Ketu Transit In Virgo 2023: Will The Shadow Planet Cast A Shadow Over Your Relationships?

In Astronomy, there is no such planet as Rahu and Ketu. However, as per Vedic Astrology, both planets hold great importance in a person’s horoscope. While Rahu is considered to cause chaos and destruction in a horoscope, the planet Ketu is popular as the Shadow Planet, which provides the results as per the planet it is paired with and their placements in the house of a horoscope. Ketu signifies both positive and negative karmic collections, as well as spiritual and supernatural forces, depending on the planet it is paired with.

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As 2023 has just started, many transits will take place throughout the year, having an impact on the lives of each zodiac one way or another. One such transit is planet Ketu’s into the zodiac Virgo, and this article by AstroSage will discuss how Ketu’s Transit in Virgo will affect each zodiac’s marriage and relationships. What are we waiting for then? Let us start with the zodiac-wise love predictions during the Ketu Transit in Virgo!

Date & Time of Ketu Transit in Virgo

In the year 2023, the Ketu Transit will take place on October 30th, 2023, at 02:13 pm. It will be moving out of Libra, which is ruled by Venus, and enter into Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. This transit will be affecting each zodiac, so let us learn what changes await each zodiac’s love life!

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Zodiac-Wise Love Prediction During Ketu Transit In Virgo


At the start of 2023, for the natives of Aries, the planet Ketu will be transiting into the seventh house of your horoscope, which may cause some disturbances in your marital lives. There might be some differences emerging in the behavior of your partner that could make you feel worried. You will have to try and put in your best efforts to maintain your relationship. However, the transit of Ketu on October 30th will be in your sixth house, reducing your issues and stress in marriage and relationships.

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On October 30th, Ketu will transit into the fifth house for the natives of Taurus from the sixth house, which may cause problems and stress in your relationship and married life. If you and your partner don’t know each other very well, then some misunderstandings can emerge in your relationship, which could lead to a breakup. Due to this transit, you may be cheated on in a new relationship, and your long-term partnership may fall apart.

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Ketu will transit into your fourth house for Gemini natives. These are challenging times since you are dealing with changes and differences in your love connection. Because Ketu has a mysterious impact, the native will have difficulties understanding what their partner wants from them. The gap between you and your partner may grow as a result of its side effects. Hence, now is the moment to love your partner from the bottom of your heart, but misunderstandings may emerge due to a lack of understanding towards your partner clearly, and your relationship may suffer or face worse conditions.

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The Ketu Transit in Virgo on October 30th will take place in the third house of your horoscope. This transit will be beneficial and fortunate for you because the transit of Ketu in the third house is regarded as a favorable position. As a result, you may anticipate positive outcomes and harmony in your relationship or marriage.

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On October 30th, Ketu will transit in your second house which represents speech and communication. You will notice changes in your speech as a result of Ketu’s transit. You will begin to speak in such phrases that it will have a double meaning. During this transit, you should be extremely cautious about what you say to your spouse, since certain talks may lead to disputes and disagreements.

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Ketu will transit into your first house on October 30th. You will notice changes in your conduct. You will become mysterious, and your life partner and those around you may find it difficult to comprehend you. You must act sensibly and wisely so that these circumstances do not have a detrimental impact on your relationships. You will benefit from avoiding an introverted attitude.

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On 30th October, coming out of your horoscope will transit in your twelfth house. There may be some extra spending during this period which will increase stress in your life. Make sure you do not let this affect your relationship or marriage.

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Ketu will reside in the twelfth house for Scorpio natives at the start of the year. It will be difficult to build intimate bonds during this period. Your connection with your lover will suffer as a result. However,  Ketu will transit from your twelfth house to your eleventh house on October 30th, and this will be a fortunate period for you. Though there may be differences in love relationships.

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At the start of this year, the planet Ketu will be in the eleventh house for Sagittarius natives. Love partnerships may suffer friction since you will be unable to comprehend one another. Ketu will transit your tenth house on October 30th. You should take your time with your job, and this scenario may not be favorable for romantic connections.

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Ketu will transit from the tenth house of your horoscope to your ninth house on October 30th. This period will be important for you. This will offer steadiness not just to your thoughts, but also to your life. Maintain a positive attitude and dedicate all of your efforts to your relationships and marriages.

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The Ketu Transit will take place in your eighth house on October 30th. Ketu’s activity in this house is not regarded as beneficial for physical life, and you may experience detachment from your lover. As a result, you should work in accordance with your scenario or circumstances. If there is a squabbling scenario, you should resolve the difficulties as soon as possible; this will be advantageous to you.

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The planet Ketu will be visible at the beginning of the year, influencing the eighth house of Pisces natives. There may be a lack of mutual harmony between you and your partner. Ketu will transit in your seventh house on October 30th, reducing the issues associated with these scenarios. Your life partner’s behavior will be different, and you will suspect that they are hiding something from you and are not telling you the whole truth. However,  it will be pointless, so be attentive and do your best to save your relationship.

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