Lord Ganesha Showers Blessings Upon 3 Zodiacs; Note Interesting Facts About Ganpati!

Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighnharta or the remover of obstacles and is widely worshiped around the globe.  He is one of the five Adi Devas of Panchayatana Puja; the other four are Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Surya Dev. He is referred to as son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and he holds the first place among all the deities due to his wisdom and attributes.

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Most of the Hindus worship him first before any lord to begin any auspicious work be it opening a new business, entering into a marriage, opening of an event whether religious or social, childbirth, entering into a new house etc.  It is believed that worshiping him first removes the negativity and hurdles to accomplish success. The physical form of Lord Ganesha signifies many things:

  • Ganesha is called as the Lord of intelligence and wisdom and the giant head of an elephant signifies Wisdom and knowledge.
  • His big ears  and small mouth signifies that in order to become successful and wise one has to listen more and speak a little. We must listen to everyone but follow only the right thing by applying our intelligence and wisdom and speak only auspicious words.
  • His big belly signifies that  we have to face many harsh situations and words of people but we don’t have to react to everything. Instead we have to digest all those things and keep only good learnings with us.

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Other facts include:

  • He is also known as ‘Ekdanta’  as Sage Parshuram cut down his one tusk as Ganesha didn’t allow him to meet Lord Shiva as Lord Shiva was meditating. To give respect to the weapon of the sage he sacrificed his one tusk.
  • He is the original writer of Mahabharata. Sage Veda Vyasa found only Lord Ganesha worthy of writing the great epic without stopping so he recited and Lord Ganesha penned down this ultimate epic of hindu mythology.
  • Lord Ganesha is believed to be married to twin sisters namely Riddhi( Goddess of Prosperity) and Siddhi (Goddess of intellect) that gave birth to two sons namely Shubh(auspiciousness) and Labh (Profits).
  • Lord Ganesha considers his parents as his whole universe and worships them. That’s why he is privileged  to be as  ‘Pratham Pujya’ or the first to be worshiped.

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So, Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of astrology and guardian of spiritual knowledge. He has the ultimate knowledge of the movement of planets, stars, and constellations and he passed down this knowledge to Sage Parashar who penned down Parashar Purana or Sanhita describing the principles of astrology.

So, Lord Ganesh blesses all the zodiacs but there are some zodiacs which are bestowed with maximum blessings from him. Let’s find out those:

  • Aries: The natives of Aries are always bestowed with special blessings of Lord Ganesha. The natives of Aries are intelligent and successful. They face minimum obstacles in their work and once they get older they attain wisdom. They don’t give up in the most difficult situations and they are brave and fearless. They become more successful in the security and intelligence department and in sports as well. The natives of Aries must regularly worship Lord Ganesha and offer him ‘Durva’ grass on Wednesdays to receive his endless blessings.
  • Gemini: The ascendants of Gemini are always blessed by Lord Ganesha and he grants them with high intellect and patience. These natives achieve fame and success in the business and education sector. They are great orators and have a pleasant and attractive voice. People get impressed by them very easily. The natives of Gemini must worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays and offer him sweets made out of Gram flour or ’Besan Ladoos’.
  • Capricorn: The ascendants of Capricorn  are always blessed by Lord Ganesha and they are honest, faithful, and hard working. They don’t accept defeat very easily and always complete the work with full determination and don’t leave it in the middle. They gain fame and success in their respective sectors and are also ready to help others. The natives of Capricorn must worship Lord Ganesha everyday to achieve success.

Frequently asked Questions

Question 1. Which sacrament(Prasad) did Lord Ganesha like the most?

Answer 1. Lord Ganesh’s favorite Sacrament is ‘Modak’. 

Question 2. What is the vehicle of Ganesha?

Answer 2. The vehicle of Lord Ganesha is a mouse or ‘Mooshak’.

Question 3. What is the appropriate day to worship Lord Ganesha?

Answer 3. The most appropriate day to worship Lord Ganesha is Wednesday. But you must worship him daily.

Question 4. Which day is celebrated as Lord Ganesha’s birthday?

Answer 4. Ganesh Chaturthi in the month of Bhadrapada is celebrated as his birthday.

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