Ketu Transit In Chitra Nakshatra: Beneficial For 5 Zodiacs!

Astrosage is the frontrunner in providing you with the latest blogs and articles that contains the latest updates and news related to the astrological world. This time we are presenting you with information about the transit of the nodal planet Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra. This blog also gives you information about the Chitra Nakshatra.

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The transit of Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra will impact all the zodiac signs but in this blog, we’ll present you with information about those lucky zodiacs that will get benefits from this transit.

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Nakshatras play an essential role in foretelling the effects of any astrological event like transits, conjunctions, combustions, etc. upon human beings and the earth. There are 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology and each Nakshatra has 4 padas. The 27 Nakshatras are further distributed among the 12 zodiac signs. The length of each Nakshatra is 13 degrees and 20 ‘ and each pada is about 3 degrees 20’ long. In one zodiac sign, Ketu resides for about 18 months and it takes about 18-19 years for Ketu to complete its one cycle in the whole astrological sphere.

Significance of Chitra Nakshatra in Astrology

It is the fourteenth Nakshatra in astrology and it resides in Virgo 23 20’ to Libra 6 40’. Its ruler is Mars and its deity is Lord  Vishwakarma, the architect of Gods or “Dev Shilpi”. He is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 

The natives born in Chitra Nakshatra are born architects and they see the possibility to upgrade a normal thing into a magnificent one as they are serene and have a keen interest in developing or constructing new things. The biggest engineering marvels made in this world are made by architects born in Chitra Nakshatra. 

The natives are blessed by powerful instinct and premonition attributes, and they always perceive things from a larger perspective. Their imagination and thinking goes far stretched that may seem irrelevant in the initial phase but ultimately their intuition and far-sightedness pave new ways for mankind.

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Significance of Ketu in astrology

Ketu is the benefactor of spirituality, nirvana, and isolation. It always guides us to detach from the objective and materialistic world and leads us toward spirituality and devotion. It rules over three Nakshatras namely, Magha, Moola, and Ashwani. It is exalted in Sagittarius and debilitated in Gemini. It gives positive or negative results based on the placement of the ruler of that house. Worshiping Lord Ganesha daily induces Ketu to give auspicious results as he is the presiding deity of the planet Ketu.

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Ketu’s Transit in Chitra Nakshatra: 5 Zodiacs Will Benefit

  • Taurus:  This is an auspicious transit for Taurus natives as Ketu will be placed in the sixth house of their birth chart opening the doors of foreign countries for the natives. The suitable Mahadasha of Ketu will help the natives to settle permanently in the foreign land. The students preparing for competitive exams will clear the exams with flying colors. Your enemies will taste defeat if Venus favors you as it is the lord of the sixth house.
  • Libra: Ketu will be placed in the first house for the Libra natives in Chitra Nakshatra will bestow the Libra natives with research-orientedness in mind but creativity at heart. Their assessments will be honest and realistic and their rational mind along with practicality will enable them to make the right decisions and make wise judgements. Being ruled by Venus, the natives will always bring forth creative solutions to eliminate problems but Ketu’s presence in the first house will make them a little selfish and anxious. The Libran natives are high-IQ people and they excel in the research field if other planetary combinations support Ketu’s transition.

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  • Scorpio: The natives will become more inclined toward the spiritual path and close to god if the placement of planets supports them as Ketu will be placed in the 12th house of their birth chart. This transit will induce foreign travel for natives and settlements and gains from foreign lands.
  • Sagittarius:  The Ketu is present in the 11th house of gains of the Sagittarius natives. If Venus supports and is placed in a good position, then this transit of Ketu will bestow the natives with financial abundance. The Sagittarius natives will gather huge wealth and property and also save it, thanks to their frugal nature. They also hoard wealth habitually. The 11th house is signified as the House of Wealth and Fortune. This transit will support you in accumulating wealth and give the result of your hard work behind it.
  • Aquarius: The Aquarius natives will be blessed with fearlessness, health, and efficiency due to the presence of Ketu in the ninth House in Chitra Nakshatra. The natives will flourish and prosper in their business due to their hard work. This will be a period of financial abundance but the natives will fail to save money. Father and Child relationships will prosper and the earlier rifts between them will now vanish. Ketu will bless the natives with spirituality.  The natives may undergo long spiritual journeys to increase spirituality and devotion. Spiritual activities will rise in the natives’ lives

So, the nodal planet Ketu if placed with benefic planets and favorable positions will give auspicious results. It will prosper the natives with abundant wealth and spirituality. These zodiac signs are lucky enough to get the auspicious results of the transit of Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra.

Astrological remedies to strengthen Ketu

  • Worship the Matsya or the ‘Fish Avatar” of Lord Vishnu.
  • Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesha.
  • Recite Ganpathi Atharvashirsha Stotra.
  • Donate Whole Urad, Black Sesame seeds, and Black sweets like Kala Jamun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which Nakshatra is best suited for Ketu?

Answer 1. Ketu is the lord of Ashvini, Magha, and Moola and they suit Ketu.

Question 2. Chitra Nakshatra is auspicious for which things?

Answer 2. Chitra Nakshatra is very auspicious for Arts & Craft related activities.

Question 3. Which zodiacs are favorable for Ketu?

Answer 3. Ketu is favorable towards Sagittarius, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

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