Ketu Transit in Virgo: Tough Time For Taurus & 2 Other Zodiacs!

Ketu Transit in Virgo: In Vedic Astrology, the position of the Ketu planet holds a critical role in the determination of present & future time of zodiac signs. The effects of such a planet can make or break the careers and lives of natives. Ketu signifies supernatural forces and its transit to different planets influences the luck of natives of different zodiacs.

Some signs experience mental stress due to the Ketu transit also result in a rise in expenses. Ketu stays in one zodiac for about 1 and 1/2 years and it transits to Virgo in October 2023. The special AstroSage blog contains details of zodiacs that face tough times due to the Ketu Transit in Virgo and the date of planet movement. 

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Ketu Transit in Virgo: Date & Time 

The transit of Ketu in Virgo Sign will take place on 30 October 2023, Monday, at 02:13 pm. 

Ketu Transit in Virgo: 3 Zodiacs To Face Troubled Time


The Ketu transit in Virgo will be one of the inauspicious periods for the Taurus natives in terms of both professional & personal lives. Ketu aspects to the ninth and eleventh house and will enable the students to focus on their studies and the time is also favorable for competitive exams. Avoid starting a new work or expansion of the current business unit. It will not yield the right profits and would further result in negative outcomes. Problems can arrive in your love or marriage life and thus avoid any kind of confrontational situation. Keep yourself away from any argument in public and stay away from job changes. 


The Leo natives need to be careful about the transit as it can result in bad outcomes in life. Ketu transit in Virgo will result in bitterness at the workplace and thus carry out activities carefully. There will be chances of accidents and thus avoid any kind of rush driving on roads. The type of transit will fill bitterness in your love life and thus avoid fights in the period. The work pressure might rise and don’t be stressed out due to it. Try out specific remedies by consulting experienced astrologers for accurate solutions. Your enemies can harm you in this period and bad results are expected from the court cases. 

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The Ketu Transit in Virgo is inauspicious for the Sagittarius people and will result in negative outcomes in life. It will have a look at the second, fourth, and sixth houses causing troubles in professional life. Different troubles at the workplace will rise due to it and natives will find it difficult to complete specified tasks. Prevent any kind of miscommunication with your partner as it can prove fatal for the relationship. The time is also unfavorable for any kind of business expansion or setup of the office. Try to keep a cool mind so that you can complete activities timely and get the best results out of different tasks. 


Q1. What are the positive effects of Ketu transit in Virgo?

Ans. The transit also results in the rise of spirituality and the lucky natives are also able to make intelligent decisions in life. 

Q2. Which God can help you tackle Ketu?

Ans. People with troubles on the Ketu planet in the horoscope should worship Lord Ganesh to prevent the bad effects. 

Q3. Who is the enemy of Ketu?

Ans. The prime enemies of Ketu are considered Sun, Mars, and Moon. 

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