly introduce the bill on this legislation.

However, challenges will persist for the central government due to the influence of the Adhik Maas 2023 and the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the next 30 days. The issues of violence in Manipur and inflation will continue to pose hurdles. Furthermore, the transit of the Sun in the Cancer sign, coupled with the influence of Mercury and Venus, will bring heavy rainfall to central India and raise concerns about floods in China. These weather conditions may impact rice crops in eastern India and result in reduced rainfall in southern regions.

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As we enter the Adhik Maas 2023, also known as Malmas, various astrological predictions indicate the potential for significant events and challenges in the coming days. It is important to be prepared and stay vigilant during this period of cosmic influence.

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